Year 2 Supporting The Bible Society

Year 2 children took the lead during worship. We thanked God for our wonderful school and community and the children reminded us how fortunate we are to have access to a diverse range of books and easy access to the Bible and holy books. 
The children in Year 2 shared their knowledge of The Bible Society and they reminded us about the amazing work that the charity does around the world to translate the Bible into many different languages, donate Bibles to people of all ages to enable them to learn about God and how to follow the example of Jesus. 
Our Year 2 children spoke clearly and confidently and reminded us all about the importance of being thankful and loving our neighbour as yourself, doing to others as you would have them do to you. We sang ‘Matthew 22: 34-40.’ 
Both reading and diversity are key objectives on our school improvement plan.  We are delighted to announce that following on from the Year 2 work in RE, we are donating a percentage of the money kindly donated by you, to our charities fund, to The Bible Society. This money will be used to enable people young and old, from a diverse range of backgrounds to take pleasure from reading, learning to read via lessons from the Bible Society and also learn about God. THANK YOU for your continued support. 

Thankfulness Prayer 

Dear God, 

We know that you love us and always want to be with us. 

Help us to look for the things for which we can give thanks.