Reception Class

Welcome to the Reception Class Page 2023-24! 


St Lawrence CE Primary School - Reception

Hello and welcome to Reception class 2023-2024! 

Thank you for visiting our Reception class page for Autumn 1. I hope you all had a lovely summer holidays and I’m really looking forward to seeing what this year holds! We’ve got an exciting and busy first half term ahead of settling into our routines and learning new things, please keep reading below to find out what exciting things we’ll be doing this half term…

Some important information: 

In Reception the teacher is myself, Miss Lemmings, and my wonderful teaching assistant, Miss Begbie. We will also have Miss Ashworth in class each day to support learning needs. On Tuesday mornings, Miss Smith will come in for the morning whilst I am out of class, planning our upcoming learning and activities! Miss Walwin-Holm is our Nurture lead and she will come in on some afternoons as extra support and to help the children with their learning and well-being! 

Our P.E. days this term are Tuesday’s and Friday’s now so please make sure to send your child into school in their full P.E. kit on these days 🙂 

Each Friday I send home a Reception class newsletter with the news and learning for our class specifically. Please check your bag on a Friday afternoon for this! Mr Booth also produces a whole school newsletter that gets sent on this day too for wider school information. 

Hopefully you have all got the hang of the “Seesaw” app. I use this app to send announcements to you all with any important information and reminders. I also sometimes use it to send you any news directly about your child through messaging. If you have any queries or messages however, please can I ask that you contact the school office who will send your questions to me and we will aim to solve any issues or answer any questions as soon as we can. 

And just a reminder that only water should be brought in water bottles to school, as this is our school policy. Thank you for your understanding!

Lastly, please check the Reception Class Gallery to see lots of photos of all the fun things we’ve been doing recently!

Thanks and I’m looking forward to a great first half term!

Miss Lemmings x


This half term: Autumn 1 Learning! 

This half term we will be looking at:

Maths: Counting skills, using their fingers to count and represent numbers, perceptually subitising dot and dice patterns within 3, comparing amounts using “more” and “fewer”, 1:1 correspondence when counting objects carefully, positional language, counting in order, repeating patterns. 

Phonics: We will do some Phase 1 work to help the children “tune in” to identifying sounds in the environment. We will then begin to start learning our Phase 2 phonics sounds and tricky words! Your child will come home with sound mats to start practicing at home. Your child will also begin to learn the skill of segmenting and blending – orally in words and then to read words! (Click on this link for a video of me reading the sounds from Phase 2 and 3 for you to practice at home!)

Literacy:  Handling books carefully, listening and engaging with story times, joining in with repeated refrains in stories, begin to read some individual letter sounds. We will also use key texts to help support our learning (The Colour Monster, The Colour Monster Goes to School, The Little Red Hen, The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza!)

Topic: All about me and my body, what makes me special, rules and routines in class, identifying our feelings (The Colour Monster), beginning to join in with stories and themed work surrounding the Little Red Hen story, acting out stories, making wrap pizzas, Autumn and seasonal changes, Autumn walk with our Year 5 buddies, celebrating and learning about Harvest, going on a trip to The Little Lancashire Village role play centre!

R.E & Worship: Developing friendships, knowing we are individual and special, giving and receiving for Harvest, Harvest worship in Church, visiting Church, thinking about who God is to us and how he is looking down on us to keep us safe, knowing we are part of God’s family and that we are all special, showing respect to others.

Understanding the World: Autumn and seasonal changes, Autumn welly walk with our Year 5 buddies to identify features of Autumn around school, parts of the body, members of our family, adjusting to school routine. 

Expressive Arts and Design: Self portraits, making pictures of me and my family, making patterns and mark making using different tools, exploring different creative tools, joining in with well-known nursery rhymes, expressing their bodies to different types of music, Harvest fruit printing.

P.E.: negotiating space safely, knowing why we need to be safe in the hall, moving our bodies in different ways, expressing our bodies to music, learning to use apparatus safely, practicing fundamental movement skills of hopping/jumping/running, developing fine motor skills to use different small tools such as pencils, paintbrushes, scissors, and tweezers.

P.S.E.D:  Identifying my emotions, making new friendships, problem solving, talking about my family and special people, talking about myself and likes/dislikes/hobbies, sharing news, developing confidence, showing an understanding for rules and routines.


What we will be learning throughout the year: 

Here is a useful guide on “What to Expect in Early Years” for parents! What-to-expect-in-the-EYFS-complete-FINAL-16.09-compressed

Reading resources for you to use at home! 🙂 Reading

Some useful links/sites/things to watch or play on at home that are super useful for the children, and fun!