Welcome to Year 3’s online photo album!

Roman Artwork

Taking inspiration from our Roman topic, we have been enjoying getting creative at home! Here are our mosaics and shields… aren’t they fantastic?

We have also been learning Roman numerals in Maths!

wc15.06.20 – A day in the life of a Roman soldier

As part of our topic work, we have learned all about a day in the life of a Roman soldier. Have a look at our storyboards below to find out how hard life was and how committed a soldier had to be. Many of us have decided we would not have liked to be a Roman soldier!

wc15.06.20 – Investigating friction

This week, we have been carrying out our own scientific investigations to find out about friction. As you can see, we really enjoyed ourselves! We have discovered that bumpy and uneven surfaces such as bubble wrap and compost create more friction than flat, smooth surfaces such as wood and cardboard. The greater the friction, the higher our ramps had to be to allow our vehicles to travel. We found out that a greater push force was needed to fight the friction.

Our May home learning

So far this month, we have been… research conductors, PowerPoint creators, leaflet producers, line spotters, rule followers, building designers, e-mailers, story planners, maths whizzes, Zoom quizzers, poets and all-round STARS! Last week, we celebrated Christian Aid Week with our own prayers of love.

We are making Mrs Towers and Mrs Patterson so proud!

Celebrating VE Day

Year 3 worked hard at home all week to prepare for the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Have a look at our amazing photos below – as you can see, we had a wonderful day!

Home learning in Year 3, wc 27.4.20

We have had another really busy week at home! Have a look at a selection of our work from last week and prepare to be wowed!

Home learning in Year 3, wc 20.4.20

Here are some of the things we have been up to at home. As you can see, we have been very busy! Please take the time to read our poems at the end of the slideshow, which were written to celebrate St. George’s Day.

Our home learning

Have a look at Isla D’s home project… she has built a fantastic 3D volcano! Half of it shows what a volcano looks like on the outside, and the other half shows what a volcano looks like on the inside. Isla has included a magma chamber, main vent, secondary vent, ash cloud, sedimentary rock and lava flow. Wow, Isla – you are a star!

Inside view

Who else has built a volcano?


Year 3 are really enjoying gymnastics and trying out some of their moves on various apparatus.

A village walk

Year 3 loved getting out and about in Grimsargh and looking at the different features of our village as part of our geography work. The children had very clear ideas about what they liked and disliked about the village and how it could be improved.

Sukkah Shelters

Sukkot is a Jewish festival where the people thank God for freedom from slavery. The children worked in pairs or groups to make Sukkah shelters.