Year 6 W/B 18.1.2021




Timetable we will be following in school this week if you would like to do the same at home: Timetable week 3

Daily timestables booklet: 1 minute per session
Full Programme – 5 sessions_week – questions (optional but recommended)

Daily maths starters: Year-6-Spring-Block-1-FB4-1
(The answers will show until you play the presentation)

Remember to watch the video before you complete the activities.

Lesson 1

Multiply-decimals-by-integers lesson 1
You can use short multiplication for these questions. 

Lesson 2

Divide-decimals-by-integers lesson 2

Lesson 3

Division-to-solve-problems lesson 3

Lesson 4

Decimals-as-fractions lesson 4

Lesson 5

Extension Tasks: Yr-6-Spring-Block-1-Decimals

Answers if you would like to mark at home: 
Multiply-decimals-by-integers answers
Divide-decimals-by-integers answers
Division-to-solve-problems answers
Decimals-as-fractions answers


Spelling Activity: Use the Oxford Owl login (sent on Seesaw), go to Read Write Inc Spelling, search year 6 and activity ‘Swap, Double or Drop?’. Complete this spelling activity.

We are going to write an independent biography about your chosen scientist using the research we gathered last week. Watch the video for each lesson and we will write a couple of paragraphs each day, this can be hand written or typed on the computer. Send me your final written piece once you have finished. 

Lesson 1(Mon): video lesson link:

self assessment biography

Lesson 2 (Tues): video lesson link:

Lesson 3 (Wed): video lesson link:

Lesson 4 (Thurs): video lesson link:

Lesson 5 (Fri): Reading Comprehension t2-e-5036-michael-morpurgo-reading-comprehension-activity_ver_1

Extension Tasks when you have finished your writing:

Wider Curriculum 

History (Mon): video lesson link:

(word)KWL grid vikings

(pdf)KWL grid Vikings

Presentation so you can use the same links: The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons presentation

French (Tues): Fr_sporting_opinions
Use slide 7 to write sentences about your opinions on the sports.
Use this PowerPoint to understand the vocabulary.



RE (Wed): You will need to have completed the last two weeks’ work.
Holy Communion 6.3 (3)

Art and Design (Thurs): Viking figurehead year 6

ICT (Fri): Internet Safety. 
Log in to purplemash, I have set the activity ‘eSafety Poster’ as a 2Do. 
Click ‘computing’, scroll down to ‘Online Safety’ – you can explore any of these online safety games/page to help you to create your poster.
These website links will also help you with your poster:

Class Worship: video link:

Read and discuss: Picture News at Home – 18th January

Home resource 1 Clapping (activities to complete)
Home resource 2 clapping maths
Picture News Jigsaw Piece Template
Learning from home Ideas – 18th January

PE: PL Champions – Season1 KS2