Year 3

Welcome to the Class Page of Year 3!

In Year 3, we are developing a Growth Mindset.

Key information

Curriculum Overview: Year 3

Our Summer term school theme:  Road to Gold

Summer term PE days:  Tuesday and Thursday.


Home learning, w/c 12th July

For children learning from home this week:

TuesdayLesson 7 – Mass Capacity – measure capacity -activity lesson  Read through the ppt and complete the activity on the last page – can you find some different containers to predict and then measure capacity?

English – Have a go at writing your own play script.  It can be about our year in Year 3, topics we have studied, your favourite memory… anything!

Home learning, w/c 5th July

For children learning from home this week:

Optional extension activities (Maths)  White Rose Maths video links


Maths Lesson 1 – Mass Capacity -Measure-mass-activity


Maths Lesson 2 – Mass Capacity –Compare-mass recap ppt.

Maths Lesson 2 – Mass Capacity –Compare-mass-recap activity

RE – See Seesaw for your Zoom link to our special visitor


Maths Lesson 3 – Mass Capacity –Measure-mass-1 ppt.

Maths Lesson 3 – Mass Capacity -Measure-mass-1-2020 activity

English – Read both versions of The Gingerbread Man and then play Spot the Difference.  Once you have identified all of the differences, can you spot some similarities?  Are there more differences or similarities?  Why do you think this is? t-l-52195-the-gingerbread-man-playscript_ver_4 The Gingerbread Man – story

pm – See your Seesaw message from Mr Brooks about your transition activity.


Maths Lesson 4 – Measure mass 2 ppt.

Maths Lesson 4 – Measure mass 2 activity

English lesson – Thursday 8th

Resource for English activity – Thursday 8th, activity

PE – do something active together, see the list of suggestions further down the page.

PSHCE – friendship tree


Maths Lesson 5 – Compare mass ppt.

Maths Lesson 5 – Compare mass activity


Colour game:

Colour the gingerbread house the correct colours:

Using ‘the’:

Make your own gingerbread man:


Word lists wc5th July

Below are a range of resources and fun activities that you may like to choose from as you practice your spellings:

Split digraph games:  a-e-Spelling-Board-Game e-e-spelling-board-game i-e-spelling-board-game o-e-spelling-board-game u-e-spelling-board-game


Year 2 spelling and reading activity booklet

Year 3 and 4 spellings

Spelling fun

Rainbow reading challenge School

In addition to your Oxford Owl and Epic! logins, you may like to explore the following free resources as you work towards completing your reading challenge:

Free children’s classics

Free audiobooks

Storytime videos plus recommendations of ‘Books to get you through lockdown’

Clipart: kids book | Book Kids — Stock Photo © lenmdp #11570392

Find a selection of recommended reading resources here:  Reading

Get active!

It is so important to try and stay active and fit, even in lockdown.  It is good for your body, but also for your mind, it makes you feel refreshed and more positive.  Here are some physical challenges for you to try.  Wherever possible try to get outside every day, the fresh air is exactly what we need when we feel a bit “cooped up” at home.  Maybe you could try to pick one each day to try.

  1. Get out and about – try to find a new local walk or path which you haven’t walked on before
  2. Welly and brolly walk – get out and enjoy the rain, jump in the puddles and harness your inner Peppa Pig – “jumping up and down in muddy puddles, splish, splash, splosh, splish, splash!”
  3. Welly play – some nice outdoor activities – outdoor-play-wellies
  4. Try this winter scavenger hunt while you are out and about Winter-scavenger-hunt
  5. 15 minute mile – can you attempt to run for 15 minutes, if not run what you can, walk to catch your breath, then run again
  6. Go for a woodland walk and take this ‘twigs’ sheet with you – which trees can you find? twig-id-sheet
  7. Winter fun – this booklet is bursting with fun outdoor activities – winter_booklet
  8. Play! On the park, in your back garden, get outside and use your imagination.
  9. Ride your bike or scooter.
  10. Joe Wicks – short action packed bursts of action.
  11. Put on your favourite music and dance like no one is watching!
  12. Follow the leader – include lots of active movements
  13. Skip
  14. Play football/basketball/tennis/throw and catch etc

We’ll keep adding to this list, but most of all, have fun!

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