Year 6 W/B 18.1.2021




Timetable we will be following in school this week if you would like to do the same at home: Timetable week 3

Daily timestables booklet: 1 minute per session
Full Programme – 5 sessions_week – questions (optional but recommended)

Daily maths starters: Year-6-Spring-Block-1-FB4-1
(The answers will show until you play the presentation)

Remember to watch the video before you complete the activities.

Lesson 1

Multiply-decimals-by-integers lesson 1

Lesson 2

Divide-decimals-by-integers lesson 2

Lesson 3

Division-to-solve-problems lesson 3

Lesson 4

Decimals-as-fractions lesson 4

Lesson 5

Extension Tasks: Yr-6-Spring-Block-1-Decimals

Answers if you would like to mark at home: 
Multiply-decimals-by-integers answers
Divide-decimals-by-integers answers
Division-to-solve-problems answers
Decimals-as-fractions answers


Spelling Activity: Use the Oxford Owl login (sent on Seesaw), go to Read Write Inc Spelling, search year 6 and activity ‘Swap, Double or Drop?’. Complete this spelling activity.

We are going to write a biography about your chosen scientist using the research we gathered last week. Watch the video for each lesson and we will write a couple of paragraphs each day, this can be hand written or typed on the computer. Send me your final written piece once you have finished. 

Lesson 1(Mon): video lesson link:

self assessment biography

Lesson 2 (Tues): 

Lesson 3 (Wed): 

Lesson 4 (Thurs): 

Lesson 5 (Fri): Reading Comprehension t2-e-5036-michael-morpurgo-reading-comprehension-activity_ver_1

Wider Curriculum 

History: video lesson link:

(word)KWL grid vikings

(pdf)KWL grid Vikings

Presentation so you can use the same links: The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons presentation

French: Fr_sporting_opinions
Use slide 7 to write sentences about your opinions on the sports.
Use this PowerPoint to understand the vocabulary.


ICT: Internet Safety. 
Log in to purplemash, I have set the activity ‘eSafety Poster’ as a 2Do. 
Click ‘computing’, scroll down to ‘Online Safety’ – you can explore any of these online safety games/page to help you to create your poster.
These website links will also help you with your poster:

RE: To be added on Wednesday 

Art and Design: To be added on Thursday

Class Worship: Read and discuss: Picture News at Home – 18th January
Home resource 1 Clapping (activities to complete)
Home resource 2 clapping maths
Picture News Jigsaw Piece Template
Learning from home Ideas – 18th January

PE: PL Champions – Season1 KS2