Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page! 2019-20

Home learning week commencing 6th July.

Lesson 1 – Identify angles

Lesson 2 – Compare and order angles

Lesson 3 – Triangles Lesson 4 –

Quadrilaterals Year-4-Summer-Week-11

Y4-Talk for writing Goblins-

There will be a Zoom call at 11am  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9099292348?pwd=b21pRlN2M1Z0OEJhNUFvdjRpUnA4dz09

Meeting ID 909 929 2348 and usual password.

Week Commencing 29 June

Maths and video links attached. Zoom meeting will be tomorrow at 10.30, meeting ID 736 6454 0308, password as normal. Details of Sock Olympics will be posted on Seesaw tomorrow and on our gallery page.

Lesson 1 – Interpret charts 2020

Lesson 2 – Comparison sum and difference

Lesson 3 – Introducing line graphs

Lesson 4 – Line graphs



A River Nile crossword and also an information sheet on Egyptian farming. Please read the sheet on Egyptian farming and then either draw or design your own shaduf and research information on how and why it was used, or create your own wall painting image of Egyptian farming.

Farming Fact Sheets

River Nile Crossword

Week Commencing 22nd June

Maths for this week is attached along with video links. As I will be in school Tuesday- Friday it is unlikely that I will be able to do any zoom calls on those days. Also marking will be less regular and especially less audio/video feedback. I will be able to hopefully do a Zoom tomorrow- aiming for 1pm. Will confirm tomorrow on Seesaw.

Lesson 1 – Pounds and pence

Lesson 2 – Ordering money

Lesson 3 – Estimating money

Lesson 4 – Four operations


Lesson 1 – Estimate answers

Lesson 2 – Checking strategies

French work

Link to French game.


Link to video

22 J weather

22 Jun

Handwriting Sheets



Review of last week’s work is on our gallery page.

Week Commencing 15th June

A new Literacy ‘Talk for Writing’ is attached- please don’t move onto this unless you want to. I have really enjoyed reading the stories that have been written so far on Mission Possible- thank you.

Y4-Impossibly-Possible talk for writing

Sock Olympics- please see attached sheet if you wish to take part!

Sock Olympics Mr B

Sorry everyone – the advance meetings on Zoom have ran out- so a new meeting ID of 713 7496 6046 needs to be used. Please note, Thursday meeting will have to take place at 9 am prior to spelling at 9.30 as I will be in school later.

Remainder of group meetings (including today Tue 16th) will be at 10.30.

Mr Brooks.

Maths is attached and also spellings listed below- more work will be posted during the week. Can I also remind you that there is also pre allocated work on Mathletics, SPAG.com and Purple Mash.

Details of the Zoom meetings this week – daily groups at 10.30 meeting ID 729 7401 4933 and Spelling Thursday at 9.30 Meeting ID 775 3303 5971.

Spelling list for Thursday:


Thank you,

Mr Brooks.

Lesson 1 – Write decimals 2020 Lesson 2 – Compare decimals 2020 Lesson 3 – Order decimals 2020 Lesson 4 – Round decimals 2020 Year-4-Week-8

Hi everyone,

This weeks French work is attached. It is also available on Seesaw.

Mr Brooks.

ice cream 2 ice cream ice cream

Just a reminder about the ‘buddy letter’ for your new reception buddy- I have had half so far, please can you send it as soon as you can next week if you haven’t already done so.
Also, attached is a copy of Mrs Coulston’s lock down artwork ideas if you haven’t already seen these.

Lockdown Artwork 2020

Week beginning 8th June

The Maths is attached for this week- please note it is also available on Seesaw. The Literacy will be a 2-3 week plan so all details submitted last week- let me know if you have any issues.

Lesson 1 – Tenths as decimals 2019 Lesson 2 – Dividing 2 digits by 10 2019 Lesson 3 – Hundredths as decimals 2019 Lesson 4 – Dividing 1 and 2 digits by a hundred 2019 Year-4-Week-7 videos

Spellings listed below:



Mr Brooks


Can you make your own eco system? It would have been explore the school grounds to find things to put in their ecosystems, however, it will now be in your garden or local area/nature reserve. Can you make their own ‘ecosystem in a jar’? The Science Magazine website has information (http://sciencemagazine-sheilabastian.blogspot.com/2013/11/ecosystems-plastic-bottles-aquatic-terrestrial-gravel-water-habitats-birdseeds-environment-larvae-potato-plant-pupa-cocoon-metamorphosis-moth-spider-trap-web-weaving-web-leaf-curtains-mosquito-bottle-beetle-rolled-big-ball-feed-decay-grasshoppers-snail-geckoes-flies-fish-experiment.html)on how to make an aquatic and a terrestrial ecosystem in one. Copy and paste into URL for full instructions. The Planet Earth resource on the Eden website is inspired by the David Attenborough series Planet Earth. There is a useful video clip and a treasure hunt to encourage children to look more closely at their natural environment. https://eden.uktv.co.uk/education/inspired-attenborough/article/lesson-6-planet-earth/ The aim is to observe the changes in their ecosystem over the following weeks.

Again, please do not feel you have to do this- an alternative would be to simply to photograph/draw the plants/ creatures they can find living in their local environment. When photographing, you can make images more scientific by adding a ruler to show the scale of the sample and a small whiteboard or a piece of card with the date, location and the identity (if known) of the specimen – these will then be visible in the photograph. Apps like Leaf Snap and iNaturalist available at Apple or Google Play store are useful (but not essential). I think the children will enjoy this activity- I have already had pictures of birds, plants, bees, tadpoles and frogs sent to me! Thanks, Mr Brooks.

Week beginning 2nd June

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the final half term of the year! I have tried to take on board some of your feedback from last half term’s work. Please choose which topic areas you would like to focus on and choose which days you prefer to do them. I will try not to post everything at once (topic) so not to over face people. I know some of you were finding it hard to keep up so please do not feel all tasks need to be completed, and if you wish to make any alterations that is also fine – it has to work for you and your child.

It seems like most people were happy with the maths and the short videos to accompany them so I will proceed here with these. The literacy is designed to work steadily with over 2 weeks. If you would like a singular exercise per day, please let me know. However, the booklets are intended to be worked through a section at a time, and don’t feel pressured to complete.

As we enter our final half term of this strange year, can I again take this opportunity to thank all of you for the feedback and most of all support for your children’s learning. It has been a superb effort by all! I will be continuing with the Zoom calls this week, and will post the codes separately- same arrangements for groups as previous, with spellings on Thursday. Beyond that, we will have to await developments!

Best wishes,

Mr Brooks.

Maths home learning links attached.

Year-4-Week-6 Lesson-1-Add-2-or-more-fractions-2019 Lesson-2-Subtract-2-fractions-2019 Lesson-3-Fractions-of-a-quantity-2019 Lesson-4-Calculate-quantities-2019

Literacy home learning attached.



Use attached PowerPoint presentation to explain what the term mini-beast is. Discuss their characteristics, what they eat, how have they adapted, how do they survive etc.

Independent Task:


I hope you have had a good weekend as we gear up for the last week of this half-term. Despite school not being fully open, it has flown by! I have seen some amazing work from Year 4 children this half term, and again, may I thank you for the fantastic efforts you have put in to supporting your child during this uncertain and unusual time.

I feel that there has been enough literacy work sent with the writing project sent through last week to see us to the end of this week. The final task is to write a balanced information text based on the pros and cons of dog ownership in the form of a leaflet or information sheet. Any one who requires extra, please let me know. More Geography, RE, French and Science tasks will follow this week, along with an online safety task.

Maths tasks are attached- along with video links.

Best wishes,

Mr Brooks.

Lesson-1-Recognise-tenths-and-hundredths-2019 Lesson-2-Equivalent-fractions-1-2019 Lesson-3-Equivalent-fractions-2-2019 Lesson-4-Fractions-greater-than-1-2019 Year-4 video links


Hello everyone,

Useful ideas for parents to talk through with children about On line safety and screen time attached below.  Some online safety activities for 8 – 10 year olds. Follow the link below.

what-parents-need-to-know-about-screen-addiction top-tips-for-remote-learning-for-parents top-tips-for-remote-learning-for-pupils 11-point-guide-to-video-chat

Also try https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/support-tools/home-activity-worksheets – we have looked at some of these in class.

There are also on line safety tasks set as 2dos on Purple Mash- you can also try links via Education City.


RE work this week (18/5/20)

Going to church is usually associated with Sunday, why? Research and discuss why this is.
Is it only possible to go to church on Sunday? Is Sunday worship more important than worship on any other day? How do people become members/join the church?
Is there a test? A dress code? How do they know they belong? What does it mean to belong to a church?
Discuss with a family member and then write a character description of someone who is a member of a church. Then draw what that person looks like. You can combine with a labelled diagram if you like. There are no right or wrong answers to this- just back up your drawing and labelled character description with your own opinions and reasons.


Hello everyone,

A geography task is attached, which involves looking at these photographs of Lancashire and Catalonia in Spain. The first task is to identify which photos relate to each area, and then it is to try and discuss some of the differences about the houses, buildings, beaches, landscape and weather between the two. You may also want to point out any of the buildings that you may know (definite bonus points for this!)

comparing lancashire with catalonia

What happened to Egyptians after they died?
It was important to their religious beliefs that when Egyptians died, their bodies were preserved. This process was called mummification and was available to anybody rich enough to afford it. Play this University of Chicago website animated activity -link here http://oi-.uchicago.edu/OI/MUS/ED/mummy.html
You can interact with the embalming and mummification process. This can be followed up with the text on the Salariya website- link here https://www.youwouldntwantto.be/mummy-web-book/
which explains some of the terms in more detail.

Activity :
Put the process of mummification in order and stick onto the story board.

The Woodlands Junior School website- link here http://primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/egypt/mummies.htm has a wealth of information about mummification and further links.


Thanks to all who participated in the family maths quiz, some great answers from Alfie, Sienna and George B. We had a great time with 26 participants in our ‘live’ Kahoot maths quiz on National Numeracy Day, including ex- pupils who are siblings!

Some photos attached below from examples of this weeks work.


Hello everyone,

This weeks spellings- spelling ‘test’ on Zoom Thursday at 9.30.

particular peculiar perhaps popular position possession possible potatoes pressure probably.


Please see the two activities attached, favourite number and a family quiz.

Family Quiz National Numeracy Day Virtual Festival Schedule_final MY FAVOURITE NUMBER CHALLENGE

Have a great day,

Mr Brooks.



Maths sheets and video clips for this week below:

Lesson 2 Perimeter of a rectangle 2019 Lesson 3 Perimeter of rectilinear shapes 2019 Lesson 4 Counting squares 2019 Lesson-1-Correspondence-problems-2019 Year-4-Week-4 video links

RE work this week-
Look at clips from BBC Songs of Praise or similar,which can be found easily on You Tube. These give good examples of a variety of churches from around the country and the worship taking place there. Christian festivals such as Spring Harvest, Greenbelt, New Wine and Keswick are all held in a variety of places such as Holiday camps, Marquees, Race courses and large fields. Pictures of these events can be found using Google Images and film clips on YouTube.
What do all churches have in common? What are the essential things needed to make a church building?
Discuss these with your children. E.g. atmosphere.
Ask them to describe the links between what happens in church to the essential ingredients they have chosen. Is there a match? Do these thoughts change what the children consider to be essential?
What are the symbolic meanings of the things/objects you have chosen?

Do the children have any good ideas for new ways to do ‘church’? E.g. café church, worshipping out of doors, breakfast clubs or skate boarding church.
Your local churches may be experimenting with some fresh expressions of church such as Messy church.

Together make links between Bible stories, Christian belief and the church building/contents and what happens there.
Two simple examples of this are Jesus’ Baptism and the Font, The Last Supper and the Altar and Eucharist.
Write down what would be your ideas for a new way to ‘do church’. How do these include Christian beliefs whilst making it fun and child friendly?


Lancashire PE ideas Week 4




Thanks EVERYBODY for your hard work- we have passed 250 books read on Epic and over 1500 posts/interactions between us on Seesaw! What a hard working class! Massive thanks to all parents too!!! Amazing- I am a very proud teacher- Mr Brooks.


The Zoom codes for calls for the rest of the week and next have been posted on Seesaw and emailed out. Thanks to those who have joined in and I hope you have found it useful for lifting spirits, and in the smaller groups, for learning. Remember TT Rock Stars battle today (1-3) against Y6.


Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed our Zoom call yesterday, and thanks to those who joined.

French work is now attached for this week. Link to a quiz  https://pln.myvle.co.uk/get.php?4L24272X6292a29__4645424252a21__42a282F42a2a232X3252356F5254C29575C450

A video is attached via Seesaw as the file is too big to upload here.  The sheets are linked below.

wk 3 sheet 2 wk3 animals


Some ideas for VE day activities: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4TrqYDyf4PMdLypxzyTwGDg/great-british-bunting. The link contains video and written instructions as well as a template, but you could also make your own bunting shapes if you don’t have a printer!

It would be lovely if you would choose one of this week’s suggested VE Day activities and send us some photographs or videos via Seesaw or email so we can make a link here to our class page.

Twinkl have also released some  VE day resources and these are listed below –

VE Day





Mr Brooks.


Our first lesson for Monday on literacy is a comprehension one using extracts from the Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. You can send your answers via handwritten pictures or by adding the notes. It is accessed via the BBC Bitesize link below. Alternatively, please continue with the Alien written work from booklet last week. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z7rrcqt

Maths lessons are attached below. Literacy is a 2 week unit- I have posted it on Seesaw and below.  Looking forward to a successful Zoom chat- and hope everyone has a good week.

Maths- videos on White Rose Maths home learning.

Y4-Lesson-1-Answers-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-2019 Y4-Lesson-1-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-2019 Y4-Lesson-2-Answers-Multiply-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019 Y4-Lesson-2-Multiply-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019 Y4-Lesson-3-Answers-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2-2019 Y4-Lesson-3-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2-2019 Y4-Lesson-4-Answers-Divide-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019 Y4-Lesson-4-Divide-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019


The Present 7-9 – Lesson Planning The Present 7-9 – Teaching Resources The Present 7-9 – Unit Overview

Mr Brooks.


Some ideas for stay at home PE here. Please let me know what you get up to or post some pictures.

Year 3- 6 Stay at Home Programme Brochure Week 3 (1)

Some ideas for stay at home PE here. Please let me know what you get up to or post some pictures.


STEM activities

Some ideas for science activities can be accessed via this booklet here:


Several fun quizzes are available to play (children have seen in class) if you download the game Kahoot- I have set these as challenges each week. Who can get the high score?


On Line Safety – Game PIN 02153558


French- Game PIN: 06262836


Rivers- Game PIN: 03169470


Egypt- Game PIN: 035228


Extra tasks are now available on Mathletics, with those set on the problem solving and fractions sections (5 activities in all) and I will also be adding further activities onto Purple Mash, SPAG.Com and Education City today. Also, keep your eyes peeled for extra topic work via Seesaw.


I have now set up a link to a reading journal with a catalogue of books free to read until the end of June called Epic for kids. It is also available via an app. Please use the link I have emailed to you this morning. You can choose your own books to read for fun and create a reading log. It will tell me how long and what you have been reading, and is free. As I have only just seen this app this weekend, it may take me time to set tasks on it etc, but please log in to it, and enjoy reading, experiment with the site and please give me your feedback. Of course, there may be books at home that your child would rather read- equally that is fine.


Maths- here are the attached lessons for this week (already emailed and put on Seesaw)

lesson 1 lesson 2 lesson 3 lesson 4

Link to videos are here too:



Please see Mrs Coulston’s ‘Lockdown artwork’ PowerPoint

Lockdown Artwork 2020


Please see the second week of ‘Talk for Writing’ attached.

Talk for Writing Week 2

Thanks for the excellent work submitted last week and to all parents for their wonderful help with home schooling.

Some of the work submitted via Seesaw this week- sorry, the video and audio files were too large to download onto here.


It was lovely to see some of the pictures and work based on St George’s day yesterday.

Also attached is some maths work today. I also look forward to the end result of some of the writing this week.

Y4 Arithmetic for today


Happy St George’s Day everyone! Can you tell me who St George is, his story, and why we celebrate it. Post your responses via Seesaw.

Maths links for this week:

Lesson-1-Y4-Summer-Block-1-ANS1-Make-a-whole-2020 Lesson-1-Y4-Summer-Block-1-WO1-Make-a-whole-2020 Lesson-2-Y4-Summer-Block-1-ANS2-Write-decimals-2020 Lesson-2-Y4-Summer-Block-1-WO2-Write-decimals-2020 Lesson-3-Y4-Summer-Block-1-ANS3-Compare-decimals-2020 Lesson-3-Y4-Summer-Block-1-WO3-Compare-decimals-2020 (1) Lesson-3-Y4-Summer-Block-1-WO3-Compare-decimals-2020 Lesson-4-Y4-Summer-Block-1-ANS4-Order-decimals-2020 Lesson-4-Y4-Summer-Block-1-WO4-Order-decimals-2020

Literacy link  Y4-Unit talk for writing


I hope if you have checked into Seesaw you have seen my short nature video. I would love you to try and upload any pictures, artwork or videos you have whilst in your garden or on your daily walk of any wonderful plants or animals you may encounter.


Today, I have challenged Year 6 to another times table battle on TT Rockstars between 1 and 2 pm. Come on Year 4- we managed to win the battle last time- can we do it again?


Here is a BBC Bitesize link to a music lesson involving singing for those would like to try.


Also, there are the clarinet lessons uploaded by Mrs Maddocks on Charanga- I would love to hear some of you playing them!


Our science topic for this term is linked to teeth and the digestive system. Links, tasks and activities have already been set up via Purple Mash and Seesaw. There are also games and activities available on this topic via Education City.

The BBC Bitesize webpages have been extensively reviewed during school closure- the link for the digestive system is https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z27kng8


Hi everyone,
As well as the work set, there is a good website with links to explore the world at your fingertips…. Here’s a comprehensive list of virtual tours you can take with your children, adventure all over the world from the confines of your own home. A fantastic resource to have whilst we push our way through the current pandemic. A wealth of travel, geographical and historical knowledge to incorporate into your days…..

Free Virtual Tours of World Museums, Educational Sites & Galleries For Children

The list includes British Museum, NASA and many more. I will be posting further links to art, computing and science later today. Please keep checking into Purple Mash, Mathletics and SPAG.Com for work set there.

Also, LPDS TV has been devised for teachers, parents and children, offering short and simple tips, games and activities to keep children engaged with home learning with some fun ideas. Some of the people featured have visited our school working for Lancs Education Authority and have worked with us. Each episode lasts around 10 minutes and will be available for free on the Learning Excellence YouTube channel and Facebook page on a weekly basis. Episode one went live at 9.30am on Monday 20th April and  featured ‘Super Sentences’ , ‘Maths Magic’ , ‘History around the home’ and ‘Quiz Time’ : https://youtu.be/1-5Al-8pEBQ


RE for this week:
New topic- are all churches and places of worship the same?

Lesson 1
To begin with can you create a PowerPoint (or similar presentation as PowerPoint doesn’t upload to Seesaw) of around ten pictures of different places of worship worldwide from Christianity and other world faiths. (If possible make can you also record which country the place of worship is in.)
Spend time sharing the pictures and discovering the similarities and differences within and between the places of worship.

If you choose PowerPoint- then you can e mail it to me at t.brooks@grimsargh-st-michaels.lancs.sch.uk


There are some fantastic ideas for artwork on the National Gallery, many with learning resources and plans
My 2 favourites are JMW Turner painting ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ and Constable’s ‘The Haywain’
It would be lovely to see if anyone could create a painting, drawing or collage of one of the paintings if they have the resources. Alternatively, give me your description of what you thing the paintings are about, and what the artist is trying to ‘tell us’.

Alternatively, for those of you who like more modern art, and would like to create a piece of digital art to link with the computing curriculum, David Hockney’s ‘A bigger splash’ is an excellent piece- see link below via the Tate. Power Point on Hockney available by Twinkl.



Some ideas for PE are linked here

https://lancashireschoolgames.co.uk/year-3-6-spar-lancashire-school-games-activity-timetable/ (links to PE ideas)


I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break. As we continue with our home learning in a new Summer Term at this strange time, I will be uploading work to the class web-page at the beginning of each week for you to work through. I will also continue to set activities via Seesaw (Maths and Literacy on this morning) and use online websites (e.g.TTRockstars).

Please continue to use websites you have access to: Mathletics, Education City, Purple Mash, SPAG.com and Read Theory. There will also be topic work emailed and placed on Seesaw.  Also any art activities, baking, cooking, daily diary writing, music and exercise etc. are all great ideas to boost home learning.

During this unprecedented period I am finding it tricky to assess whether I am setting enough work or not! I feel there is plenty to do but please let me know if this is not the case and require extra. I would rather you have lots to choose from than not enough. Likewise, if you (parents and carers) feel confident in leading your own home learning rather than my resources that is fine, and I know some people have done that already. The main thing to remember is everybody’s situation and circumstances are different, so it important that we do what we can and what works for you as a family.  The literacy work  is  structured over a week which will work well for some but others may find this overwhelming, and if some days things just don’t get done then don’t worry.

Please keep checking on Seesaw for extra interactive activities challenges such as TT Rockstars battles, Education City Play Live and Kahoot challenges (can’t do live quizzes unfortunately yet!)

Finally some extra links: https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/ link to daily audiobook at 11am http://blackburn-diocesan-board-of-education.castos.com/ bible podlets https://www.themathsfactor.com/ maths

Of course there is the ever popular Joe Wicks PE also and look out for my videos on Seesaw!


Please see the blank map of Europe (attached sheet), can you label as many of the countries on the map without an atlas/Google Earth etc and then use help if required. Feedback and complete the large map with the answers. If you can provide extra information about each country (capital city etc) this would be a bonus.


Other Geography activities are now on Seesaw.


Please see French video (on Seesaw) quiz and activities for this week.




I will be posting new work here on Monday morning and also will be emailing and putting it on Seesaw.
An interesting link is here to BBC Bitesize, who will be placing daily lessons on this page

In the meantime, keep going with Purple Mash, Mathletics and SPAG.com if you wish to keep busy over Easter- but as we have said previously- this is optional.


Hi- I have received a couple of these time capsule documents and think they are great. In view of this, I am downloading one if anyone would like to use it for some extra work over the holiday period. Also, Easter Egg colouring and football kit colouring. There is also the work available via Mathletics, SPAG.Com, Purple Mash and allocated on Seesaw should you so wish- however, please don’t feel under any pressure to complete any over the next 2 weeks.

Easter egg mindfulness colouring

PNE kit colouring

COVID Time Capsule

Please see the superb video produced by Reception and Y1 about making Easter bonnets- please post your pictures on here or email to me! Link here https://we.tl/t-123qwPGj06

Link to canal and river trust pages- lots of information and activities involving canals and rivers.



Hi everyone,

Firstly, can I thank everybody for their incredible efforts in helping the children with home learning and all the different on line tasks set on here, and on Seesaw. It is much appreciated at this difficult time.

I will be attaching some optional work over the Easter holiday period via Seesaw and by email, in addition to the work already set. I will also be sending an individual message to you/your child over the next day or two (via Seesaw), so please listen out for it.  Whilst I will still be staying in touch by checking the work completed, (and obviously not going out!) I am mindful that this is ordinarily the Easter break, and I am sure that your child would appreciate a rest from any pressures of school work.

Please feel free to continue to post any optional/extra work to me in addition to any work completed that has already been set. However, my responses via email/Seesaw may not be as quick or regular during the next 2 weeks, although I will reply to all work sent in due course. Also, I will be continuing to post videos over the next 2 weeks, though again, more infrequently.

Can you let me know if there are any ways we can attempt to improve the home learning experience for your child, as it is obviously a new experience for all, and one which we had little time to prepare for.

Finally, can I say from the bottom of my heart that I have missed seeing and teaching the class very much and most importantly that all children and families stay safe.

Thank you,

Mr Brooks.



Please check out our Seesaw page for various links and activities. Today our French work has been added to this- it has also been emailed out to parents. Can I also take this opportunity to thank all parents for their efforts.  Keep up all the hard work you are doing with your children, thank you again- and keep safe.


It has been a busy week for children working at home this week, a slide show featuring some of the work is listed below. I have also had many videos which I can’t upload onto here!

Friday 27th March

Please see spellings that would have been issued for this week below:











Link to Year 3/4 word list below:


Today  Chester Zoo are holding a Virtual Zoo day here – https://www.chesterzoo.org/ where you can become a zoo keeper for the day! Choose your favourite animal and research some interesting facts about them – you could even make a non-fiction booklet about the animal.

Dear Parents,

We have sent home a letter and learning pack for your child to use in the event of school being closed. The children brought the pack home Wednesday evening (18th Mar). It contains maths and literacy activities designed to last until after the Easter break. Topic resources will be added shortly via this website (and Seesaw), children’s replies can be e mailed to me, or sent via the Seesaw app platform. If Seesaw is used, I will be able to see replies and reply to children accordingly.  Feel free to contact me by e-mail (t.brooks@grimsargh-st-michaels.lancs.sch.uk) if you have any questions or queries.

Thank you for taking time to support your son/daughter with reading and homework tasks. It is always lovely to read the positive comments.

In a time like this, we would like children to have as much normality as possible in the circumstances. Therefore, I would love the children to send any queries or messages to me via Seesaw (they can also send videos) and I will reply to them in reasonable time during the day. I would love any photos or videos of them doing the things they like, pictures of pets etc, as well as work!

Remember to look on the Mathletics/TTRockstars, Purple Mash, SPAG.com and  Education City websites for activities to reinforce learning. Children can improve their mental arithmetic by playing games against other children in class on Mathletics or Education City.

Through Times Tables Rock Stars, you can also access Numbots (look at the bottom left of the page when you are signed in to TTRS, or use your TTRS login details if you follow the Numbots link above). This focuses on addition and subtraction, and you unlock challenges as you progress.
For those children who have an IDL login for maths and/or English, please use this on a regular basis – at least three times a week.
Useful websites
Lots of resources are available to help us to learn at home. Here are some links you and your parents may find useful:
The Maths Factor, maths sessions by Carol Vorderman
Joe Wicks, The Body Coach – daily PE lesson 9am-9.30am
Bible Podlets by Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education
David Walliams’ Elevenses, releasing a free audiobook at 11am every day
Oxford Owl reading, English and maths activities
Collins – free Big Cat e-books and supporting worksheets
BBC Bitesize – daily home learning content throughout April

This website page will be updated frequently as and when required, so keep your eyes peeled and checking!

Update 26th March-

RE work now added as below- SPAG.com, Mathletics, Purple Mash and TT RockStars activities have been assigned and will be added to regularly throughout the period of closure. Any queries regarding log ins, please contact me by email or through Seesaw app.

Best Wishes,

Mr Brooks.

Further home learning update during school closure- see below posted 24th March

Learning Plan Y4

Please see our RE work prior to Easter listed below.

RE work prior to Easter break


Year-4-Newsletter Spring 2020

Dig Deep- Topic Web

Homework given out: Friday
Homework due date: Wednesday

Spelling Test: Tuesday

Clarinet: Wednesday
Surgery Night: Wednesday
PE:  Wednesdays and Thursadys, though can be flexible if outside.

Year-4-2019 -meet-the-teacher

Grammar Definitions
The link below is a glossary of all the grammar terminology the children will come across throughout school.


Year-4-long termplan-2019 20

For links to our music curriculum and the clarinet exercises link to Charanga.  https://charanga.com/site/   

Spelling 28 Feb

Spelling 13 Mar