Year 2 W/B 22.2.21

Spring 2

Welcome to week 1 of the second part of the Spring term!

I hope you have had a peaceful and restful half term, ready to continue with our remote learning. 



Our spelling rule this week is adding the suffix -ly. Please find the Loom video and activities below for the week 🙂

Speed spell (this is included in the Loom video)

Dots and Dashes

Word Changers




This week in English, in preparation for the Poetry Festival, we will be exploring and creating RIDDLES. 


We are reading Riddles, looking at different kinds of riddles and looking at the clues given 🙂

Monday Reading Riddles


Continuing to read riddles. Look at the riddles below, how many can you get right? Read the riddles on your own and write down your guesses to the riddles!

Tuesday riddles game


Zoom – Today we are looking at the structure and features of a Riddle.

After the Zoom session we will be annotating (labelling) our own Riddles, that you can put into your home English books. 

If you find reading a little bit tricky please do the first or second riddle 🙂

If you enjoy reading and find it easy, please do the last Riddle 🙂

Wednesday – Riddles to label


Today we are writing sentences using descriptive and technical vocabulary from Riddles we have looked at.


Today we are writing sentences using descriptive and technical vocabulary using sentences starters from the teaching videos.



We are continuing to look at Statistics from the end of last half term. 

Monday – Interpret Pictograms (1-1)

Interpret pictograms 1-1

Tuesday – Draw Pictograms (2,5,10)

Activity Day

Wednesday – Draw Pictograms (2,5,10)

Draw pictograms 2 5 and 10

Thursday – Interpret Pictograms (2,5,10)

Interpret pictograms 2 5 and 10

Friday – Block Diagrams

Block diagrams

As a way to finish off our Statistics unit, on purple mash, there is an extension for anyone to do if they want to 🙂 

The Tally Chart below will help you 

Transport Tally Chart

Wider Curriculum 

Monday RE –

Tuesday Art – 

Drawing Movement Year 2

Wednesday Science –

Adults and their offspring

Thursday History –

KWL grid

Friday PSHE –

Derek’s art project

Getting on with others – Activity sheet