Y2 Curriculum Plan 2019-20

Spellings for Monday 25th November

This week we are concentrating on the ‘igh’ sound spelt ‘y’.

Five of the spellings are key words for Y2.











Dear parents,

Thank you for the fantastic pictures and photographs of your child’s most treasured possession. We enjoyed writing about them yesterday.

It is always lovely to read the positive comments about your son’s/daughter’s reading.

This week the children have enjoyed learning about the safe use of medicines in Science. In Maths we focused on learning the multiplication facts for the 5 times tables and solving problems.

This week we would like the children to complete a reading task. It is important that your child reads the text and questions independently. Please encourage your son/daughter to use their pointing finger to locate the answer within the text. Underlining the answers in the text sometimes helps. The children have another handwriting task too. Please encourage your child to write in pencil, use tall and short letters and join with care.

We’ve started rehearsals for our Christmas production, ‘A King Is Born.’ Your child has their own script. Please rehearse with them and make sure that the script is in school every day. We will send a separate letter out about the costumes so don’t worry about that just yet.

Feel free to encourage your child to write a prayer for our prayer tree.  When your child is writing, it is important for them to remember to use spaces between words, capital letters and full stops. Neat handwriting is essential. We expect year 2 children to use tall and short letters.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Smith and Mrs Woods