Year 3

Welcome to the Class Page of Year 3!


School Value – SERVICE

Welcome back to Spring 2! We continue with our school theme ‘Our Changing World’ but our class focuses will change. 

In English we are starting the half term with looking at non-chronological reports and linking these to our Geography theme that looks at Volcanoes and Earthquakes. In Maths we will finish our work on money and then move onto perimeter and start a large block of work on ‘Fractions’. 

In Science, we are looking at Forces and Magnets – we can’t wait to take our school trip to Manchester Science and Industry Museum and we will also be taking a walk to Grimsargh Wetlands in line with our Nature Journal and working on environmental issues. 

In PE, we will be starting our orienteering skills and then moving to Striking and Fielding. ICT will focus on touch typing and online safety. Our PSHCE will focus on rights and responsibilities. 

It is going to be a VERY busy half term, with two visits and a play to perform! We love a challenge in Year 3 and I’m sure this half term will require us to work together as a team to achieve our goals. 


School Value – RESPECT

Welcome back to the Spring Term. We can’t wait to continue our journey into Year 3 with some new themes and focuses. Our Whole School Theme is ‘Our Changing World’. We will think about the COP26 event and also our own opinions about the environment and how WE can do our part to make sure we our leaving our world in a better place for the next generation! We will look particularly at Grimsargh and hope to have link with the Parish Council, Wetlands and FOGG team.

Our Maths work will continue to follow the White Rose Maths Overview; looking at multiplication, money and statistics. We will be setting weekly Mathletics homework and continuing our focus on times tables. Will we be Mathletics winners every week? Check our weekly newsletter!

In Science, we will continue our work on Rocks and Soils – focusing on Fossilisation and Soil. We will then start to move into work on Forces.

We are happy to say it is our yearly dance slot with Mrs Burns this half term and this will take one of our PE slots. The other will focus on invasion games.

PSHCE will focus on Keeping Safe, Music will focus on singing and ICT will focus on debugging.

Mrs Todd will continue to teach Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Mrs Slattery on a Thursday.

We can’t wait to show you our learning progress – make sure you keep looking on our website and class gallery!

Key information

Curriculum Overview: Year 3


Our Autumn term school theme:  Heroes and Heroines

Our school worship theme: courage

Autumn term PE days:  Tuesday and Thursday.


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