Reception Class

Welcome to the Reception Class Page 2022-23! 


Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting our Reception class page for Spring 1. We had a super first term in Reception and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holidays! Keep reading below to find out what exciting things we’ll be learning about this half term…

Some important information: 

In Reception the teacher is myself, Miss Lemmings, and teaching assistant, Miss Begbie. Miss Loughran will be in each Thursday morning when I am out of class and she will be doing lots of exciting science activities with us throughout the year! There will also be Miss Walwin-Holm who will come in some afternoons as extra support and to help the children with their learning. 

Our P.E. days are Tuesday’s and Friday’s so please make sure to send your child into school in their P.E. kit on these days 🙂 

We will listen to your child read every Monday and Thursday before giving them a new reading book. So please make sure to send their reading books and school reading diary in their bags on these days, or daily if possible as sometimes this runs over to the next day or they may have an additional reading slot. Please sign their reading diaries when they have read at home too, this is really important so that we can gauge how much practice they have had to enable us to provide support if needed. Thank you!

And just a reminder that only water should be brought in water bottles to school, as this is our school policy. Thank you for your understanding!

If you have any queries, questions or concerns, then drop me a message on Seesaw and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Lastly, please check the Reception Class Gallery to see lots of photos of all the fun things we’ve been doing recently!

Thanks and I’m looking forward to another great half term 🙂

Miss Lemmings x


This half term: Spring 1 Learning! 

This half term we will be looking at:

Maths: (Over Spring 1 and 2): Recap parts and wholes of numbers, subitising and exploring patterns within 5 and greater than 5, one more and one less, verbal counting beyond 20, ordering numbers, composition of 5 and greater, representing quantities between 5 and 10, numbers within 10 represented as “5 and a bit”, ordering numbers, equal and unequal sets, doubles, counting pattern above 20, odds and evens, comparing numbers, composition of numbers within 10. 

Phonics: We will revise our Phase 2 learning from last term and then begin learning Phase 3 sounds, continuing to follow “Red Rose Letters and Sounds” phonics scheme. We will learn the new sounds and then apply our knowledge to reading and writing words and short captions. (Click here for a video of me reading the sounds from Phase 2 and 3 for you to practise at home!)

Literacy:  Now we have a good bank of sounds, we will have more opportunities now to write CVC words, captions and short sentences, using our phonics knowledge to sound out words and write them down, making sure we are using finger spaces and full stops when putting words together in a sentence. We will think about the stories “The Great Explorer”, “The Blue Penguin”, “How to Catch a Dragon” (Chinese New Year), “Welcome” (migration). We will be doing lots of activities surrounding these stories. 

Topic: We will start the half term with the topic of Winter, thinking about seasonal changes but also making our own hot chocolate and ordering and sequencing how we made it. We will move onto the story of “The Great Explorer” and pretend we are explorers in different regions of the world and what we might need if we were an explorer. We will then think about Arctic animals (and do a great science experiment!), think about the Arctic and Antarctic, then the story of “The Blue Penguin”, the topic of penguins, and then finally Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. Whilst we are thinking about different parts of the world, we will read the story of “Welcome” to think about migration and other areas of the world. A very busy half term of learning! 

R.E & Worship: We will begin our topic of “The Stories Jesus Heard” from the Old Testament. We will read and think about the meanings of the stories, “Noah’s Ark”, “Daniel and the Lions”, “Jonah and the Whale”, “Joseph’s Coat”, and “Moses in the Bulrushes”. We will use these stories to help us learn more about God, to question, to think, and to make connections. 

Understanding the World: Freezing and melting, the seasonal changes of winter, arctic animals and the blubber experiment, looking at maps, different countries of the world, Chinese new year, migration. 

P.E.: We will do the topics of “How to Catch a Star” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” from Lancashire PE Passport planning and develop our confidence in fundamental movement skills, making shapes with our bodies, moving around safely and in different ways, and using apparatus safely. 

P.S.E.D (Coram Scarf): We will think about people who keep us safe, keeping safe online, keeping ourselves safe and what is safe to go in our bodies, and being safe indoors and outdoors. 


Information from the Curriculum meeting 04.01.23 for this term: Curriculum meeting 04.01.23

Information from the Curriculum meeting 05.09.22 for this term: Curriculum meeting 05.09.22


What we will be learning throughout the year: 

Here is a useful guide on “What to Expect in Early Years” for parents! What-to-expect-in-the-EYFS-complete-FINAL-16.09-compressed

Reading resources for you to use at home! 🙂 Reading

Some useful links/sites/things to watch or play on at home that are super useful for the children, and fun!