Year 4 W/C 18/1/21

home-learning-timetable Y4 18 Jan


This week’s work is on angles.

Monday video and sheet- 




Tuesday sheet and video link








Wednesday sheet and video link

Y4 Summer Block 5 WO2 Compare and order angles 2020






Y4 Summer Block 5 WO1 Identify angles 2020




Thursday sheet and video link

Extra video on Maths


Angles work


Identifying angles Yr 4


Monday’s work is comprehension.




Tirok questions

Tirok rabbit


Read extract from Oliver and the Seawigs when his parents go missing. Gather adjectives and phrases to describe Oliver. What type of character is he? How do you know? Extract below.

Oliver and Seawigs

Please also check Seesaw on Tuesday for video demonstrating how to do this task and how we are approaching it in class.


Through the mirror activity as Oliver. What did you think when your mum and dad went missing? How were you feeling?

Look out for video on Wednesday of hot seating in class to help you with this activity.


Firstly, create a success criteria for diary entry writing. Children independently write a diary entry in role as Oliver Crisp. We are trying to write a diary entry as Oliver at the point his parents go missing. Make notes about parts of the story we would include so far. see below for video to help and keep an eye on Seesaw for updates.




Watch the Loom video below and use in conjunction with the science video on the viscosity investigation posted on Seesaw.



Luke 4: 31-37 records that the people were amazed by Jesus’ authority. On this occasion Jesus showed his authority over evil and the devil by commanding an evil spirit to leave a man. 

Look at art work that is interpreting these events.

Do the artists try and show Jesus’ power and authority in their pictures?


Wednesday’s work is to review last week’s music lesson recorder and uploaded by Mrs Maddocks on Charanga, then to join our Zoom lesson live on here at 1.30pm on Wednesday- log in codes to be posted on Seesaw.


Mrs Coulston will be teaching this in class on Tuesday afternoon, following on from last week.

Moving mechanisms 2


Live dance Zoom at 9.30! This again will have log in details on Seesaw- Egyptian dance routines with Alice and Mrs Burns.


PSHE task see Loom link below and talk through task with your child. Submit sheet, audio or video response via Seesaw.


Danger, risk or hazard_ – Activity sheet (3)

Also- online pantomime link- see activities and video link sent via Seesaw!


Attached is a link to Blackburn Diocesan Daily Worship. The diocese have created ‘Daily worship during lockdown’. Using the themes from the Worship Together Across the Diocese videos, they produced a weekly sheet which can be used by children at home by themselves or with parents and it can also be used by teachers either in school or via Zoom or similar. Every day children are given something to watch or look at with a pause for thought or a prayer activity.

PE- keep yourself active!

Link from PNE Community Education below- throw and catch video.

Numerous other ideas can be found here via Primary Stars

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