Year 2 Gallery


Angels Y2 Sharing the Good News About Jesus

Look at some of pictures of our favourite Bible stories.


Can you tell a friend about your favourite Bible story? Why is it special?





Covid 19 Home Learning.

Learning and having fun during lock down!



Our Year 2 children are working extremely hard at home.

Have a look at some of the fantastic tasks. 

Please remember to find time for God during lock down. Read the Bible, sing a hymn, say or write a prayer. Here’s a prayer written by a member of our class.

A prayer by Annie-Rose

Measuring by reading scales to weigh out ingredients. 

Measuring to the nearest centimetre to cut the material exactly the right size to make a pin cushion.

Making a skipping rope from recycled plastic bags

Excellent English… Superheroes

Cycling 15 miles!

Creating fairy gardens to cheer up the neighbours.

Making scarecrows




Super Science

A Pentecost inspired stained glass window 


During Mental Health Awareness Week some of the Year 2 children carried out acts of kindness. The kind acts included baking bread for friends, making a pizza for tea, colouring with a younger sister and sending postcards to family and friends.



Look at this lock down Art in the style of Paul Klee

Working on canvas in response to Mental Health Awareness tasks.

Happy days…

Darker days…

V E Day Celebrations at home

War time games


Listening to music from the war and dressing up as evacuees.

Amazing Art


     Supervised grass bashing!

Keeping fit and enjoying the outdoors

Irish Dancing







…….even walking in the rain


Discovering wildlife in the garden…. 

Growing fruit!



Science investigations


Bug hotels

How many children from our class are on this poster?


Fun outdoors


Viking Style Pop Art

Bird watching

Look at the friendly clowns. They walked around the local area and brought a smile wherever they walked.


Cooking and baking


Real life maths. Building a raised bed for some gardening.

                                          Craft at home


Maths problem solving





English Magic Box tasks

Reading, writing, creating and performing.





                                        Home Learning with a new family member. 

Congratulations from everybody in Year 2

  Sharing a book. Super reading!

Handwriting Amazing Art




Wonderful writing

Easter Art and Craft


Look at this amazing, homemade, traditional Polish Easter basket with eggs, bread, butter, salt , painted eggs and Easter lamb.

Easter non-chronological report writing

Science investigations

Writing about Easter and stained glass windows

…..rainbows of hope…


Dissecting a daffodil

Writing a non-chronological report


Easter Symbols

Digging deep as archaeologists.


Look at the slide show….reading, writing, baking, craft, maths and lots more. Learning from home and having fun. Well done Year 2.

Home baking                             PE with Joe Wicks

Easter Symbols

Reading and relaxing in the sunshine.

2020 Year 2 Celebrate World Book Day

Shrove Tuesday

We loved making pancakes.


Our special books



Fun at Eureka.

Team work. Changing a tyre.


Security at the bank.

Cracking the code.

Sowing seeds. In the Summer Term we will host a Farm Shop event to sell our produce and raise funds for an orphanage in Thailand.

World Book Day in Year 2

Shrove Tuesday – Bible Fun Club 

PNE Coaching in Year 2

Signs of Spring


Looking for signs of Spring in Science

Sharing the love of God for St Valentine’s Day – Bible Fun Club

Bible Fun Club

Daniel in the Lions’ Den 

Fire Safety in Year 2

Get Out.

Stay Out.

Call the Fire Brigade Out. 

Epiphany at Bible Fun Club

Quarter to and quarter past. Can you tell the time?

Reading and writing instructions in Year 2. 

Christmas in Y2 

A visit from some of the staff from Berry Lane Dental Surgery 

Bible Fun Club 

Collecting ideas for writing Autumn Poems 

Models of Saint Michael 

Sharing our special books 

Harvest time in Y2

Ju Jitzu in Y2

Exploring the Big Frieze in RE