Year 2 Homework and Information


Dear parents and children,

Thank you for sending the costumes in for the Christmas play. Please let us know if you are struggling to find any aspect of the costume.

This week the Maths homework is linked to multiplication and division. The children are expected to read the word problems and locate the matching number sentence. In class, some of the children really enjoyed writing their own word problems. They asked their friends to solve the problems too. Feel free to encourage them to do this at home too. It is useful to use phrases like ‘lots of’ or ‘groups of’ in the multiplication problems and ‘shared between’ for division problems. Please return the Maths sheets by Monday.

Each child has a copy of their own spellings and they are in their red spelling book. The test will take place on Monday morning.

This weeks big write will be based around our exciting afternoon at the park. The children will write a set of instructions for how to build a bug mansion. Please talk about the mansion building process. Encourage your son or daughter to use bossy verbs to start each instruction. For example:

1. Put…..

2. Place..

3. Push…

4. Stuff…

We expect everyone in Year 2 to begin every sentence with a capital letter and end each sentence with a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark. The children know how to use commas in lists too. Feel free to discuss a ‘what you need’ section for the bug mansion and discuss how to use the commas in a list. A few amazing adjectives often make pieces of writing a little more interesting too.

Thank you for your continued support.

H. Smith and J. Woods

class teachers