Year 3 W/C 8.2.2021

Home learning, Monday 8th – Friday 12th February

Hello Year 3!

We hope you have had a lovely weekend!  Please find below the home learning activities for this week.  We would like you to complete three activities each day and upload them to Seesaw each day to show us how you have got on so that we may give you feedback.

This week, there will be three Zooms:

Monday – KS2 worship

Wednesday – Class activity 

Friday – Class celebration assembly

Parents, please check Seesaw regularly for meeting times and sign-in codes.



Please begin to learn your spellings for a test at home on Friday.

Year 3 spellings, 8th February – Group A

Year 3 spellings, 8th February – Group B

English –  Warm-up activity:  Decide whether each line of words is a complete sentence or just a fragment (part of a sentence).  Sentence or fragment

Today you will be writing the problem for your stone age story, Cave Kid.  You will be focusing on writing in complete sentences.  Please concentrate on the problem ONLY today and go no further.

Reread your writing after today’s main activity to double-check that you have written in complete sentences and not fragments.


Warm up task: Practise your 3, 4 and 8 times tables.  Say them aloud (1×3 = 3…), say the multiples (0,3,6…) and get an adult to ask you questions out of order.

Teaching video on finding change (Video 3: Make tally charts): 

Activity: Lesson 1-Make-tally-charts

Extension task for those who feel they need more challenge: Week 6, Monday Extension Questions

Circle group only – watch the video (video 2: and try these questions: circles statistics 1. make tally charts

Art –  Parish message Year 3


English – Adverbs warm-up  If you are able to view this as a slideshow and take part in the interactive quiz, you will receive immediate feedback about whether you identified the adverb correctly.

Today you will be writing the resolution for your stone age story, Cave Kid.  You will be focusing on including appropriate verbs and adverbs.  Please concentrate on the resolution ONLY today and go no further.


Warm up task – times tables rock stars

Teaching video on finding change (Video 4: Draw pictograms): 

Activity: Lesson 2 Draw-pictograms-2-5-and-10

Extension task for those who feel they need more challenge: Week 6, Tuesday Extension Questions

Circle group only – watch the video on drawing pictograms (video 4: and try these questions: circles statistics 2. draw pictograms

Science – Today we will be learning about water transportation in plants. 

Watch this clip, which explains how water is transported in a plant: How water gets from the roots to the leaves of a plant.  There is a PowerPoint below, which I would like you to watch AFTER you have carried out today’s activity.

In school, this would be a practical lesson in which you ‘learn by doing’.  Below are a number of activities for you to choose from based on the things you may have at home.  Choose the activity that you are able to carry out:

  • Option 1 – Carry out the activity from the above clip with a white flower or with leafy celery stalks.  How long does it take the food colouring to reach the flower / leaf?
  • Option 2 – If you have food colouring at home, have a go at this Walking Water activity:
  • Option 3 – If you have a printer, cut out the flowers and follow these instructions to observe what happens to the flower as the water moves through the fibres of the paper.  If you don’t have a printer, you can draw your own flowers and follow the rest of the instructions on the activity:  Capillary flowers.
  • Option 4 – Using cut leafy stems (e.g. flowers, celery stalks) and recycled small water bottles, can you plan an experiment to measure how much water is taken up by the stem, in an agreed time period?  What will you do?  What will you use to measure?  How will you record your results?  If you are able to carry out this investigation, share your findings on Seesaw.

Please make sure you read this PowerPoint at the end of your investigation, as it will explain your discoveries and give you a deeper understanding of how water is transported around plants:  Your discoveries explained.


English – Warm-up:  Spend 5-10 minutes practicing your spellings.  Challenge yourself to find some of your spelling words in your thesaurus (see link below if you don’t have one).

Today you will be writing the ending for your stone age story, Cave Kid.  You will be focusing on your word choices, so it will be useful to have a thesaurus handy or you can use an online thesaurus here.  Please concentrate on the ending ONLY today.

Extra challenge:  As you have access to a thesaurus for today’s activity, you may choose to read back through your complete story and up-level some of your word choices.


Warm up task:  Log on to Education City and select the “homework” option.  Select the file with Mondays date, 1.2.21.  Complete the 4s and 8s times tables activities.

Teaching video on finding change (Video 1: Interpret pictograms):

Activity: Lesson 3 -Interpret-pictograms-2-5-and-10

Extension task for those who feel they need more challenge: Week 6, Wednesday Extension Questions

Circle group only – watch the video on interpreting pictograms (video 3 and try these questions: circles statistics 3. interpret pictograms

Computing – Yesterday was Safer Internet Day, and this year’s theme is ‘An internet we trust’.  Watch the video below, which explores what we can trust on the internet:

Attached are five scenarios.  As you read each one, think or talk to a grown-up about how that situation could make the person feel.  What could they do?  Feelings scenarios.docx

I would then like you to send me an e-mail using 2Email on Purple Mash.  Choose one of the scenarios (perhaps the one you were able to talk most about) and send me an e-mail telling me what advice you would give to that person.  As well as your own advice linked to that scenario, I would like you to explain in the e-mail why it is important for that person to talk to someone they trust when they are worried about something online.  What else could they do if they saw something they didn’t like online (what strategies have we previously discussed in class)?


English – Please carry out your spelling test with a grown up at home and upload a photograph of your spellings to Seesaw.

Today in English, after FIVE days of writing your stone age story, there are a selection of comprehension activities for you to choose from.  Choose one of the texts and then have a go at answering the questions in complete sentences.  The answers are below each comprehension, so you can mark your own work when you have finished.  We would still like you to upload a photograph of your completed activity.

Guided Reading activity


Warm up task:

Teaching video on finding change (Video 2: Draw bar charts ):

Activity: There is no written activity, just make sure you join in with the video.

Circle group only – watch the video on drawing pictograms  (video 2: and try these questions: circles statistics 4. draw pictograms 2, 5, 10s

RE – Jesus the man who changes lives:

In RE today you will choosing how to present the information you found out about mother Teresa.  Here is a very short video with more information:

This information sheet will give you more information about mother Teresa if you need it, there are three versions attached, all similar but from easier to more challenging, so just pick one to read – mother-teresa-differentiated-fact-file_ver_1 

Friday – A Day with a Difference!

Below are a selection of activities for you to choose from for today.  We are so proud of how hard you have worked this half-term, and we want you to enjoy ‘a day with a difference’ before our week off.  There is no requirement to upload work to Seesaw today – our only wish is for you to have fun!

Our class Zoom!  9.30am

Lent –  What is lent?

The Venice Carnival is held in Venice, Italy, on Shrove Tuesday each year.  You could print out or draw your own carnival-inspired mask to decorate and wear on Shrove Tuesday:  tate_kids_masks_punchinello_v3

Turning over a new leaf – Draw a large leaf on a piece of paper or card.  On one side, write or draw something that you are sorry for.  When you have finished, you can turn the leaf over because, if you are truly sorry, God will forgive you and it can be forgotten.  On the other side of the leaf, write or draw something that you can make an effort to do this Lent.  This could be an action, such as tidying your bedroom, or a behaviour, such as being a good friend.  By turning over a new leaf, you put any bad things behind you and make a promise to do something good.

PSHCE: Cut out a frame from a piece of card or cardboard large enough that your child can hold it and their face can be seen (like a picture frame).  Cut out various speech bubbles and write on them things which describe you (I am creative, I am a great footballer, I can…).  Parents you might also like to add some of the things which you think about your child to encourage them.  

You could decorate your frame and/or cut out the speech bubbles in different colours to express yourself more (optional).  You can draw your own speech bubbles or cut out these speech bubbles.

Look at all of the amazing things you can do and that you are.

Valentines Day:  In lockdown it is easy to get fed up, or be negative about things.  In this valentines activity lets instead focus on the things we can be grateful for. You will make a ‘jar of hearts’. 

  1. Get your jar ready: You can use a real jar if you like, or print off or copy this template jar for jar of hearts. You might want to decorate your jar (real or paper) with a ribbon, or colour, or glitter. 
  2. Get your hearts ready.  Either draw your own hearts or print out these from the template and cut them out. You might want your hearts to be different colours or all the same. hearts – for jar of hearts
  3. Think of all the people you love, like or are grateful for.  Write a name on each heart. It can be family, friends, anyone you like.
  4. You might also want to add a few things or situations you are grateful for, like spending more time with family and write these on to.
  5. Put your hearts into your glass jar or stick onto your paper jar. 
  6. Display your jar somewhere obvious, and when you see it you can remember to be grateful for all the things you wrote about. 

For those who are interested, the Lancashire Library Service is running a competition:  Amazing Confectionary Competition.

Have a great half term everyone! You’ve worked really hard (children and parents!) and deserve a lovely week off.

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Optional half term activities: