Year 5 W/C 8.02.2021

Home Learning

Below you will find the home learning for each week. Please upload photos or attachments of your completed work on to Seesaw each day so I can see all the amazing work you are doing and give you feedback. Videos will be uploaded linking to the English and Wider Curriculum throughout the week. Remember you can play games and activities on Mathletics, Education City, SPAG, Purple Mash and Times tables Rockstars.


Lesson 1- Mon

Maths Monday

Maths Monday Answers

Lesson 2- Tues

Maths Tuesday

Maths Tuesday Answers

Lesson 3- Wed

Maths Wednesday

Maths Wednesday Answers

Lesson 4- Thurs

Maths Thursday

Maths Thursday Answers

Lesson 5- Fri

Maths Friday

Maths Friday Answers


Lesson 1- Mon

English Powerpoint Monday 8.02.2021

Monday Chosen Photographs

Lesson 2- Tues

English Powerpoint Tuesday 9.02.2021

Tuesday Chosen Photographs

Lesson 3- Wed

Topic ideas for Science Fiction Haiku Poem

Haiku Template

Haiku Template 2

English Powerpoint Wednesday 10.02.2021

Lesson 4- Thurs & Fri

English Powerpoint Thursday-Friday 11-12.02.2021

Haiku Poems Examples

Haiku Template

Extra Curricular

Lesson 1- Mon (RE)

R.E Monday 8th February 2021

Lesson 2- Tues (Science)

Presentation Geocentric Versus Heliocentric

Space End of Unit Test

Earth and Space Word Search

Lesson 3- Wed (French)

French End of Unit

Lesson 4- Thurs (Computing)

Computing- Thursday 11.2.2021

Lesson 5- Fri (Art/Design, Fun Day) 

Art/Design- Parish message Year 5

Fun Day Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Word Hunt

Shrove Tuesday Mosaic Activities

Shrove Tuesday Maths Mystery Activity