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On Tuesday the local Fire people came into year 2 to talk about the importance of fire safety, as well as being prepared in the event of a fire. We discussed what to do if there is a fire in your home and were able to get some brilliant advice from Smokey the Bear! 


Children in Need 2021

On Friday 19th November our children took part in wearing yellow or spots for Children in Need. We wore our yellow and spots all day, even whilst we did Maths and English! Thank you to everyone that got involved and helped raise money for this worthy cause!


Special Books

Do you have a special book? Why is it special?

In RE the children in Y2 have enjoyed learning about special books and holy books. We focused on the Bible and found out about the Qumr’an Scrolls. What is your favourite Bible story? Who is your favourite character from the Bible?

The children in Year 2 found out about the Bible Society. They took the lead in whole school worship.

The children thanked God for our wonderful school and our amazing community and they reminded us how fortunate we are to have access to a diverse range of books and easy access to the Bible and holy books. 
Last week the children found out about the Jewish Torah and they even made their own. Do you know what a yad is and how it is used?
This week the children enjoyed learning about The Qur’an with our visitors. Look at the Arabic writing!

The Qur’an teaches Muslims how to live a good life.

Can you write your own set of rules which would help to make the world a better place?



Anti-bullying Week 

Last week the year 2 children took part in Odd Socks Day to kickstart our Anti-bullying Week. We enjoyed circle time discussing what bullying is and how we can prevent it (if we didn’t know we got to stroke Wilf and pass him on!) Later in the week, we thought of and wrote down kind words we can say to others so we can keep the kindness going around school. 



On Tuesday, 6 children from year 2 participated in the Mini-skills event at Westview leisure centre. There were a range of activities the children took part in from throwing and catching, an obstacle race and kicking to a target. As this was the first event the children have took part in this year, they showed exemplary behaviour and represented our school tremendously. We came 8th in the event showing our resilience, teamwork and perseverance. GOOD WORK TEAM!

Come on England!

European Cup Semi-Finalists

Year 2 fans


Remote learning 

This term our school theme is ‘Footprints’. In Art and Geography we have been looking at where we place our footprints – Grimsargh!! 

Our 3D maps of our local area are amazing……LOOK! 

2020 Year 2 Celebrate World Book Day

Jesus Friend To Everyone

What did Jesus want us to learn from His behaviour?

Shrove Tuesday

We loved making pancakes.


Our special books



Fun at Eureka.

Team work. Changing a tyre.


Security at the bank.

Cracking the code.

Sowing seeds. In the Summer Term we will host a Farm Shop event to sell our produce and raise funds for an orphanage in Thailand.

World Book Day in Year 2

Shrove Tuesday – Bible Fun Club 

PNE Coaching in Year 2

Signs of Spring


Looking for signs of Spring in Science

Sharing the love of God for St Valentine’s Day – Bible Fun Club

Bible Fun Club

Daniel in the Lions’ Den 

Fire Safety in Year 2

Get Out.

Stay Out.

Call the Fire Brigade Out. 

Epiphany at Bible Fun Club

Quarter to and quarter past. Can you tell the time?

Reading and writing instructions in Year 2. 

Christmas in Y2 

A visit from some of the staff from Berry Lane Dental Surgery 

Bible Fun Club 

Collecting ideas for writing Autumn Poems 

Models of Saint Michael 

Sharing our special books 

Harvest time in Y2

Ju Jitzu in Y2

Exploring the Big Frieze in RE