Our home learning

Have a look at Isla D’s home project… she has built a fantastic 3D volcano! Half of it shows what a volcano looks like on the outside, and the other half shows what a volcano looks like on the inside. Isla has included a magma chamber, main vent, secondary vent, ash cloud, sedimentary rock and lava flow. Wow, Isla – you are a star!

Inside view

Who else has built a volcano?


Year 3 are really enjoying gymnastics and trying out some of their moves on various apparatus.

A village walk

Year 3 loved getting out and about in Grimsargh and looking at the different features of our village as part of our geography work. The children had very clear ideas about what they liked and disliked about the village and how it could be improved.

Sukkah Shelters

Sukkot is a Jewish festival where the people thank God for freedom from slavery. The children worked in pairs or groups to make Sukkah shelters.