Year 4 Home Learning W/C 1/3/21


This will be our final week of home learning before full class return. Please note that this week will be our Poetry festival (see link for poems on side bar of home page) and also World Book Day on Thursday.

We will be having 4 Zooms this week! First will be Monday’s KS2 Worship at 9.45.

Wednesday’s Zoom will be at 9.30 and will be the poetry recital competition- all who want to read/recite will be welcome. Who will be our class winner?

On Thursday at 2.30 we will have a World Book Day Zoom and finally on Friday at 2.30 will be our final class ‘golden time’ Zoom which will be a Scavenger Hunt. All codes will be posted via Seesaw page.


Monday:  Equivalent fractions


Tuesday:   Fractions greater than 1


Wednesday:   Count in fractions


Thursday:  Add 2 or more fractions


Friday:   Subtract 2 fractions  




Monday: Ancient Egyptian Comprehension


Tuesday:- Looking at the past tense.


Wednesday:  Extending sentences using conjunctions- one sentence for each title!

Extend sentences using conjunctions – add a clause posters



Check out our ‘Masked Reader’ on Seesaw.

I would love to see a video on Seesaw of you reading your favourite book- dress up if you like! Zoom at 2.30 to swap our favourites!!!

World Book Day website link- lots of ideas, games and competitions!

Activity 1: 

Share a Story Live Event 10.30am:

Activity 2:

Tom Palmer books

  • FREE videos of reading from my books, new ones added daily here
  • FREE reads – first chapters of my books here 
  • FREE colouring here
  • FREE literacy resources  here
  • Especially for World Book Day, I’ll be posting a quick video message on my (advert free) YouTube channel – available from 1 March 2021  which you are welcome to share.

Activity 3: 

Make sure to sign up- KS2- The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse (Art, Illustrations, storyboards and more!)

Thurs 4th March 1pm-2:30pm

Join our family learning team and a professional artist and learn as a family the art of illustration, story boards, journaling and more!


Check out our World Book Day slideshow on our Year 4 gallery., plus our pictures on Seesaw!

Friday: Last day of home learning!

The tasks below are optional, as we think you (parents included) have been absolute superstars these last few weeks!

Think Positive: You might like to have a go at some of these activities (click the image to enlarge it). There is no expectation that you upload these to Seesaw unless you wish to.

We hope you are all looking forward to returning to school Monday, (and seeing friends again if you are already in) but hopefully soon other things will begin to return to normal.  You could complete a poster or booklet on the things you are most looking forward to doing once more.  You can draw and label or write.  It should have 4 sections including:

  • Friends I am looking forward to seeing again 
  • Family (grandparents, cousins etc)
  • Activities, including things like swimming, clubs you attend and things you like to do for fun (sporting activities, clubs, visiting museums, restaurants etc)  

There is no need to upload this onto Seesaw unless you want to.



Monday: Computing.

Editing HTML in a web page. Show children how to access and download x-ray goggles. Ensure all children have this before progressing. Model how to use the xray goggles using the loom video below.


Open up the school website and ‘hack’ the HTML. Children can edit the webpage and print-screen their end product. 

Discuss the tool in a respectful and responsible way, are we really hacking? Is hacking okay?  Discuss on line safety points about reliable websites.

Tuesday: Art – link below

Storyboard Year 4 World Book Day

History- What happened to Egyptians after they died?

It was important to their religious beliefs that when Egyptians died, their bodies were preserved. This process was called mummification and was available to anybody rich enough to afford it. Look at the text on the Salariya website (here) which explains some of the terms in more detail.

Activity 1:

Put the process of mummification in order and list them. Link to documents to help. Ancient Egyptian Mummification Powerpoint

Process of Mummification Activity Sheet

The Woodlands Junior School website (here) has a wealth of information about mummification and further links.

Also see my loom below!

Wednesday: Music with Mrs Maddocks- link via Charanga


Friday: RE

Look at the Easter story, highlighting the times of trust and betrayal. Try to separate it into times of trust and times of betrayal.

If the Easter story was written in the Bible as a comic strip what words would be in the thought and speech bubbles? Who betrayed Jesus?  Why?Why did Judas betray Jesus? 

Bible References: Matthew 24:14-16, Mark 14:43-50, Luke 22, John 18. 

Judas was paid 30 pieces of silver. Can you think of 30 reasons why he betrayed Jesus? Was it worth it? Why didn’t Jesus stop him?

 Create a wanted poster for Judas.

See our hot seat video on Seesaw and use the paintings listed below to help.

Look at paintings of Judas’ betrayal e.g. Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss – Chris Cook, Jesus betrayed by a kiss – Michael O’Brien, Judas betrays Jesus – Caravaggio, The Last Supper – Eularia Clarke.

Discuss the content, facial expressions, colours used etc. How has the artist interpreted the moment?