Art and Design

Overview 23-24
Progression 23-24
Policy 2023-24

Our goal for Art and Design is to foster a love of art in our children to promote positive wellbeing. We aim to equip our children with cultural capital through an intellectually challenging & creatively demanding curriculum. Authentic engagement with a diverse range of artists, will encourage our children to be resilient young artists who employ our three ‘Big Ideas’ to create amazing art:

  • Inspiration: As an artist, I am inspired by the lives and work of other artists and use this knowledge to inspire my own work.

  • Exploration: As an artist, I love to explore what effects I can achieve using a range of different techniques and media, using resilience to build my skill set.

  • Expression: As an artist, I express what I think and feel about art and express my creativity, knowledge and skills through my works of art.

Miss Jewitt is our Art and Design leader. Please contact her via the school office (01772 653600) with any queries or questions.

Click here to read the National Curriculum: Art and Design Programmes of Study.