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Spring 2020 ‘Dig Deep’

Hello Year 6,

Here you will find lots of things to do while you are learning from home. If your parents need to contact me they can email me at l.cross@grimsargh-st-michaels.lancs.sch.uk

Also if you would like to show me any of the work you have done or send me a message you can contact me via Seesaw.

Miss Cross 🙂

Learning plan

The Shakespeare Schools Foundation have released some resources/games that you can access via the link below:


A song for you to learn while you are learning from home:

Kids at home


Here is a mathematics booklet with lots of fun activities if you need any extra maths work to do:

Year 6 Spring-Themed Maths Activity Booklet

Year 6 Spring-Themed Maths Activity Booklet – Answers



Describe the village using senses (remember to show not tell).
Create a commentary for the fly through.
Choose a building and decide who lives there. Describe that character in detail.
Write a story about a Viking character.

Home-Learning-Resource Shakespeare


This film is a perfect lesson in building tension, the narrator uses pauses and varies the speed at which he speaks in order to build the tension.

Create freeze frames from throughout the story and before watching ask children to piece together what has happened.

Use the line ‘I did knock first’ as inspiration to create own ghost stories.

Children can write a prequel set in the same environment but with their own plot.

Create a sequel – what happened to Francis Bradywine?

Newspaper stories of the event, children create a journalistic report describing the strange events and Francis Brandywine’s disappearance, including local experts and witnesses.

Children can create mysterious openings for similar stories.

It may be a creative activity to create Francis’s diary/journal telling the story through doodles and extracts.


Practise writing speech using inverted commas and other punctuation between Elliot and his father.

If you could take an animal home from the zoo which animal would you choose? Explain why and how you would spend the day with the animal.

Write a poem about Elliot and his cool friend.

One of the reasons that Elliot likes the penguins at the aquarium is that they remind him of himself. Begin by discussing the similarities between Elliot and Magellan, searching both text and illustrations for as many as you can find.

Which animal remind you of yourself? Choose a  mammal, fish,
bird, reptile, amphibian or an invertebrate. Is it something about the way the animal looks—Red hair/fur? Friendly expression?—or something the animal does well—Swim? Climb? Jump? Write a paragraph explaining how you are similar to the animal you have chosen – you can include diagrams/pictures.

Reading Comprehensions: 

Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Non Fiction Reading Revision Mat

Poetry Reading Revision Mat

Science Project:

Science Project

Here are some extra links to curriculum activities:


Animal classification – worksheet

Animal Classification

Top-Trump-Template (make some animal top trump cards)

Why don’t you try:

Easter Egg Biscuit Recipe

Marking pages:

length area perimeter mark book

volume mark book

Check out our class newsletter and topic map for this term in Year 6.

Year 6 Newsletter Spring 2020

Dig Deep- Topic Web

Great websites to use at home:

Read Theory (reading)
Education City (maths and SPAG)
Times Tables Rockstars

Here is a link to the recommended reading list for Year 6:

Year 6 50 reads

Year 6 50 reads ticklist

Here is the link to reading questioning prompts:

Reading Questioning Prompts

Here is a link to the spelling lists – focus on learning year 5 and 6 spellings:



Miss Cross’s Group

1. suspicious
2. ambitious
3. fictitious
4. infectious
5. nutritious
6. passed
7. past
8. guessed
9. guest
10. practice
11. practise
12. marvellous
13. mischievous
14. muscle

Mrs Wilcock’s Group

  1. calm
  2. half
  3. autumn
  4. solemn
  5. gnome
  6. knight
  7. crumb
  8. gnarled
  9. knock
  10. island
  11. subtle
  12. column

Here you will find links to some useful year 6 information and documents:

Year 6 Newsletter Autumn 2019

Key Learning in Reading in Year 6

Key Learning in Mathematics – Year 6

Key Learning in Writing in Year 6

Assessment and Progression for Spelling 06.02.19

Year 6 curriculum evening 2019

Year-6-Long-term-topic-planning-grid 2019-20

(This long term plan will differ as we revamp our school curriculum this academic year)