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Summer School | Hillview School Tonbridge Kent UK

Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting our Reception class page for Summer Term 2. I hope you all had a lovely may half term in the sunshine! We’ve got another exciting and busy final half term ahead, keep reading below to find out what exciting things we’ll be doing this half term…

Some important information: 

In Reception the teacher is myself, Miss Lemmings, and my wonderful teaching assistant, Miss Begbie. Sadly, Miss Loughran will no longer be in Reception on Thursday mornings when I am out of class, but Miss Begbie will take care of the class and has some other exciting things planned for each Thursday for the rest of this school year! Mrs Lock will also still be around to help, as well as Miss Walwin-Holm who will come in on some afternoons as extra support and to help the children with their learning and well-being! 

Our P.E. days this term are Tuesday’s and Friday’s now so please make sure to send your child into school in their P.E. kit on these days 🙂 

Please can I ask that for this final term where it’s really warm and sunny, and they spend a lot of time outside, for you to send your child in with a sun hat, and apply suncream before school. They can bring more suncream to top it up at lunchtime if you wish, however we can only help them with spraying/squirting it out and not rubbing it in so please make sure they are able to do this independently. Thanks for your understanding!

Things have changed slightly with our reading in class:

We will listen to your child read every Monday 1:1 as normal before giving them a new reading book if we feel they are ready to move onto the next book (they are now coming home with 2x books on a Monday!), matched with their phonics level. So please make sure to send their reading books and school reading diary in their bags on Mondays, or daily if possible as sometimes this runs over to the next day or they may have an additional reading slot. Please sign their reading diaries when they have read at home too, this is really important so that we can gauge how much practice they have had to enable us to provide support if needed. Thank you! Now on Thursday’s, instead of them having an extra 1:1 read like they used to, they will now take part in guided reading sessions in small groups, at their phonics ability level. Each child will be heard read in their group (they will all have the same book in their group), they will look for clues from the books front cover, infer from the text, and start developing their confidence in comprehension skills and group reading skills ready for Year 1, through understanding what they have read and making predictions on what might happen next! On Thursday’s, we will sign in their diaries that they have taken part in guided reading. Library books will still be changed on Thursday’s as normal! 🙂 

And just a reminder that only water should be brought in water bottles to school, as this is our school policy. Thank you for your understanding!

If you have any queries, please contact the school office and we will aim to solve any issues or answer any questions as soon as we can. 

Lastly, please check the Reception Class Gallery to see lots of photos of all the fun things we’ve been doing recently!

Thanks and I’m looking forward to another great half term – our last one being in Reception! 🙂

Miss Lemmings x


This half term: Summer 1 Learning! 

This half term we will be looking at:

Maths: We will focus on: doubling numbers, odd and even numbers, halving and sharing, composition of numbers to 10 including 10, subitising groups of numbers, 1 more and 1 less, 3D shapes, and money! We will also consolidate all of our learning in Reception ready for Year 1! 

Phonics: We will spend the summer term consolidating all of our Phase 2 and 3 sounds that we have learnt throughout the year, practicing some of those more trickier digraphs and trigraphs, and we will increase our confidence in Phase 4 cluster sounds and polysyllabic words to read and write confidently, continuing to follow “Red Rose Letters and Sounds” phonics scheme. Each child now has their Phase 2 and 3 sound mats, along with phase 2, 3 and 4 tricky word mats, and Red Rose letter formation mats, to practice at home! Please also continue to check your child’s reading diaries for some weekly focus sounds or words that they are struggling with! 🙂 By the end of the year, we aim for the children to be able to read and write captions and short sentences. (Click on this link for a video of me reading the sounds from Phase 2 and 3 for you to practice at home!)

Literacy:  Now we have a good bank of sounds, we will have more opportunities now to write CVC words, captions and short sentences, using our phonics knowledge to sound out words and write them down, making sure we are using finger spaces and full stops when putting words together in a sentence. We will practice the skill of reading back what we have already written to work out what sounds we need next. We will also continue to think about letter names as well as their sounds, ready for Year 1.  Stories we will be focusing on this half term related to our topics are, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “The Gingerbread Man”, “The Three Little Pigs”, “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” and “Dinosaur’s Day Out”. We will be looking at the features of a traditional tale, as well as doing some different creative writing pieces for these texts, and lots of provision activities and investigations too related to the stories!

Topic: Our topic is traditional tales and summer for this last half term. We will be reading a lot of traditional tales in the coming weeks and doing lots of exciting activities related to these stories (mentioned above), including: role playing being in a fairytale castle, planting beanstalks, designing magic beans, baking and decorating gingerbread men and thinking about ingredients and instructions, designing and making houses for the three little pigs using different resources in class and using a large fan to see if they stay up, using instruments to mimic the Billy Goats’ feet over the trolls bridge, and much more! We will also role play being at the seaside/beach for our summer topic for the last couple of weeks. Finally, we will spend time thinking about transition into Year 1, visiting Miss T and our Year 1 classroom, thinking of all the ways we have grown this year and what we are looking forward to next year!

R.E & Worship: Our topic will be “Special Times” this half term – thinking about different times when we might celebrate or come together with family and friends, and how we might celebrate! Times like – weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, valentine’s day, anniversaries, new baby, new job, or new house! Or even… moving to a new class (Year 1!) 🙂 

Understanding the World: Some of our topic work above will help us with our Understanding the World learning such as baking, using materials to make houses for the three little pigs, and planting beanstalks (remembering what plants need to survive and the parts of a plant!). As well as this, we will be looking at the seasonal changes in summer, sun safety. being at the seaside/beach, summer holidays and different places to visit, and finally, what we have done this year in reception and what we are looking forward to in year 1 (past and present!). 

P.E.: We will finish our minibeast dance routine ready to show you all at the Grimsargh Summer Garden Party on Saturday 17th June! We will also practice our sport’s day races ahead of sport’s day! (Running races, egg and spoon, and an obstacle course too!) We will then enjoy some team games for the last few PE sessions before the holidays!

P.S.E.D (Coram Scarf): life cycles, growing and changing (animals and then ourselves growing up!), getting bigger, seasons, transition to year 1 – support and wellbeing. 


Information from the Curriculum meeting 04.01.23 for Spring term: Curriculum meeting 04.01.23

Information from the Curriculum meeting 05.09.22 forAutumn term: Curriculum meeting 05.09.22


What we will be learning throughout the year: 

Here is a useful guide on “What to Expect in Early Years” for parents! What-to-expect-in-the-EYFS-complete-FINAL-16.09-compressed

Reading resources for you to use at home! 🙂 Reading

Some useful links/sites/things to watch or play on at home that are super useful for the children, and fun!