Supporting materials

We are passionate about delivering a mastery curriculum across all subjects, which focus on quality rather than quantity, as this allows children the time needed to fully explore the big ideas and thus maximise their potential. Children learn through the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach which is enhanced through visits and visitors and by ensuring learning is authentic and taken outside of the classroom whenever deemed to be more effective.

We endeavour to stretch and challenge all children at all times, whether through the questions we pose or activities we provide. For some children, pre-teaching of big ideas and vocabulary is necessary before learning is challenged and extended. Children who do not grasp the big ideas and key learning receive same day intervention support to ensure they are ready for the next lesson.

Our curriculum is connected by 5 GOLDEN THREADS that weave throughout and across all subjects. Discrete subject specific knowledge and skills are taught with children’s vocabulary developed at every opportunity. Children are given the opportunity to revisit learning in different contexts which we believe is a key component in ensuring children retain knowledge. Effective repetition and a focus on the 3 subject specific BIG IDEAS further support our mastery approach. Research indicates that if we identify the BIG IDEAS (concepts) and teach children these, then they are likely to know more, remember more and be able to do more, over time.

Reading across the curriculum is of paramount importance. This is reflected in teaching and learning and on our working walls, all of which include subject specific key vocabulary. Children take part in a wide range of reading lessons on a regular basis. These include phonics, guided reading, 1:1 reading, reading support through Lancashire Reading Partners, independent reading for pleasure and listening to their class teacher read. Our aim is to create a reading culture in which all children make accelerated progress and develop into lifelong readers.