Reception Home Learning W/B 11/01/21

Hello Reception!

Thank you for all of your support for our first week of online learning. I have loved seeing all of your work on Seasaw, please keep uploading things onto there! Please find below the link to our KS1 live worship on Monday morning, and the home learning for next week. I will still be uploading my daily videos to Seasaw too.

Keep smiling, Miss L 🙂

Zoom Links

Due to safety, I have sent the zoom links for Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, along with meeting ID’s and passwords via an announcement on Seasaw.

Home learning 11.01.20 – 15.01.20 



Hi Reception, please follow the link below for your phonics session for today –




This is the link to the blending clip to practice again – 



We now have access to Oxford Owl online reading books so you can keep reading lots at home! Please see Seasaw announcement for login details 🙂

You can also read some phonics comics on:

Keep practicing your phonics sounds and tricky words!

Phase 2 sounds: t-l-015-phase-2-sound-mat-_ver_7

Phase 3 sounds: t-l-016-phase-3-phonics-sound-mat-letters-and-sounds_ver_9

Phase 2 tricky word stars: t-l-4765-phase-2-coloured-tricky-words-on-stars-_ver_2

Phase 3 tricky words: t-l-4218-phase-3-tricky-words-word-mat_ver_2

Try using these pictures and rhymes to form your letters, as well as the name writing resources I sent home to you. Letter-formation-chart


Monday: Missing numbers sequencing: Can you fill in the missing gaps? Missing-number-sequencing 2

Tuesday: Roll the dice, how many ways can you represent that number? Can you then work out one more and one less? Use the number line to help you: Roll the dice

Wednesday: Watch this video, and then complete the activity below.

Alive in 5, video 1:

One less song activity: PDF-Alive-in-5-Week-1-Session-1

Thursday: Alive in 5, video 3:

Using the number 5 physical activity: PDF-Alive-in-5-Week-1-Session-3

Friday: Alive in 5, video 4:

Comparison game: PDF-Alive-in-5-Week-1-Session-4


This week we are looking at the text “The Great Explorer” which we will read a few times and do activities related to this. I will upload a video of this!

Monday: Listen to and follow along with the story on this link. Think about our character Tom, how do you think he would feel when we found out his Dad was lost? Did you notice any of our arctic animals in the story?

Tuesday: Listen to the story again. (I will upload a video too). Tom travelled to the North Pole in different ways, can you remember how? How do you think Tom was feeling when he finally found his Dad? We will be making hot air balloons like the one Tom travels in, using paper plates, paper cups and string like these examples here: Hot Air Balloons

Wednesday: On Wednesday’s live zoom I will discuss this activity: “If you were an explorer, where would you go?”, we will talk about where we would go to if we were an explorer, and do some writing for our display: Explorers

Thursday: We will look at the Northern Lights and where we they are seen. We will be creating pictures of the Northern Lights, like this example here: Northern Lights

Friday: Can you re-tell the story of the Great Explorer to an adult, remembering the main events?

Topic – Polar lands/Winter

One of our writing goals for this term is to create captions and labels using our phonics sounds. This objective features in a few of our activities this week.

Monday: Can you use your phonics to try and write initial and end sounds for the Arctic animals? Chilli challenge: try and guess how to write some middle sounds. polar animals labelling

Tuesday: Can you order the pictures of how we made hot chocolate? Can you write a caption for them? e.g. “G-e-t a c-u-p”. Find the pictures and an ordering sheet: hot choc doc and hot choc pics

Wednesday: Can you design an outfit for going outside in Winter to keep warm? Draw your own or use these to cut out and stick. t-tp-2660662-winter-clothes-cutting-skills-activity_ver_1

Thursday: I have some pictures of winter clothing. Can you use your phonics to sound out the clothes and label next to them? For example, h-a-t, hat! winter clothes labelling

Friday: Winter themed say it and write it: t-e-2551545-winter-themed-phase-2-say-it-join-it-write-it-activity_ver_5

We made some “Snowdough” in class last week, here is the recipe if you want to make some at home! We used it to make snow men, penguins, and put it in ice cube trays of different shapes.


Here are some ideas for you to keep active whist at home! PL Champions – Season 1 KS1

See last weeks home learning folder for links to Joe Wicks Youtube and Cosmic Yoga to keep your bodies moving.

Have a great week 🙂 remember to upload anything to Seasaw.

Miss L x