Year 3 W.C. 1.3.2021

Home learning, Monday 1st – Friday 5th March 

Hello Year 3!  We hope that you have had a lovely weekend.  Welcome to your last week of home learning before you can all return next Monday on 8th March. We are so excited to have you all back together and hope that you are looking forward to it too.

This week, there will be four Zooms:

Monday – KS2 worship

Wednesday – Class activity 

Thursday – Dance

Friday – Class celebration assembly

Parents, please check Seesaw regularly for meeting times and sign-in codes.


Monday – Happy St. David’s Day!

Find out more about St. David and how his day is usually celebrated here.

KS2 Worship at 9.45am (link on Seesaw).

English –  Warm-up activity: Practice performing your Poetry Festival poem off by heart.

Watch the poet Roger McGough perform his poem, The Sound Collector.  As you listen, decide which line/s you particularly like and try to identify exactly what it is you like about them; e.g. it could be the sound that has been chosen, the way that sound has been described or the way the poet performed it.  Text copy:  The Sound Collector.

I would then like you to go on a sound walk around your house and garden, making a note of all of the sounds that you hear.  Try to identify as many different sounds as you can – both loud, obvious sounds and small, hidden sounds.

When you have done this, watch my teaching video:

You are today going to write your own version of The Sound Collector in the style of Roger McGough’s poem.  In each line, you should specify the sound (as a verb) and the object (noun), e.g. The [sound] of the [object].

Your poem can be as long as you choose (depending on how many sounds you found).  When it is complete, perform your poem and upload it to Seesaw.


Warm up task: Practise your 3, 4 and 8 times tables.  Say them aloud (1×3 = 3…), say the multiples (0,3,6…) and get an adult to ask you questions out of order.

Teaching video on equivalent lengths, mm & cm (Video 4):

Activity: Lesson 4 Measurement -equivalent lengths cm mm

Extension task if needed (optional): Lesson 4 Extension Questions

Circle group only – Find two objects short than 1m and decide which is the longest and which is shortest.  Can you find something which would come in between. Measure these objects and write them down in size order.  Choose 3 other objects and repeat.  Now choose two objects to measure and decide whether you would use < or  >.  Remember… bigger number > smaller number, or smaller number < bigger number.  If you can find two objects the same then you could use = in between their measurements. 

ArtStroyboard Year 3 World Book Day (1)



English – Warm up activity: Practice performing your Poetry Festival poem off by heart.

Watch my teaching video in which I will read to you THE MAGIC BOX by Kit Wright:

As you think about your own magic box, think about:

  • What sort of sights would you put in your box?
  • What about sounds, smells and textures?
  • What sort of foods would go in?
  • And colours and weather?
  • What sort of dreams go in, and what sort of feelings?
  • Are there things from the natural world, like rivers and mountains?
  • Perhaps it has a window in it, or a door leading to somewhere else?

Begin to record your ideas in the style of The Magic Box.  Remember, this poem does not rhyme.


Warm up task – times tables rock stars

Teaching video on comparing lengths (Video 5): 

Activity: Lesson 5 Measurement – compare lengths recap

Extension task if needed (optional): Lesson 5 Extension Questions

Circle group only – comparing length – differentiated from twinkl – please complete the section with 1 star at the top.

Science – Create your own poster to showcase everything you have learned in Science during your time at home.  We have been learning about Plants, and your poster should contain information about:

  • the parts of a plant and the functions of each part (why it is important)
  • the anatomy of a flower
  • seed dispersal
  • water transportation around a plant
  • what plants need to grow

To show your deeper understanding, you may like to answer the following questions on your poster:

  • Why are petals brightly coloured?
  • Why is good soil vital to a plant?
  • Why are bees important?
  • Why is it important to water plants?
  • Which do you think is the most important part of a plant, and why?
  • How could you tell if there was not enough water being transported around a plant?



Our class Zoom is at 2.30pm today!

English – Warm up activity: Practice performing your Poetry Festival poem off by heart.

Remind yourself of your ideas from yesterday, when you thought about what you would put inside your own magic box.  Today, you will use verbs and adjectives to write your poem.  Teaching video:

Optional extra (challenge):  Perform your poem in a way that suggests to your reader how they should feel as they read.


Warm up task:  With 1 or 2 other people count up in 8s.  If you are the person who should say 40 you must say fizz instead. If you don’t remember you are out.  If you are the person who should say 98 you say pop instead and you lose.  Play a few times with different people taking it in turns to start. This could be a nice game to practise counting in 8s to play with other family members or friends on zoom or another video/phone call.

Teaching video on comparing lengths (Video 1):

Activity: Lesson 6 Measurement – compare lengths

Extension task for those who feel they need more challenge: Lesson 6 Extension Questions

Circle group only – circles lesson 3 compare length

Topic –  Lesson and activity: Topic, 3.3.21

Additional resources:

Optional Extra:  On Purple Mash (2Do), write an advertisement for your roundhouse creation.  How would you describe its features in order to make it sound appealing to a Celt?


Thursday – World Book Day!

26 Best Book Quotes - Quotes About Reading

You can choose to dress up or have a prop from your favourite book if you wish.

World Book Day activity 1: Watch this video from an author who enjoyed drawing dinosaurs as a boy and went on to write and illustrate children’s books about dinosaurs – Next have a go at designing your own dinosaur, it can be realistic or cartoon, and can be based on a real dinosaur or made up.  If you need inspiration you can have a go at copying a toy or picture of a dinosaur. 

World Book Day activity 2: World book day, Dinosaurs! 

10.15 – our class zoom for dance with Alice and Miss Burns.

5 Ways to Make Reading Fun

Optional Extra: 11.30 (30 minutes) – live share a story on the cbbc channel or at  This is the activity sheet they will use in the session: WorldBookDay2021LL-Activity-Sheet_final

Reading in English: A guide for learners

Poetry Festival!

Having practiced your poems for weeks the big day has finally arrived! Using your best expression (and gestures or actions if appropriate) perform your poem and have someone video you.  You should do this without the words, and only have them on hand incase you are really stuck, although we hope you won’t need them. Mrs Patterson and Mrs Slattery will be choosing two winners in the afternoon, so please do this by lunch time at the latest. 


Our class Zoom!  9.30am

RE – RE lesson 2 Holy week

Palm Sunday story ready by Mrs Slattery –

Activity – Palm Sunday Emojis

Think Positive: You might like to have a go at some of these activities (click the image to enlarge it). The is no expectation that you upload these to seesaw.

Optional: The end of lockdown is getting closer! We are looking forward to having you all back in school on Monday, but hopefully over the next few months other things will begin to return to normal.  I’d like to you complete a poster or booklet on the things you are most looking forward to doing as we get back to ‘normal’.  You can draw and label or write.  It should have 4 sections including:

  • Friends I am looking forward to seeing properly (in each others houses, for days out, sleepovers etc). 
  • Family (grandparents, cousins etc)
  • Activities, including things like swimming, clubs you attend and things you like to do for fun such as Clip n Climb, Energi/flip out trampolining, indoor play centres… etc
  • Holidays!

There is no obligation to upload this onto seesaw unless you want to.

Optional: French:

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on MONDAY 8TH MARCH at 8.45, but until then have a great weekend!

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