This week reception had a great time on their trip to ‘Imagine That’. We did lots of playing and exploring and we really enjoyed the experiments. We even got to paint our own fridge magnet, make some slime and a bath bomb!

W.C 11.11.19 – MATHS WEEK!! Reception have been doing lots of exploring this week, all to do with maths. We have been practising writing our numbers, counting on the computers and interactive board, we have looked at prepositions, capacity in the water, by filling and emptying different containers. We have looked at lighter and heavier using the weighing scales and different objects around our classroom and also done some maths art in the style of ‘Piet Mondrian’ looking at squares and rectangles and the primary colours he used to create a picture.

This week we celebrated Bonfire Night. We talked about fireworks and bonfires and how to stay safe when around them. We did lots of activities including making our own bonfire and firework pictures, we recreated a bonfire we might have been to and pretended to toast marshmallows on it. We used some chalk to make firework pictures and threaded some bright pipe cleaners through toilet rolls to make it look like a firework!

30.1.19 – Today we celebrated the festival of Diwali with Nursery. We learnt about how Seeks and Hindus celebrate and then created Diva Lamps, Rangoli patterns and cards. We also tried different foods and at the end of the day we celebrated by dancing to traditional music.

17.10.19 – Today Rebecca from PDSA came to visit us and told us how we can look after our pets and animals. We learnt lots about cats, dogs and rabbits and the five important things that they need to stay healthy, happy and safe. We even learnt some actions to help us remember these.

This week our role play area had changed to a ‘Doctors surgery’. We had lots of fun pretending to be doctors, nurses, receptionists and also patients with injuries. We used the equipment to help make our friends feel better, as well as taking phone messages and writing down what was wrong with the patients.

14.10.19 – We used the iPads to take pictures of all the ‘Autumn’ things we could find in our school grounds. We worked in pairs and took turns on the iPads to take photos of what we could see. We found lots!

In RE this week we thought about our favourite fruits and vegetables and how they are grown. We thought about Harvest around the world and thanked God for the farmers that bring us our favourite fruits. We then practised our cutting skills by cutting fruit from around the world. We tasted our fruit salads and they were yummy!

This week we have been discussing the job of a farmer. We have looked at aerial images of Grimsargh and thought about who looks after the fields in our village. We talked about how we could help the farmer and look after our local environment. Our activities included: making a tractor out of lego, creating our own farm in the small world environment and being creative with our scarecrow making. We practised our cutting skills and made our own decisions about what a scarecrow might look like.

This week we have been sorting shapes. We looked at the items we had and thought about the basic shape names and the colour of the item.

This week we have been looking at the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. We learnt all about what she had to do and how hard she worked. We made our own windmills, little red hens and we made our own bread, just like she did! We had lots of fun!

This week, linked to our Harvest topic in R.E we talked about looking after our hedges and wildlife, we talked about what we might see in a hedgerow and how important this was, to help others particularly at Harvest time. So we took our magnifying glasses out to look at the wonderful hedgerows around our school.

In Maths we were looking at sorting objects. We went into our woodlands, with our wellies on, to look for different items. We decided as a group how we were going to sort them. Once we had collected the items and sorted them, we talked about which had the most and which had the fewest.

We looked at the letter and sound ‘p’ this week and did lots of activities based around the sound. We made popcorn, printed with potatoes, made our own pizza, with pepperoni and peppers on, on our smart board and did cutting and sticking to make a penguin!

This week we got the apparatus out in P.E for the first time. We had lots of fun travelling over, up and across the apparatus safely and we started to think about balancing.

Mrs Coar brought in some vegetables from her farm. We looked at them, smelt them and tried to name them. We talked about being thankful for Gods creations and the work of the farmers.

We had our first stay and play this week, where we were able to show our parents around our classroom and environment and show them what we’ve been up to in our first few weeks. Everyone had fun!

This week we enjoyed exploring the numbers 1 to 5 and we went outside into our forest area, where we had to find the correct number of objects. We also used the scooters and bikes to do this and had to ride to the correct number and see if we knew which number came next.