Spring 1 Epiphany


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As the children gathered for worship on Tuesday afternoon, they listened to an animated version a well known carol, ‘We Three Kings’ and they enjoyed listening to the story of the wise men visiting the baby Jesus. 
Then they talked about some of their favourite Christmas gifts and completed a quiz- matching gifts to people of diferent ages. After that, Mr Booth talked about his favourite gift. 
What is your favourite gift and why is it so special? 
Your favourite present might  not be the most expensive. It may be something you really wanted or a gift from a special person. 
Can your son/daughter tell you the story about the wise men visiting Jesus? 
Who else visited Jesus? 
How were the shepherds and the wise men different? 
The shepherds were poor and the wise men were rich. The shepherds came from the same country as Jesus and the wise men came from a different country. God wanted the wise men and the shepherds to see the baby Jesus. This shows us that God wants everyone to see Jesus. In God’s eyes, it doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor or what country we are from. 
Just as as the gifts that we talked about at the start of the assembly had a special meaning to the person who received them, so the wise men brought special gifts for Jesus. These gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gold is a gift fit for a king. It recognized that Jesus was a great king, the King of the world. Frankincense is a special kind of fragrance that was used by a priest. Myrrh is a sweet-smelling liquid and it was rubbed gently into the skin of someone who had died. This indicated that Jesus’ death would be important.
If you could offer a gift to the baby Jesus, what would you give to Him?
A prayer for Epiphany
Dear Lord,
thank you that you wanted both rich and poor to see baby Jesus.
Thank you that as we think about Epiphany,
we are reminded that every person is important to you.
Please help us to use all the gifts that you have given to us.
Thank you for all the good things that you give.
Picture News- Resilience
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During key stage worship, the children focused on this question: Should more of our learning take place outside?
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Much of our lives are spent inside. If you think about it, when we get in, we’re inside, when we are at school or work, most of the time we are inside, when we go home, we are inside too. One thing the Bible teaches us is that we learn more about ourselves and our relationship with God when we push ourselves. Throughout the Bible, we are taught to be resilient, to push on through. It’s like our emotions become electrified- think about a game of sport, like football and it great it is when your team wins and how disappointed you feel if they lose. Both emotions teach us a lot about ourselves. It is great to relax, but it is all about balance and getting outside is equally great. Outdoor learning can be memorable and teach you when it gets tough, to push on through.