Year 2 W/B 11.1.21

Week 2

Story time

Wednesday 13th January

Monday 11th January 2021

Below you will find the remote learning for this week. Please upload photos or attachments of your completed work on to Seesaw each day so I can see all the fantastic work you are doing and give you feedback. Videos linking to English work and any other extra information will be uploaded to Seesaw daily. There are 3 tasks to be done each day, an interactive phonics task and a daily exercise task too. 



Each week the children will be asked to go onto Oxford Owl to complete spelling and phonics activities. These are interactive activities so nothing to print out. 

After you have opened the web page up it will ask you to sign in as a student our login is Year2grimsargh and our password is grimsargh.

After this please go to the ReadWriteInc. extra practice Zone where you will find the interactive activities for each day. 

Monday – Sound the same

Tuesday – Swap, double or drop

Wednesday – Rule breakers

Thursday – Playing with plurals

Friday – Word Endings


This week in maths we are starting our new topic of Multiplication and Division. Please follow the video links and complete the worksheet to go with it.

Any tailored work for the children will be sent out individually to them on Seesaw.

Monday – Recognise Equal Groups

Recognise Equal Groups 11.1.21

Tuesday – Make Equal Groups

Make Equal Groups 12.1.21

Wednesday – Add Equal Groups

Add Equal Groups 13.1.21

Thursday – Multiplication Sentences Using X Symbols

Multiplication Sentences Using the X symbol 14.1.21

Friday – Multiplication Sentences From Pictures

Multiplication Sentences from Pictures 15.1.21


This week we are still reading Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. 

Monday – We are going to draw out some of the main events from the Man on the Moon, in order, using the story board sheet below. You can either include your sentences from Friday’s lesson or you can make up totally new ones!

Storyboard template

Challenge yourself – I have some sentences written out but I think I may have made some mistakes! Can you help me correct them? Think about capital letters, full stops, fingers spaces, commas in a list, tall and short letters. 

Tuesday – Today we are looking at subordinating conjunctions! What a mouthful! These are just joining words we use in a sentence to add two clauses (sentences) together! See terminology guide below for help.

Terminology Guide

A video will be uploaded to Seesaw on Tuesday for this lesson. Find the sheet below to complete. There are 3 sheets but only do all 3 as a challenge!

Subordinating Conjuctions Worksheet 12.1.21

Wednesday – Today we are going to look at a story map done by Miss Sweeney and come up with our own ending to Man on the moon. A video for this will be uploaded to Seesaw. 

Thursday – Using my story map from yesterday as a guide I would like you to draw your own ending for the Man on the Moon. A video will be added to Seesaw with more information given.

Friday – Today you are writing the beginning of your own story! A modelled version will be added to Seesaw to help you along with a video. 

Wider Curriculum

RE – Monday 

Please follow the link below for our Lesson done by Miss Smith!

ART/DT – Tuesday

Please look at the PowerPoint below to complete the Art set by Mrs Coulston.

Grimsargh landmarks and rural area

SCIENCE – Wednesday

Imagine you are stranded on a desert island. You are not at home and there is no one else around!!

How are you feeling? What are you thinking? What would you be missing?

Could we survive on this desert island? Why? Why not?

There are 4 things we need to survive, can you guess what they are? Watch the BBC bitesize video below to find out!

Complete the table below (you can either draw the tables and write in the words or cut and stick it’s up to you!)

What Humans Need To Survive

Challenge yourself -Can you write a sentence for each of the 4 things humans need to survive? 

PE – Thursday

We are going to watch and move along with Joe Wicks! A video link will be added.

PSHE – Friday 

This week in PSHE we are looking at ‘How safe do you feel?’ 

Things to consider: 

When do you feel safe? 

Where do you feel safe?

Who makes you feel safe? 

When we feel unsafe, or uncomfortable, how does our body tell us that? An example, feeling sick.

Look at the scenarios on the worksheet then cut and stick (or just write) where you think the statements go on the safe and unsafe scale. 

Feeling Safe and Unsafe

Daily Exercise

As you know Monday and Thursday are our PE days in Year 2 so I will be asking children to complete a PE video like last week.

Monday – Joe Wicks (youtube)

Thursday – Cosmic Yoga the link can be found below:

On the days we do not have PE you can choose to do these 3 activities to get yourselves moving:

Go Noodle – Dinosaur Stomp video where children follow along with the performers (youtube) 

Walk a Mile – go outside and walk for a mile, if you want to do more you can! What did you see on your walk? 

Just Dance – the link can be found below:

Cosmic Yoga – This is a shorter clip (10 minutes). Please follow the link below: