Y 2 topics letter Autumn 2018

Y2 Curriculum Plan 2018-19

Spellings for  Monday 21st January 2019












Dear parents,

The children are working hard and having fun. We’ve enjoyed reading then following instructions for how to clean our teeth or how to make a winter picture in Literacy. Our shared writing focused on writing instructions. In RE we listened to the story of the Ten Lepers, acted out the story  and designed thank you cards for Jesus. In computing, we discussed internet safety and designed posters to inform people about staying safe on line. The children loved learning about how humans change as they get older in Science. We have some amazing drawings of children walking, talking, scooting, reading and writing.

This week’s homework is a reading task. Your son/daughter will have a text and a separate set of questions. Please encourage them to read the text independently and respond to the written questions. Please make a note on the question sheet if you have provided lots of support.

This week we are learning about time. There are still a few activities on mathletics. Please work together to ensure that your child can tell the time to the nearest five minutes. We worked on quarter past, quarter to, o’clock and half past earlier in the week.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the SATs meeting on Tuesday at 5pm.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Smith and Mrs Woods