Reception had lots of fun celebrating DIWALI and we shared this with Nursery! We made lots of fun things like, Diwali lamps, Diwali patterns, Diwali cards and some Diwali sweets. We also had a party in the hall and did some fantastic dancing!

Reception visited ‘Imagine That!’ We did lots of investigating, exploring and having a go. We even made some fridge magnets, bath bombs and slime to bring home with us!

The dentist came to visit us and talked to us all about keeping our teeth nice, clean and healthy. What foods were good and bad and how to brush our teeth properly. We also got to brush some big teeth and got a little gift to take home with us!

We invited our parents in to help us make a tree decoration for our school Christmas tree. We had lots of fun and we then got to decorate our tree for the whole school!

We had lots of fun leading up to Christmas and did lots of fun things. We made our Christmas cards, we made and painted a salt-dough decoration, we made Christmas gingerbread men and we had a fantastic Christmas party, where we got to see Santa and got a present!

We’ve started this term by looking at the topic ‘Polar Lands’. We’ve done lots of fun things already like making a 3D polar animal, cutting and sticking to make a polar landscape. We’ve also got a polar explorer role play area where we have been searching and exploring for different animals and using books and a globe to help us. In science we have been investigating with ice, melting it to save the polar animals and seeing what ice is and how it’s frozen and melted.