Year 1 WB 25/01/2021

Home Learning: Week Beginning 25th January 2021

Hi Year One!

It was so lovely to see lots of you on our Zoom calls again last week, along with lots of cuddly special guests!!

You’re all doing a great job with your work at home. Do send me a quick message if you want anything explaining any further or aren’t too sure.

I’ve created a little timetable here which might help you organise your day and/or week. It’s only a suggestion as you need to do what works best for you and your family so it’s by no means how you have to structure your time, you just might find it useful. Suggested Remote Learning Timetable

This week, as a school we’re really raising the profile of reading. Miss Cross has designed this super ‘Lockdown Rainbow Reading Challenge’ and I’d love to see you all getting involved and posting your progress via Seesaw! We’re also going to join in the challenge in class too. I have the certificates ready and waiting Year One…On your marks, get set….GO! Rainbow reading challenge School

Here is a great list of websites you can use to access free books- Free website links for books

I’ll also begin to record our end of the day story and pop that on Seesaw each afternoon.

Keep up the great work Year One! See you on the Zoom calls later in the week.

Miss Threlfall x


Monday 25.1.21

Tuesday 26.1.21

Wednesday 27.1.21

Thursday 28.1.21

Friday 29.1.21

Here is the link to Rob Biddulph’s sausage dog drawing tutorial!


Ahoy, Me Hearties! As you were all very excited by the pirate ideas that filtered into last week, we have decided to stick with pirates for this week and until half term. Our text this week is ‘Pirates Love Underpants’


Watch my video as I read the beginning of the story and we think about the front cover, back cover and blurb, and think about the role of the author and illustrator.

Now imagine you are stood on the beach at Big Knickers Bay. What would you be able to see? How would you feel?

Task- Create your own word bank of words and adjectives for what you can see and how you feel when stood on the beach at Big Knickers Bay.

Write one or more sentences for each, using the adjectives you have thought of and ensure you use a conjunction in each of your sentences. Focus on thinking about what you’re going to write- say it out loud, listen for sounds, then write the sentence from memory.  Read your sentences back- do they make sense? Can you read your sentence to a grown up?

English sheet Monday


In my video today, I will read you the middle part of the story.

We’re then going to think of some questions for the main character. What would you like to know about him? His adventures? His friends? What it’s like to be a pirate?

Task- Write a list of questions for the main character, ensuring they all have the features of a good sentence and finish with a question mark.

English sheet Tuesday


Prepare to meet The Captain in the hot seat on our Zoom call today- Have your questions that you wrote yesterday ready to ask him…I wonder what he’ll say!!


Think about the story so far and listen to the next part of the story.

How do you think the story will end? Use the pictures that I post to give you some possible ideas.

Look at my writing where I’ve thought of how the story might end. Is it a good sentence? Can you spot some things that need fixing?

Task- Write your own sentences for how you think the story ends, ensuring they all have the features of a good sentence. Use success criteria strips across the top of the page to check your writing has all the things it needs. Can you fix anything before checking with an grown up?

English sheet Thursday

Here is a version of the story on Youtube. How does the ending compare to your ideas?


We will do a guided reading session together during our Zoom (Here is the activity for anyone who is unable to join us t-p-715-jakes-first-day-ks1-guided-reading-powerpoint_ver_3)


For each day, watch the video then complete the task. Upload what you have done to your Seesaw journal and I’ll have a look at how you have got on and give you some feedback too.

(You can print the task to complete, use a device to ‘write’ on the downloaded version or write down your work/answers on a piece of paper or in an exercise book)



Task- Have a go at the activities described in the video






Task- (First part only)



Task- Complete the second part of the sheet started yesterday.


As explained on Seesaw, I’ve prepared a different activity for today as our Maths has been a little bit tricky this week. Have a go at this instead-

If however you’re finding it all OK, you can follow the original plan for today (below), but I’d really like you to have fun with the activity above too!



Physical Activity


Work through aspect 1, 2 and 3 of LESSON 2 of this pirate themed PE


Enjoy a Cosmic Yoga session-


Tune into Joe Wicks’ PE this morning!


Have a dance!


Go Noodle!

Please also take a look at this document from Spar Lancashire School Games KS1 Spar Lancashire School Games Resources  which has lots of ideas for keeping active, and these challenges and activities from Change4Life Our_Healthy_Year_Calendar_Reception_and_KS1

Wider Curriculum-

Monday- History-

Watch this video all about a man called Samuel Pepys- you may have come across his name in your research about The Great Fire of London

Read this excerpt from Samuel Pepys’ dairy-the-diary-of-samuel-pepyse

Task- Imagine you were in London at the time of the Great Fire. What would you have buried and why? Write down your ideas!

Tuesday- Geography-

Think about what we have learned so far about the Wetlands and this question- What animal habitats have we discovered?

The Wetlands are a protected area and lots of animals feel safe to hibernate and build homes here. Click on different parts of this map of Grimsargh Wetlands to see which animals live in which parts –

Look at this image of the Wetlands

Task- Print or draw the image of the wetlands. Add animals to the habitat. Write a sentence or two about your picture.

Wednesday- Science-

Go into your garden (or for a local walk and look at the gardens of the homes you pass). Have a look at the plants.

What plants can you see?

What is happening to the plants at this time of year?

Task- Take a photo of your garden (or the one you pass on your walk) and choose one plant to draw in detail. We’ll come back to this later in the year and observe what changes take place.

You might also want to look back through photos you have of your garden and notice the differences that happen as the seasons change.

Thursday- RE-

Recall our previous thoughts and work about friends and Jesus’ Deciples.

On Seesaw, listen to my reading from the bible- The Stilling of the Storm (Luke 8:22-25) (You can also access this here-

Task- Draw a picture of two boats, one on calm water and the other on stormy water.  Draw the disciples and put them in the boats making sure you show their facial expressions

After you have done this, consider these questions with a grown up or older sibling;

When have you felt scared/frightened.

Why did you feel that way? What had created those feelings?

Who helped you to be calm again?

What helps you feel better when you have been scared? Why?

Think about a time when you were scared and then felt happy again. You could record a clip of you explaining your answer or write it down and post on Seesaw.



Think about how you feel in each of these situations; How might you feel if:

  • Your best friend comes round to play
  • You’re going to a party
  • You’re asked to tidy up your toys / games
  • You can’t go out and play because it’s raining
  • You’ve got no-one to play with at playtime
  • Someone asks you to join in a game at playtime

Sometimes we can feel nervous, worried, anxious or scared about something, for example, going somewhere we haven’t been before. When we feel like this our body tells us that it’s having those feelings because things happen to our body which don’t normally happen. What things can happen to our body when we’re feeling nervous or worried?

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Butterflies in the tummy
  • Feeling hot
  • Feeling sweaty
  • Feeling sick
  • Hands might shake
  • Needing the toilet
  • Going red in the face

Can you think of any other ways?

Task- Watch this video- Draw an outline of yourself on a piece of A4 paper or a page in your exercise book. Write inside how your body feels when you feel worried about something. Then, around the outside, write all the things you could do to make yourself feel better- for example, think about my favourite place, count to ten, talk to a grown up or friend. You might also want to think of a ‘What if…?’ as they did in the video.  

Art/DT- Here is your task from Mrs Coulston Water artwork Year 1