Year 2 W/B 25.1.21

Remote Learning Week 4!

Well done to everyone for your amazing remote learning so far. I am so proud of all the work you are producing and cannot believe the quality of your work when you’re not in school! I am blown away by everyone’s efforts to learn. Keep it up everyone! 

Timetable we will be following in school this week if you would like to do the same at home: Year 2 Timetable Week 4




This week our sound is the ‘soft c’. This is when s sound is spelt c.

Speed Spell 

Dots and Dashes 

Dots and Dashes Unit 2

Word Changers 

Word Changers Unit 2





Please watch the videos before completing the activity. I have added on extra activities for children who are accessing the whole class work easily. This is an extension of the work each day and does not have to be completed. 

Monday – 10 Times Tables

10 times tables

Tuesday – Make equal groups sharing (recap)

Make Equal Groups Sharing Recap

Wednesday – Make equal groups sharing 

Make Equal Groups Sharing

Thursday – Make equal groups grouping (recap)

Make Equal Groups Grouping Recap

Friday – Make equal groups grouping

Make Equal Groups Grouping

Extension Activities: 

10 Times Tables ext

Make Equal Groups – Sharing ext

Make Equal Groups – Grouping EXT

Times and Divide Challenge Cards



Monday –

Apostrophe Activities

Tuesday – Neil Armstrong 

Fill in the first two columns. What do you already know (K) about Neil Armstrong? What do you want to know (W)?

Neil Armstrong KWL grid

Please do this and then watch the video of the non-fiction text about Neil Armstrong being read. 

Wednesday – 

Here is the loom to watch before coming up with your sentences about Neil Armstrong. The BBC bitesize link has been added too.

Another video will be added to seesaw to help you write your own sentences! 

Thursday – 

Comparing the similarities and differences between the online fiction text and the book non fiction text.

Friday – 

Today we are doing a reading comprehension on Neil Armstrong try and answer the questions and best as you can. Remember to read through the sheet carefully. 

There are 3 different levels to these comprehensions, please begin on the comprehension with two stars in the bottom corner. If you want to challenge yourself, complete the comprehension with 3 stars in the bottom corner. 

Neil Armstrong Comprehension

Wider Curriculum


Monday – RE

RE tasks 25.01.21.

Tuesday – Art

Grimsargh 3D map ART

Wednesday – Science

Personal hygiene

Thursday – Geography

Geography – NSEW

Friday – PSHCE 

I don’t like that!

We are looking this week at talking to people about things that make us feel uncomfortable, for example, if someone touches us and we don’t want them to.

Watch the video below.

Miss Sweeney’s Trusted people hand:


Physical Activities 


PNE Skills video – These videos will be attached via Seesaw, on Monday and Thursday for children to follow at home to keep active.

Daily Mile – Walk around Grimsargh to see which human and physical features you can see! 

Kids Fun Fitness on Youtube is a great way for children to get moving! 

Put a song on and DANCE!