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Y2 Curriculum Plan 2019-20

Year 2 50 Recommended Reads_

Spellings for Monday 20th January

This week we are concentrating on the ‘o’ sound spelt ‘a’ after w and q.






Five of the spellings are key words for Y2.






Dear parents,

Thank you for taking time to support your son/daughter with reading and homework tasks. It is always lovely to read the positive comments.

This week we focused on comparing and ordering numbers to at least one hundred. Look on the Mathletics website for activities to reinforce learning. Please ensure that all tasks are completed by Wednesday 22nd January.

There are two tasks in the homework book. Please encourage your son/daughter to complete them by Wednesday 22nd January. We prefer written tasks to be written in pencil. Good presentation is important. We expect the children to form letters carefully and ensure that there is a difference in size between the tall and the short letters. For example the letter ‘e’ should be half the size of the letter ‘t’.

Feel free to encourage your child to write a prayer for our prayer tree.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Smith and Mrs Woods