Year 6 Gallery

Year 6 2021-22


ICT (Autumn term 1) 
In ICT this half term we have used scratch to create ‘All About Me’ information pages.
We are all unique!
We all like different thing!
We have similarities!
We have differences!
We are all God’s children!

Science (Autumn term 1) 
Our topic in science this term has been all about how light travels. We have explored how light travels in straight lines, explained reflection and refraction, understood how we see things and explored how shadows are formed in more depth. 

To celebrate Black History month, Year 6 took part in the Book Trust event hosted by Joseph Coelho to celebrate the launch of the new book, ‘Happy Here’, which has 10 short stories written by black authors and illustrators. He spoke about how he was inspired to be a writer and how anything can be possible, no matter where you come from. 

To develop our understanding of diversity, Year 6 explored painting with different body parts, such as their mouth or feet, just like many successful disabled artists do.

Year 6 had a visit from Tom, who is a youth pastor at Crossgate Church. He shared his Christian journey with the children and explored different ways you can live your life as a Christian. He also told some inspiring stories of how God has helped him throughout his life so far.

Year 6 kicked off the year with an amazing residential visit to Borwick Hall. This was a great way to develop our teamwork, independence and challenge ourselves. We enjoyed canoeing, caving, rope courses and walking!








Year 6 – 2020-21

Thank you to Bradley North who came in to our class on Friday 21st to speak to us about disability awareness. Brad talked about the range of different disabilities there are and how to treat everyone equally. We also heard about Brad’s own experiences of living with a disability and how he has overcome many challenges and stayed positive on his life journey. 

National Numeracy Day! 19th May 2021
Today the children enjoyed a day full of fun maths activities and explored how numbers are all around us in every day life. This included an angle hunt, a traffic survey, timestables activities and tessellation.  

January 2021 – Our Worship theme this half term is Peace. Tiahna, Charlotte and Izzy created these representations of the word ‘Peace’ using lego.

Christmas photo booth fun!

October 2020
In RE, we have explored life as a journey. We made life journey posters that included key events, people and places – particularly linking to how our faith has impacted our lives so far.

This term we have explored ‘How Light Travels’ in Science. 

On the 1st October 2020 Year 6 were lucky to have a visit from Lisa who is an acting director at Shakespeare for Schools. She gave us lots of top tips and supported us with developing our scenes so far.