Year 1 Gallery


St Michael’s Day- 29th September 2021

We celebrated St Michael’s Day by learning an angel dance and designing our own angel wings which are displayed in our classroom.

Diversity Day- 30th September 2021

Year 1 enjoyed an afternoon of workshops based on diversity in our families, school and our world.

Miss Smith talked to us in church about different places of worship in our world.





Christmas Photo Booth!

Year One have enjoyed taking snaps of each other in the Christmas Photo Booth this week…

Can you spot Mrs Coupe?

Behind the scenes of our Christmas Nativity

Year One looked fabulous and danced so well!

Merry Christmas!

Remembrance Day

Year One explored why we remember and why we wear poppies to remember the fallen. The children painted some beautiful poppies to display in the corridor and we explored poppies using shapes. 

Can you spot us all looking super in our red outfits?

Year One celebrate Bonfire Night!

The children collected different Autumnal leaves and made their own leafy bonfires on the playground. They even pretended the fire could warm their hands up and they all sat around the cosy fire together…

Celebrating the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot…

To end our Harvest unit we have learnt all about how Jewish families also celebrate Sukkot. The children have learnt about a key aspect of Sukkot; the Sukkahs which are built to remember the Jewish ancestors who travelled for 40 days and nights to escape Egypt. We have made our own Sukkah decorations of salt dough fruits to hang in one of the woodland dens to recreate a Sukkah.

Our Sukkah…

We love to read!

This week we began a 10 minute slot of quiet reading with calm music playing in the background. We all chose a favourite book and sat and read anywhere in the classroom. We then shared what we liked about our book with a friend. It was the perfect way to start our week in school 🙂 

Year One love Science!

Our wonderful Science experiments have seen us exploring our Science topic of animals in great detail this term. We have investigated why polar bears stay warm in their cold habitat, by testing how long we could keep our hands in ice water with a glove coated in lard to mimic the fat that a polar bear has.  This week we have been investigating animal poo to find out more about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores! Don’t worry, Mrs Coupe made a special mix for the children to safely dissect so no real animal poo was harmed in the making of this experiment!