Policy 23/24

Our goal for Geography education is that children explore and develop their understanding of the social, environmental, economic and political aspects of place, whilst considering their own role on a local, national and global scale.

This will be taught with our three ‘BIG ideas’ at the heart of our geography curriculum:

  • Interconnection: I am a geographer because I understand the connection between environmental process and human activity.

  • Change: I am a geographer because I know that changes and alterations are happening constantly to the natural and cultural environment we live in.

  • Location: I am a geographer because I understand everything and everyone has a location; from my own locality to worldwide locations to the location of geographical events

‘Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future’. (Michael Palin)

Geography at Grimsargh St Michael’s holds geographical skills at the core of the curriculum and g
eography will be taught beyond the classroom – children will have opportunities to explore the local area and beyond at every opportunity.

During the Summer term of 22/23 our geography curriculum was supported by the online geography resource ‘Oddizzi’ and the resources enhanced the teaching of geography from EYFS through to Upper KS2. From Autumn 2023 our geography curriculum will move to using the full curriculum planning pathway provided by Oddizzi, which is closely matched to the National Curriculum objectives for geography at KS1 and KS2. 

Although our curriculum follows the Oddizzi pathway, it has been made bespoke to our school through the addition of enquiry questions which allow our children to explore some of the key geographical concepts; physical and human processes, scale, space, environment and place. Our children have a strong and secure knowledge of their own locality and the local environmental challenges we face. This is enhanced through close links with the local community and we make use of our local area to provide fieldwork and investigation opportunities. Our beautiful school grounds offer great on-site opportunities for study and exploration and we take every opportunity to teach our geography curriculum outside. 

For more information about Oddizzi, please follow the link below:

Mrs Coupe is our geography lead. Please contact her via the office (01772 653600) with any queries or questions.

Click here to read the National Curriculum: Geography Programmes of Study.