Reception Class Gallery

We had a ‘tapestry day’ and learnt about the story from the 18th century and discussed the story. We then weaved ourselves using sequin waste, ribbon and wool! 

We were lucky to have Mr and Mrs Coar come from their farm to show us some of their baby calves and talk to us about them and all the different jobs they have to do on their farm. We also got to sit in the BIG tractor!!

Our caterpillars had finally come out of their chrysalis’ so we set them free!

For numeracy day, we spent the afternoon with our buddies doing some maths challenges! We went on a number hunt, then we searched for the longest and shortest sticks and leaves that we could find and measured them. Finally we jumped from one side of the field to the other, counting how many it took us and how many it took our buddies!

Our trip to Brockholes was amazing! We enjoyed being outside all day and we did activities such as: potion making, a minibeast hunt, minibeast art, tree rubbings, playing in the mud kitchen and on the park!

We enjoyed celebrating the King’s Coronation. We did lots of activities and had fun making our own castles, bridges and scepter’s!

We were very lucky to have John come and visit us with his collection of minibeasts, that we learnt lots about and even got to hold!

This week we did a ‘Sensory Trail’, thinking about how each part felt and which we liked the best. We also discussed how Jesus liked to wear thin shoes or be bare-footed on holy land to feel closer to God!

We took part in the ‘Royally Big Portrait’ to celebrate the coronation of King Charles! We followed a video of how to draw his side profile, we all had a really good go and did amazing!

We enjoyed starting to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and this week concentrated on the beginning part, looking at caterpillars! We learnt lots and even had our own caterpillars in the classroom, which we will watch over the next few weeks to see what happens! We have also explored the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and enjoyed being in our new minibeast café! 

We enjoyed making some Easter crispy nests!

We enjoyed looking at toys from the past, both old and more recent and seeing the difference between them and the toys we have today!

We did some more planting in our tyres outside!!

We had fun planting some cress seeds, linked to our ‘growing and planting’ topic. We talked about what all plants need to survive.

We went on a walk round our local area, spotting all the main features of Grimsargh!

‘Stay and play’ We had so much fun showing our parents around the different areas in our classroom!

We really enjoyed ‘World book day’, we all looked amazing! We joined in in the word parade in front of the whole school and enjoyed the different activities in our classroom! Each area was based on a different story book!

Linked to our topic on ‘Travel and Transport’, we tasted some foods from around the world! We tasted cous-cous from Turkey, croissants from France, salami from Germany and feta cheese and olives from Greece. some we liked and some we didn’t but we tried most things!

Shrove Tuesday!! We learnt why we eat pancakes on this day and that we think about Jesus not having any food for 40 days and 40 nights! We enjoyed making and eating our own pancakes!!

We started our topic of ‘Travel and Transport’ off by pretending we were on a plane and eating our snack! We watched a simulator video and an inflight safety video, before also enjoying our new role play area which is a Travel agents/aeroplane!

This week we looked at Valentines day! We looked at how it was celebrated here and in different countries and what kind of things were gifted to people!

We enjoyed some Yoga for ‘Childrens mental heath week!’

We had lots of fun celebrating and exploring ‘Chinese New Year’! We even got to taste some Chinese food!

We celebrated ‘Winnie the Pooh day’! We read a few different Winnie the Pooh stories, tasted some honey and did the Winnie exercise video. Mr Booth even came to join us and tasted some honey too, which was lots of fun!

When looking at different Arctic animals we found out that some had ‘blubber’ under their fur to keep them warm! So we did and experiment using ‘lard’ as ‘blubber’ to see how this would feel and to see if the hand with the ‘blubber’ on wouldn’t feel as cold in the icy water!

We got to make and taste some hot chocolate! We had to think about what we had done and then we wrote some instructions!

We’ve had lots of winter fun in our classroom this week!

Christmas party day!

Christmas jumper and Christmas lunch day!

We enjoyed lots of Christmas fun in our classroom!

We got to decorate the school Christmas tree!

Some more people came to talk to us about their special jobs!

We got to meet and talk to some people linked to our ‘People who help us’ topic. We learnt lots!

We had fun helping raise money for Children in Need and we got to wear our Pudsey ears!

Finn’s Grandad came in to tell us all about being a Mountain Rescuer! He told us lots of things about different times he’s had to rescue people and we got to see some of his equipment, including his Land Rover Ambulance!

We started to look at our ‘People who hep us’ topic and looked at lots of different jobs and talked about how those people helped us in day-to-day life! We got to explore some of the things in our continuous provision.

We talked and thought about Remembrance day and why we wear poppies, we then made our own poppies using loose parts and did some colouring!

We had the ‘Evil Pea’ in our classroom this week causing lots of mischief! We enjoyed listening to all the different Supertato stories and did lots of different activities!

This week we looked at the story, ‘Pumpkin soup’ and enjoyed lots of different activities! We pretended to make our own soup with Autumn bits, we explored the inside of a pumpkin, made our own pumpkins using play-doh and then we all helped to make our own pumpkin soup! Chopping and adding the ingredients to the machine and we tasted it when it was finished!

We went on an Autumn hunt around school with our buddies! We founds lots!

We’ve had lots of Autumn fun this week and enjoyed lots of different activities! We all collected some signs of Autumn at home and brought them in to look at and use in all our different areas!

This week we have been looking at the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and doing lots of fun activities. We also read a different version of the story, where she made a pizza and then we made our own pizzas too!

We really enjoyed our trip to ‘Little Lancashire Village’ and we had lots of fun in all the different areas.

We also had lots of Harvest fun in our classroom!

Mrs Coar came to visit us from her farm with lots of fruits and vegetables! Linked to our Harvest topic, she told us all about the different types that she had brought, how they grow and what foods they might make!

We did a Science experiment all about germs! We used pepper as the “germs” and found that when we added the “clean”, washing up liquid the “germs” all moved to the edge!

This week we’ve been looking at the story of ‘The Colour Monster’ and these are some of the fun things we’ve been up to! We talked all about the different feelings and discussed certain times when we might have felt those ways!

We had fun meeting our buddies properly for the first time and enjoyed playtime together!

We made fruit faces and had to chop up our own fruit!

We also had a little Jujitsu taster session, which we really enjoyed!

We’ve been very busy in our first week at school, exploring in our new classroom. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to!