Year 2 W/B 18.1.21

Remote Learning

Week 3 

Happy Monday everyone!

This is the third week of our remote learning, you’re all doing AMAZING!

Just a reminder that there are now 4 tasks in each day, Spellings, Maths, English and Wider Curriculum. The physical activities are something for you to do at home with your adult to keep you active! 

Photographs of the work should be uploaded to Seesaw through your child’s login to be added to their journal. 



Spelling Zone Unit 1 

This week we are looking at the or sound spelt a before l and ll.

Watch the Loom video to watch The Spelling Zone.

This work would normally be done in a work book in school therefore the activities have been adapted to suit remote learning. Anywhere it says ‘with a partner’ you can talk with either to yourself, a sibling or your adult. 

Monday – Speed Spell words 

Write down these words to practice our rule – tall, almost, chalk, always, small, fall

Tuesday – Spelling Zone 

Spelling Zone Unit 1

Wednesday – Dots and Dashes 

Dots and Dashes Unit 1

Thursday – Word Changers

Word Changers Unit 1

Change the words to their original root work an example as been done for you. 

Friday – Dictation 

I will read two sentences – can you write them for me using the correct spelling of this weeks rule? You can do this in your writing exercise book.



Videos for Monday and Thursday’s English lesson will be uploaded to Seesaw to make it easier for children to read modelled writing (thank you for being patient whilst I try to find out how to fix this)


We are writing the MIDDLE of our story! Remember to use Capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, possibly commas in a list and try to use subordination! 


Today we are looking at using apostrophes for contractions. Please watch the video and complete the sheets below to show me you really know your stuff about contractions!!

Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity

Contractions Word Search

The sheet underneath is an extension on the tasks we have done today. It does not have to be completed but is a fun code cracker for anyone that wants to do it!

Extension Activity Sheet Crack the Code


Zoom – Today I will be asking children, that want to, to read their stories so far to the rest of the class!  


We are writing our own ENDING of our story! Remember to use Capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, possibly commas in a list and try to use subordination! 


On Seesaw send me a video of you reading your story to your grown up and to me! I am so excited to hear them all and be amazed by your new versions of Man on the Moon.



Some work for Maths this week is recapping any topics from Year 1 that may need to be revisited again due last years home learning. 

Monday – Make Arrays (recap)

To access this please go to Week 8 and the video is Make Arrays –

Make Arrays Recap Year 1

Tuesday – Use Arrays

Use Arrays

Wednesday – Doubles (recap)

Make Doubles

Thursday – 2 Times Tables

2 Times Tables

Friday – 5 Times Tables

5 Times Table

Wider Curriculum


Monday – RE

Jesus a friend to Everyone – Ten Lepers 

Video 1 –

Video 2 –

Tuesday – Art

Here is the Art presentation for today by Mrs Coulston

Grimsargh buildings ART

Wednesday – Science 

Food hygiene rules!

Create a poster for my kitchen to show what rules I need to follow when I’m cooking so I don’t get ill next time!! What kind of things can we include?

Make is bright so I don’t miss it when going into my kitchen!

Thursday – Geography

Watch the video below

Look at the Map of Grimsargh – Can you label it with the human and physical features? 

Map of Grimsargh

Our Local Area

Friday – PSHCE 

Watch the video and draw, or write, a scenario for each response on the worksheet.

Yes No Ask Tell Worksheet

Physical Activities 


Monday – Joe Wicks! Watch today’s session from Joe, you can find this on Youtube. 

Tuesday – Put your favourite song on and dance like no one is watching!

Wednesday – GoNoodle is an amazing way to be silly and move around! Follow the link below.

Thursday – Cosmic Yoga for PE day!

Friday – Go on a walk around your local area, can you spot any human or physical features?