Thursday 2nd April

Good Evening – wow it looks like everyone is working very hard this week! Have a look at some pictures of your work so far 🙂

Good Morning everyone! Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Thank you for your continued hard work this week – there are lots of fantastic things going on.

Today’s video link:

CBeebies link for Easter Let’s Celebrate:

Activity Ideas:

EYFS Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20 Home Learning Challenges


Tuesday 31st March

Hope you are all keeping well and safe. Thank you for all the lovely feedback on our videos and challenges and it is so amazing to see all the other games that you are playing at home.

Today’s video:

Phonics Play:

Tricky word lists: 

Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 (challenge)
the     no

to       go

I        into

he     me    you   are

she   be     they  my

we    was   all    her

said    do        there   out

have   come   little  what

like     some   one

so        were   when

The Easter Story: 

Monday 30th March

Good Evening – well you have all been EXTREMELY busy today, I have had lots and lots of amazing pictures showing what you have been getting up to at home. WOW! I hope you enjoy this slide show…

Good Morning everyone! I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I have sent emails to grown ups with everything you need for today:)

Our video link is:

I am looking forward to seeing your rhyming work. Look out for a “work” slideshow on here tonight 🙂

See you tomorrow!

Friday 27th March

Good Morning – thank you again for all the fantastic work you have been sending 🙂

Today’s link is:

Today’s Phonics Link:

Have a lovely day

Mrs Todd 🙂

Wednesday 25th March

Wow!! You have been SO busy today Reception – I have saved lots of examples of your work today. I am SO proud of all of you – I can see you are using your sound mats well and trying hard to write on the line. Have a look at the pictures below and enjoy all the achievements from the past few days.

This is the link to the Phonics video:

As always, any questions of examples of work please send them to my school email 🙂

Monday 23rd March

Thank you for trying out our challenges today! I’m sure there are many more of you that created amazing houses for the Three Little pigs. Here are some examples that I have been sent – and well done to all those who tidied their bedroom floor!


Good Afternoon Reception – I am just trialling my updates for the website and thought I’d share this amazing writing Elijah completed at home whilst he couldn’t be at school. Fab work Elijah 🙂

Autumn so far…

So far this half term we have been thinking about ourselves, discussing our families and learning how to create fantastic portraits – both in pencil and paint! We have been getting to know our environment and enjoying the provision available – our favourite areas at the moment are the mud kitchen and building site. Mrs Todd set up a cafe outside and we have been using it to take orders and serve customers. We have been working on our mark making and making our hands strong ready for writing – we love our message centre and writing area! In Maths we have concentrated on the numbers 1-5 and have started to sort objects. We have also read the Little Red Hen and enjoyed activities based on it. 


A huge welcome to the new Reception class for the years 2019/2020. We can’t wait to greet you at the door and follow your learning journeys! We hope you have all had a fantastic summer and feel ready to join us at Grimsargh St Michael’s Primary. 

We are going to start our new year by thinking about ourselves and our families. We will look at what makes us special and learn all about our school environment. Also, we are going to start thinking about Harvest! I wonder if you can look around your local area and what might be happening in farms and to our trees and plants. 

Parents, below is our Long Term Plan for 2019/2020 – this is a brief outline of our learning and may change as the year goes on.

We will see you very soon – Mrs Todd, Miss Begbie and Mr Fletcher 🙂  

EYFS Long Term Plan 2019