Reception Class Gallery

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year!

Fun in the snow!

We’ve had lots of winter themed fun in the last 2 weeks!

Here are some of the visitors who came to see us to tell us all about their jobs and the special work that they do!

Linked to our topic, ‘People who help us’ we did lots of activities looking at different jobs that people do to help us and the people who are our real life superheroes!

We had lots of fun on ‘Children in Need’ day in our pyjamas and did some fun activities!

We celebrated the festival of ‘Diwali’ with nursery and we had lots of fun, dancing, making our own Diwa lamps, making cards, tasting some food, designing our own henna and filling in a big Rangoli pattern using loose parts!

We spoke about remembrance day and the soldiers we think about. We made our own poppy wreath as a class to lay down in our rest and reflect area and we painted and made some poppies from loose parts to display in our windows!

We enjoyed celebrating bonfire night and made some beautiful firework pictures!

This week we had a visitor in our classroom, “The Evil pea” has been causing chaos! We had to help the vegetables escape! We enjoyed lots of activities and the different ‘Supertato’ stories that we read together!

We looked at the story of ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and after looking at pumpkins and scooping them out as part of investigating all things Autumn, we made our own pumpkin soup!! It was delicious!

We even went on an Autumn hunt with our buddies! We found lots of signs of Autumn!

We had lots of Autumn fun this week!

We had such a good time on our trip to ‘The little Lancashire village!’ There was so much to do and play with!

We had lots of fun exploring all things Harvest and learning about what the farmers do during Harvest. We got to look at some different fruit and vegetables and had a go at printing and creating some of our own!

We talked about what keeps us healthy and made some fruit faces, with the fruits that we liked!

We looked at the story of the colour monster and enjoyed some activities! We discussed when sometimes we might feel happy, sad, scared, angry, loved and calm! 

Here are some of the things we got up to in our first few weeks!! We had lots of fun exploring and playing in our classroom and making new friends!