Year 6 W/B 25.1.21

Below you will find all the home learning for the week. 
Class Timetable if you would like to follow: home learning timetable
Lockdown Rainbow Reading Challenge: Rainbow reading challenge School


Daily timestables booklet: 1 minute per session
Full Programme – 5 sessions_week – questions (optional but recommended)

Daily starter questions: Year-6-Spring-Block-2-FB4

lesson 1: video link

Fractions-to-decimals-1 lesson 1

Lesson 2: video link

Fractions-to-decimals-2 lesson 2

Lesson 3: video link

Understand-percentages lesson 3

Lesson 4: video link

Fractions-to-percentages lesson 4

Lesson 5: video link

Equivalent-FDP lesson 5

Extension questions: Yr-6-Spring-Block-2-Percentages

Answers if you would like to mark: 
Fractions-to-decimals-1 answers
Fractions-to-decimals-2 answers
Understand-percentages answers
Fractions-to-percentages answers
Equivalent-FDP answers


Use the Oxford Owl login (sent on Seesaw), go to Read Write Inc Spelling, search year 6 and activity ‘Rule Breakers Year 6’. Complete this spelling activity.

This week we are going to start our new unit about Adventure Stories. Watch each video and complete the activities. 

Lesson 1 (Monday)
Punctuation starter -watch this video before the lesson loom video:

Lesson video part 1:

Lesson video part 2:

Lesson 2 (Tues)

Punctuation starter activity:
Click on each tile, write the contracted version with an apostrophes, then flip the tile to check.

Lesson 2 video:

Lesson 3 (Wed)

Lesson 3 video part 1:

Activity 1 sheet: Setting description words and phrases

Lesson 3 video part 2:

Vocabulary sheets to support with your writing:
KS2 Descriptive Setting Word Mat Beaches, Sea and Waves

Lesson 4 (Thurs): Today I would like to you choose one of the four settings on the presentation to write an independent descriptive paragraph using the strategies we learnt in yesterday’s lesson. 
Independent descriptive writing (presentation)

Vocabulary support sheets for your chosen setting:
KS2 Descriptive Setting Word Mat Busy Cities
KS2 Descriptive Setting Word Mat Countryside and Villages
KS2 Descriptive Setting Word Mat Mountains and Volcanoes
KS2 Descriptive Setting Word Mat Rainforests and Jungles

Lesson 5 (Fri):
Starter: Watch the hyphen and dashes video and complete the quiz:

Lesson 5 video:

email writing template: email writing – template

Extra English if you need:

Danegeld by Rudyard Kipling

Making a Longhouse


Wider Curriculum 

Science (Mon): Classifying Animals Video Lesson:

Science activity sheet: 26053-NewlyDiscoveredSpecies-7-11-NewlyDiscoveredAmphibianIdentificationworksheet

PSHE (Tues):

French (Tues): Read through and listen to the Powerpoints.


Complete the activity: [18244]How_to_play_Draw_It_Easy

RE (Wed): Exodus Unit 6.3A Week 1 Year 6 

Art and Design (Thurs): Check out this art activity linking to the Vikings!
Viking Warrior Ferocious Face 

PE: PL Champions – Season1 KS2

Daily Worship Activities: DWDL 25th Jan 2021