Friday 27th March 2020

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m going to introduce a ‘Golden Day’ each Friday so the children can choose ONE activity from a small list of suggestions (or more than one if they wish to). We LOVE ‘Golden Time’ in Year One which happens each Friday at 3pm, so I am hoping the children will love Golden DAY even more!

Here are your choose tasks for today – 

  1. Log onto the Chester Zoo Virtual Zoo day here – and become a zoo keeper for the day! Choose your favourite animal and research some interesting facts about them – you could even make a non-fiction booklet about the animal.
  2. Set up an obstacle course for an adult in your household. When you are finished your challenge is to guide your adult through the obstacle course BUT the adult has to be blindfolded!
  3. Make a card/or cards to post to your neighbour’s homes on your daily walk.
  4. Create your own prayer jar or box and start to fill it with prayers to God, just like we have at school. You could choose one each day to read or whenever you feel like talking to God. 
  5. Bake some yummy cakes for the weekend!

Have a lovely day Year One,

Stay safe,

Mrs Coupe

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning!

I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine 🙂 Take a look at our slideshow below for examples of work that your friends have been working hard on – maybe you will spot yours!

Literacy Objective

My diary

Reggie has inspired me to set you all an ongoing writing task about your time at home. Do you remember Samuel Pepys and his diary of the Great Fire of London? I would love you to start a diary and write a short recount each week of what you have done at home. Look at the gallery and find Reggie’s work for some inspiration. 

Maths Objective

I know my number bonds to 20.

We haven’t recapped our number bonds for a while so please use your green maths books to complete your number bonds to 10 and then 20. Remember to use the part-whole model 🙂 


Can you turn your number bonds into addition sentences?

Can you write as many number sentences that you can think of that would total the number 27?

For example – 20 + 7 = 27           21 + 6 = 27

Make sure you spend lots of time in the garden today – maybe you could do some observational drawings and draw the nature around you?

Stay safe,

Mrs Coupe

I wanted to share work from you all so your friends can see all of your lovely work 🙂 Keep sharing your days with me, it really is lovely to see…

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello Year One!

I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe 🙂 

Just a couple of activities to keep you busy today. I had some lovely photos through yesterday so please keep them coming so I know what you are all up to. 

Literacy Objective

I am creative!

Go on a scavenger hunt in the beautiful weather and collect as many things as you can find – leaves, sticks, twigs, flowers. Make a picture with these objects and write a short story about it. Perform your story to your household. Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!

Maths Objective

The tallest tower.

Build a tower – you can choose whatever materials to use – and measure how tall it is. Can you make another one which is shorter? Can you make another tower which is taller? 

Draw your towers in your Maths book and order them from shortest to tallest.

Do remember you can log onto Mathletics at any point to complete some activities and I will set a few ‘2-dos’ on Purple Mash for you to work through whenever you have chance.

I hope some of you managed to get some rainbows up in your windows yesterday!

Stay safe,

Mrs Coupe


Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning!

I have attached the Literacy task below, titled Capital Letter 24.3.20 – this can simply be completed in the blue literacy book rather than printing off. 

Capital Letter 24.3.20

The Maths objective will be building on today’s work – 

I can compare lengths/heights using the vocabulary longer/taller and shorter/smaller.

Using your hand span work from yesterday, use the objects you have measured to write sentences to compare the lengths of the objects you have measured.

For example: The door was taller than the table. 

                         The sofa was longer than the stool. 

Make sure you use the key vocabulary!

I will also be uploading story time each afternoon, however my household is currently undergoing some ‘working from home changes’, as I am sure most of yours are too! We are also still part way through an extension so I will be finding a suitable set-up over the next day or so and juggling this around our school rota times. The children do love story time and I have books at home that I haven’t read to the children yet so I want to keep this alive virtually!

In these times of uncertainty and when hope is needed, an extra task for your child could be to paint/colour/draw a rainbow to place in your window for anyone on their daily walk/run to see and smile.  

Finally, a friend of mine who has her own very successful illustration business has recently released a beautiful free colouring pack for children (and adults!). The link is below –

Printable Colouring Pack

Stay safe, happy and hopeful,
Mrs Coupe