Year 6 October Lockdown 2020

Autumn Term 2020 2 week lockdown work 

Mathematics Please watch these video clips before completing the worksheets: (Lesson 1) (Lesson 2) (Lesson 3) (Lesson 4)


Lesson 1 Common-factors mon
Lesson 2 Common-multiples tues
Lesson 3 Primes-to-100 wed
Lesson 4 Square-and-cube-numbers thurs


English Lesson 1 reading comprehension: Plastic Pollution


Lesson 2 punctuation: Apostrophes for contractions revision
Watch the video and complete the quiz.


Lesson 3: watch the synonyms and antonyms video

Then watch the ‘Crab Phare’ video

Create lists of synonyms and antonyms for ‘big’.
Question: Who is the real monster of the story? How and why?

Lesson 4: Re-watch the ‘Crab Phare’ video

The huge creature is not the monster of the story: it is the humans. The message of this story is one about the effect that humans have on the natural world.  A powerful message told stylishly with a touch of humour.

Task: Create a persuasive piece asking humans to leave the crab alone. For example this could be a persuasive letter, a poem, a song, a tv/radio poster/leaflet advertisement… it is up to you!

Lesson 5:
Complete the spag test.

Wider Curriculum Bake Off


Art: Lockdown Advertisement Posters

RE: Life as a Journey dive deeper
(I will add a video to Seesaw to help with this)

STEM Activity: rocket_mice

Have a go at this STEM activity.
Questions to think about and discuss: Why does the mouse move? How can you make the mouse fly further? Does the size of the bottle effect the distance the mouse can fly?

This activity will teach you the word ‘pumpkin’ in French and revise counting.
Complete the pumpkin pages booklet by following the instructions on the first page.

This feelings presentation will help you complete the pumpkin pages booklet.


Week 1

Mathematics Please watch these video clips before completing the worksheets: (Lesson 1) (Lesson 2) (Lesson 3) (Lesson 4)

Lesson 1 Divide-4-digits-by-1-digit
Lesson 2 Divide-with-remainders
Lesson 3 Division-using-factors-
Lesson 4 Short-division-


English Lesson 1: William Shakespeare Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


Lesson 2: Grammar (subject and object)
Read through this presentation and then complete one of the worksheets below  T2-E-763-Identifying-the-Subject-and-Object-of-a-Sentence-Lesson

Identifying the Subject and Object of a Sentence – Harder
Identifying the Subject and Object of a Sentence – Easier
Identifying the Subject and Object of a Sentence – Medium

Lesson 3 and 4: Watch the short film ‘The Wishgranter’ using the link below.

Retell the story from one of the character’s points of view:

  • The Wishgranter
  • The Money wisher
  • Either of the love wishers

Check out the success criteria below to see what you should try and include in your writing to really impress me.
self assessment The Wishgranter

Wider Curriculum Science
These activities will reinforce the work we have done in class on our topic of ‘How Light Travels’. Choose at least one activity but you can do more than one if you like! You will need some simple resources so choose an activity that has resources you already have access to at home.
scienceworld Disorientation Maze


scienceworld Indoor Rainbows

Activity Sheet Making a Periscope
Periscope Template

RE: Life as  Journey
Super Christian

Have a go at saying these phrases, match them up and add times for each question.
Daily Routines match Up
New_language_with_audio (This will help with pronunciation and understanding the phrases)

Lockdown self-portraits Year 6 (Art lesson from Mrs Coulston)