Year 1 WB 08/02/2021

Home Learning: Week Beginning 8th February 2021

Hello Year One!

We’ve nearly made it to half term and a well deserved break from home and school learning. I’m blown away by your determination and hard work throughout a very unusual learning situation, and also by the support and commitment of parents and family members too- THANK YOU! I’m aware that the situation isn’t ideal for any of us and it doesn’t compare to being in school with all our friends, but hopefully we’ll all be back together soon.

You will notice this week that there are no tasks yet set for Friday- stay tuned for a ‘Friday Fun Day’. I will post further details later in the week!

Don’t forget to keep working towards your Rainbow Reading Challenge- I’d love us to be able to mention some more of you during Friday’s Zoom for having completed it. Please also check out our school website ‘Reading’ page here-

Keep up the great work Year One!

Miss Threlfall x

FUN DAY FRIDAY! Click here for your Fun Day activities! –  Fun Day Friday and Mrs Coulston’s task is here- Parish message Year 1






Valentines Phase 3

Valentines Phase 5

Friday Fun Day!

Friday Phonics Fun Y1 12.2.21


Phase 5 Sound Mat



Look at the ‘All About Pirates’ video/ powerpoint

The powerpoint without my voiceover is here too t-tp-1314-all-about-pirates-powerpoint_ver_1

-Work out your pirate name and write them down.

-Experiment talking like a pirate!

Look at my video as I create a fact file about a pirate.

Task- Draw a pirate and create your own fact file including 2-3 facts about pirates. You can use this sheet or an exercise book/piece of paper English sheet Monday


Watch the story The Treasure Map

Look at my video where I look at an example of a treasure map and talk about writing a set of simple instructions to help someone find the treasure.

Task- Design your own treasure map, then write a set of instructions to help someone find the treasure. You can use this sheet or use an exercise book English sheet Tuesday You might want to create some ‘old’ looking paper with a tea bag for your map, use a plain piece of paper, or this print out t-c-7680-tea-stained-paper-template


Can you dress up like a pirate for today’s Zoom and make up a pirate joke to tell your friends?

You can be creative when dressing up- no need for an outfit as such…perhaps make your own pirate hat and eye patch? There’s an idea here

There are some pirate jokes here if you would like a little inspiration-


Mrs Coupe has sent us a message in a bottle! Can we carry out her challenges?

Task- Write a message in a bottle- write a message to your shipmates (classmates) about what you’re looking forward to most about when we get back to school. You can use this template if you like- English sheet Thursday


For each day, watch the video then complete the task. Upload what you have done to your Seesaw journal and I’ll have a look at how you have got on and give you some feedback too.

(You can print the task to complete, use a device to ‘write’ on the downloaded version or write down your work/answers on a piece of paper or in an exercise book)












Physical Activity


Work through aspect 1, 2 and 3 of LESSON 4 of this pirate themed PE


Enjoy a Cosmic Yoga dance session-


Tune into Joe Wicks’ PE this morning!


Go Noodle with Sonic-

Wider Curriculum

Monday- History-

Watch this information video about The Great Fire of London again, this time paying close attention to the order of events.

Task- Create an information booklet or timeline about the events that happened. Ideally I’d like you to draw the pictures and write a short sentence about each event, but you could print these slides and cut and order them if you’d prefer. the-great-fire-of-london-small-sequencing-cards

You might also like to have a go at this game

Tuesday- Geography-

Listen to this story- Superworm by Julia Donaldson

Lots of the animals in this story will be seen in Grimsargh Wetlands. The trustees of the Wetlands build their own bug hotels for the inhabitants of the Wetlands.

Task- Can you make your own mini bug hotel for your garden? Look at this information page about how to make one using an empty plastic bottle

Wednesday- Science-

Think about what we have learned about plants over the last few weeks. During your discussions and thoughts, you may have come across a number of different plants and their names.

Task- Have a go at this interactive PDF where you can test your knowledge on the names of plants. Let us know how many you score! naming-plants-interactive-pdf_ver_1

Thursday- RE-

Today we’re going to think about what made Jesus special. Remember the stories we have heard from the bible over the last half term.

Talk with a grown up around these questions:

Have you been to a wedding? If so, recall how the day went. If not, talk with your grown up about what happens at a wedding.

If you or your grown up have been to a wedding, think about this- did they run out of food/drink?

If they had what would have happened?  Watch these video clips:

Listen to my reading of the story of when Jesus Turns Water into Wine at a wedding. (john 2:1-11) (Seesaw post Thursday morning)

How was the wedding in Cana different to the one you or your grown up attended? 

Task- write a short letter to Jesus thanking him for the miracle he performed at the wedding.

You might also want to look at some family photographs of weddings. How are they similar and/or different to the one at Cana?