Year 2 W/B 4.1.2021

Week 1 

Week beginning 4.1.2021

Below you will find the home learning for the rest of this week. Please upload photos or attachments of your completed work on to Seesaw each day so I can see all the fantastic work you are doing and give you feedback. Videos linking to English work and any other extra information will be uploaded to Seesaw daily. 


Wednesday Lesson 1: 

Make the Same Amount – Weds 6.1.21

Thursday Lesson 2:

Find the Total – Thurs 7.1.21

Friday Lesson 3:

Find Change – Fri 8.1.21


Wednesday Lesson 1: 

Watch the Man on the moon Part 1 video from Seesaw.

After this complete the think, say, feel worksheet below. Miss Sweeney has uploaded a video to help you with some ideas.

Think, Say, Feel Worksheet

Thursday Lesson 2:

Watch the Man on the moon Part 2 from Seesaw.

Imagine you were going to meet Bob, what questions woulf you ask him? Use the question hand below to come up with a question for each word. You can write these on an extra sheet of paper but remember to use question marks!

Question hand

Friday Lesson 3:

Re-watch both Man on the Moon videos, can you retell the story to a grown up?

Can you put the story below into the right order using the numbers? 

Challenge yourself! : Can you write a sentence for each picture using the word bank above the pictures? 

Wider curriculum

Wednesday Science:

This half term we are looking at humans!

Think about these questions:

-how is a baby is different to you?

-how are you different to a teenager?

-how is a teenager different to an adult?

-how is a younger adult is different to an elderly adult?

Read the Stages of Life document below

Stage of Human Life

Thursday Art:

This half term we are looking at our local area.

Have a look at the photos of Grimsargh’s wetlands below.

Grimsargh Wetlands

Look at the shapes of the water, where it meets the grass and the shapes of the branches or trees on the landscape. Use paper and pencil to try and sketch the wetlands. Remember to press lightly on the page with your pencils.

Friday PSHE:

Watch the video posted on Seesaw labelled Harold’s picnic. Think about all the questions asked and make a really bright poster of rules about how to use medicines safely! 

Here is the story of Harold’s Picnic for you to read through yourself if you would like to.