Autumn 1 Courage

Autumn 1 Christian Value Courage

Resillience Week- Do you have the courage to trust God?

During Resillience week the children focused on mental health and resillience. During worship the children enjoyed singing ‘In Christ Alone,’ . They discussed their understanding of mental health. We all have mental health. Mental health is about our feelings, our thinking, our emotions and our mood. We discussed the fact that it is ‘ok not to be ok.’  The children then talked about what we can do to support each other when we are not ok. 
How do you support your friends and family during challenging times? 
Look at the ten a day:
Miss Walwin-Holm is promoting resillience and improved self-esteem. Can your son/ daughter tell you about ‘Take Turns Tuesday’ or ‘Thoughtful Thursday’?

During worship we thanked God for being a friend during the good times and the challenging times.
We thanked God that we can share our weakness with Him and He gives us His strength. 
Black History Month
Miss Threlfall is our History subject leader. During whole school worship on Monday, she focused on Black History Month with the children. The children listened to ‘This is Me,’ from The Greatest Showman. They found out about Black History Month- when it started, how it’s celebrated and why it is so important. The children discussed the meaning of racism and looked at a few examples of how people have overcome it.  
Black History month, courage and worship. What can you do? Black History Month