Year 6 W/B 11.1.2021


Mathematics Please remember to watch the video clip before completing the worksheet.


Daily timestables booklet: 1 minute per session
Full Programme – 5 sessions_week – questions (optional but recommended)

Daily maths starters: Year-6-Spring-Block-1-FB4-1
(The answers will show until you play the presentation)

Lesson 1

Decimals-up-to-2-dp lesson 1

Lesson 2

Understand-thousandths lesson 2

Lesson 3

Three-decimal-places lesson 3

Lesson 4

Multiply-by-10-100-and-1000- lesson 4

Lesson 5

Divide-by-10-100-and-1000 lesson 5

Answers: Decimals-up-to-2-dp answers
Understand-thousandths answers
Three-decimal-places answers
Multiply-by-10-100-and-1000 answers
Divide-by-10-100-and-1000 answers

English Use the Oxford Owl login (sent on Seesaw), go to Read Write Inc Spelling, search year 6 and activity ‘sound the same’. Complete this spelling activity.


We are going to write a biography about William Shakespeare using the research we gathered last week. Watch the video for each lesson and we will write a couple of paragraphs each day, this can be hand written or typed on the computer. You can either send me your writing each day or the finished piece at the end of the week.

Lesson 1 (Mon): self assessment biography
Video lesson –

Lesson 2 (Tues): self assessment biography
Video lesson –

Lesson 3 (Wed): self assessment biography
Video lesson –

Lesson 4 (Thurs):self assessment biography
Video lesson –

Lesson 5 (Fri): Science Research
Please gather research about a scientist of your choice to write a biography next week.
Example scientists: 
Albert Einstein 
Marie Curie 
Isaac Newton
Stephen Hawking 
Charles Darwin 
Rosalind Franklin
Nikola Tesla
Ada Lovelace 
Carl Linnaeus 

Wider Curriculum PSHE: Valuing differences PowerPoint presentations with information and instructions.


So polite! Cultural norms – Activity sheet

So polite! Cultural norms – Teacher’s answer sheet

Responding respectfully scenarios – Activity sheet

Science: Here is a video link to the science lesson. You will need to pause the video to complete the activities. Then the attachments underneath are for you to complete once you have watched the video.


Animal Groups Sorting Cards

classification key (to help with classifying)

Sorting Animals (simpler activity option)

If the science video does not work here is the PowerPoint presentation: Animals including Humans

French: Presentation to watch [15783]Fr_Which_sports (1)

Activity [18244]Sports_Match_It_Easy


RE: Holy Communion 6.3 (2) If you do not have a bible at home you can use bible gateway (google)

Art and Design: Lords Prayer Artwork Year 6 Lockdown week 2

PE: PL Champions – Season1 KS2