Our School Curriculum

Grimsargh St Michael’s CE Primary School

Curriculum Policy

Inspiring believing and achieving in our loving Christian community.

‘Let your light shine before people so they see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.’

At Grimsargh St Michael’s school we strive to provide high quality education that meets the needs of all our children throughout their whole school life.  We believe that every child is a gift from God, they have specific talents and characteristics which are to be nurtured, developed and celebrated, allowing all children to let their light shine and flourish in the world around them.  Within our school family every decision taken and action made is underpinned by Christian values and these play a significant part in our school life.

Our aim at Grimsargh St Michael’s school is to provide all children with an inclusive, secure, caring and stimulating environment where every child can gain self confidence and learn to become independent and reflective learners. It is important that the children are not only encouraged to have self-respect but that they are given the opportunity to appreciate the value of others. Each individual child is helped to develop their own personality within a secure environment whilst always being aware of the needs of others.

 Our curriculum is rooted in the desire is prepare our children for success in the 21st century by nurturing a love of learning which continues throughout their lives.  At Grimsargh St Michael’s we strive to excite, enthuse and equip the children with life-skills which they can adapt to all situations, community, global citizenship, school and the world or work.  We work hard to ensure that each individual child reaches their full potential, whilst instilling them with a good understanding of British Values.

Our curriculum at Grimsargh St Michael’s is designed to provide children with a deep and rich learning opportunities, with breadth and balance of experience, knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of the national curriculum and beyond.  Our curriculum is carefully planned and structured to ensure clear progression for all children.  We take into account each child’s gifts, skills and interests and develop these through our curriculum, which is enriched by a wide range of exciting and stimulating experiences.

Grimsargh St Michael’s Curriculum Statement

  • We have a curriculum that develops a balance of knowledge, skills and understanding, ensuring breadth of knowledge along with ongoing development of key skills to enable children to become subject specialists.
  • We value education because it has the power to change and improve people’s lives.
  • We ensure we provide all children with high quality education, with appropriate and ambitious curriculum opportunities.
  • We meet the requirements for the national curriculum.
  • We have a curriculum that provides our children with the vital knowledge required to become positive role models in society and informed members of our community.
  • We equip all children with transferable skills for lifelong learning.
  • We inspire children to develop spiritually, morally and culturally.
  • We constantly review and evaluate our curriculum to instil enthusiasm, curiosity and a positive attitude towards learning for all children.
  • We foster resilience, responsibility and emotional intelligence, giving children opportunities, for independent thought and learning, decision making and problem solving.
  • We offer creative opportunities for learning through, visits, visitors, outdoor learning and parental involvement.
  • We promotes cultural diversity and global awareness.
  • We celebrate all children’s gifts and talents.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (Reception)

Our school bases its main work on the Early Years Foundation Stage for the children in Reception. There is a strong emphasis on the three prime areas , which are most essential for a children’s development. These areas are: communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development.  Learning in the specific areas of literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design build upon learning in the prime areas.  We aim to offer a personalised and curriculum where the children have fun, are engaged in their learning and actively prepared for Year 1 of the National Curriculum.  Reception follow the thematic approach, which is used throughout school however, the topics in Reception can change regularly depending on the needs and interests of the children.

Key Stages 1 and 2 ( Year 1 – 6)

Children in Years 1 to 6 follow the National Curriculum. The National Curriculum 2014 provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens.  At Grimsargh St Michael’s there is an emphasis on the core subjects of English and Mathematics being taught during the daily literacy and numeracy activities.  Science, Religious Education and Computing are the other subjects to which much time is dedicated. The foundation subjects of Art, Design Technology, Physical Education, History, Geography, PSHE, Music and Modern Foreign Languages are covered in topic work or subject based lessons, this is achieved through a whole school termly thematic approach which is exciting and stimulating.

In KS1 a number of resources are used to support phonics teaching and learning including, Letters and sounds, phonics bug reading books and phonics reading scheme. The Oxford reading tree is the reading scheme used throughout school to develop reading.

As a church school Christian values play a key part in our children’s education. We are committed to being a welcoming school with a strong Christian ethos where all children can flourish – physically, spiritually, socially and morally. We place the highest importance on being a safe and secure school where everyone feels happy and valued, as well as being a nurturing school, which enables growth in self-confidence, resilience and personal responsibility. In our aim to achieve all this each half term, we focus on a different Christian value. As a whole school we think about what that value means to us and how we can incorporate it into our lives; at home, in school and in the community this is achieved through worship times and throughout the whole curriculum.

Enriching the curriculum

Our Curriculum at Grimsargh St Michael’s involves a wide range of learning experiences for all children.  Children learn effectively through direct experience.  We therefore offer opportunities for pupils, from the earliest stage, to enhance their learning experiences by bringing the Curriculum alive and making their learning more relevant and stimulating.

These learning experiences are achieved with well-chosen educational visits, workshops (both on and off site) and topic related costume and role play days. Visitors are also invited into school to enhance the curriculum and regularly include actors, visitors from other faiths, parents and other members of our local community. Topics are launched using a range of exciting learning opportunities.

The Curriculum is also enriched through a wide range of extra-curricular activities which are available for all children as well as enhancing provision for our gifted and talented children.  The activities give children the opportunity to learn and apply new skills in groups across different age ranges with teachers other than their own class teacher.  The activities on offer change regularly and include; book and bake, coding club, art club, Bible club, dance, gym, games club and a range of sports clubs.

There are also many opportunities for children from Year 4 onwards to learn to play an instrument. Instrument lessons on offer include; woodwind and piano.

Curriculum  Overview 2020 – 2021