We have done lots about ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We’ve done writing, story maps, counting and threading our own beanstalks, acting out the story both in the role play area and in the story tray!

This week we have been looking at the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and we planted our own beans just like Jack did! We are watching to see if they grow!

We’ve had a fantastic week this week!! Our theme has been ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and we’ve done lots of exciting things! We did some ‘Alice in Wonderland’ writing and adding. We got invited to ‘The Mad Hatters’ tea party, so we made some jam tarts and sandwiches to have. We had such a good time! The food we had made was delicious!!

World Book Day 2019!! Some of us went to year 3 to share our books and talk about our book character that we had chosen.

This week we made and ate some lovely pancakes to celebrate Pancake Day! They tasted Delicious!!

A big thank you this week to Harriet’s Auntie who brought her ambulance for us to look at as part of out ‘People who help us’ topic. We got to go on to the ambulance and have a look around, sit in the front and turn the sirens on and we asked Harriet’s Auntie lots of questions about the ambulance and whats it like being a paramedic.

We have been celebrating ‘Chinese New Year’ this week with Nursery and had lots of fun! We’ve made Chinese lanterns, dragons and hats. We played in our role play area, trying on some outfits, trying to use chop sticks and even trying to write some Chinese numbers! We had some rice in our water tray where we could use Chinese bowls and spoons and we did some threading onto the dragons fire! The most exciting part was when we got to look at a real Chinese Lion costume that Evans dad brought in for us and also when we tried some Chinese food which was very tasty!!

We had a ‘Teddy Tennis’ taster session this morning! we had lots of fun learning some tennis skills, as well as listening to music and teddy bear stories too!

Reception having more fun in the snow!

It started to snow this afternoon so we put on our coats, scarves and hats and went out to enjoy the weather! The children decided to play ‘Dancing on Ice’ and were pretending to dance and ice skate!

We’ve started this term by looking at the topic ‘Polar Lands’. We’ve done lots of fun things already like making a 3D polar animals, cutting and sticking to make a polar landscape. We’ve also got a polar explorer role play area where we have been searching and exploring for different animals and using books and a globe to help us. In science we have been investigating with ice, melting it to save the polar animals and seeing what ice is and how it’s frozen and melted.

We had lots of fun leading up to Christmas and did lots of fun things. We made our Christmas cards, we made and painted a salt-dough decoration, we made Christmas gingerbread men and we had a fantastic Christmas party, where we got to see Santa and got a present!

We invited our parents in to help us make a tree decoration for our school Christmas tree. We had lots of fun and we then got to decorate our tree for the whole school!

The dentist came to visit us and talked to us all about keeping our teeth nice, clean and healthy. What foods were good and bad and how to brush our teeth properly. We also got to brush some big teeth and got a little gift to take home with us!

Reception visited ‘Imagine That!’ We did lots of investigating, exploring and having a go. We even made some fridge magnets, bath bombs and slime to bring home with us!

Reception had lots of fun celebrating DIWALI and we shared this with Nursery! We made lots of fun things like, Diwali lamps, Diwali patterns, Diwali cards and some Diwali sweets. We also had a party in the hall and did some fantastic dancing!