Year 6 W/B 4.1.2012


Mathematics: Please remember to watch the video clip before completing the worksheet.


Daily maths starters: Year-6-Spring-Block-1-FB4-1
(The answers will show until you play the presentation)

Lesson 1 (Wed):                                           


Lesson 2 (Thurs):


Lesson 3 (Fri):


Marking sheets: Please only check and mark once you have finished the sheet.


English Lesson 1 (Wed):

Please watch the instruction video on Seesaw (posted at 9am on Wednesday)
Read this biography – Y6 Information Text Tom Daley
Use this sheet to help you identify the key features of a biography Features-of-a-Biography-Word-Mat
Box up and label these on the biography about Tom Daley.


Lesson 2 (Thurs):
Using a colon to introduce a list warm up –

Please watch the instruction video on Seesaw (posted at 9am on Thursday)
Can you create a writers toolkit for a biography?
Read this biography – Roald Dahl Fact File
Create a timeline for Roald Dahl that includes significant events.

Lesson 3 (Friday): Please complete your Shakespeare research if you have not done so already so it is ready for us to use next week.

If you have completed your research here is the grammar activity: Using a Colon to Introduce a List Presentation

T2-E-430-When-to-Use-a-Colon-to-Introduce-a-List-SPaG-Punctuation-Powerpoint-Quiz (1)

colon for list

Wider Curriculum Research project:Shakespeare research homework


French: Epiphany
Gap_fill activity


Epiphanie_en_france_English activity answers

Happy New Year

RE: Holy Communion powerpoint
Make notes to answer each question.

Art and DT: Holy Communion artwork presentation

Remember to be active every day, here are some ideas for how to keep moving: