Year 1 WB 18/01/2021

Home Learning: Week Beginning 18th January 2021

Hi Year One!

You’ve continued to impress myself and Mrs Coupe with your enthusiasm and engagement whilst learning from home- well done to all the children and Mums/Dads/Grandparents who are helping with this.

It was lovely to share some time with you over Zoom and we will do this at the same times this week for Monday Worship, Wonderful Wednesday fun, and Celebration/Guided Reading on Friday. I’ll repost the details on Seesaw, but they will remain the same as last week for each session.

Keep watching and interacting with Mrs Coupe’s phonics every day. We are also following these in class to ensure consistency.

Don’t forget that if you want extra things to engage with, the BBC Bitesize content is excellent, Joe Wicks is doing his PE sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and have a look at the offerings from The National Aquarium- this is last Friday’s episode and although aimed at KS2, it is really interesting. There’s also a mermaid reading a story too! I’ll keep letting you know about great home learning opportunities like this that I discover over time.

Finally, Mr Booth has arranged for us to have a very exciting special treat this week. I will post further details about this on Seesaw. We will also enjoy this in class so no one will be missing out.

Keep up the great work Year One!

Miss Threlfall x


Monday 18.1.21

Tuesday 19.1.21

Wednesday 20.1.21

Beat the timer words 20.1.21

Thursday 21.1.21

Friday 22.1.21



We are still thinking about our story ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson this week.

Monday & Tuesday-

Think about the story and the order of events.

If you want to re-familiarise yourself with the story, you can watch a version here-

Task- Create a story map, including key events. This is a tricky task which may take you a little while, so do this over two days. See my video on Seesaw for how to create your own story map.

Look at some great examples of the start of our work on story maps for Zog –


Over the next couple of days, we are going to be writing our own story based on Zog.

We need to change our characters so our story is our own and individual. Imagine our new story with a pirate.

Pirate goes to pirate school –

  • What would you want him/her to learn?
  • What shall we name our pirate?

Task- Create a character profile for your pirate. See my video on Seesaw for how to do this. Create a character


We are going to re-write the story of Zog using our new character today. We must remember that every story has a beginning, middle and end. We also need to think about the characters in our story, the events and the setting- where it happens.

Task- Watch the video of me modelling writing my new story and have a go at writing your own. Remember to read your sentences and story back, checking that it has all the important features including capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and ensuring that you have used your phonic knowledge to spell your words.


We will do a guided reading session together again during our Zoom (Here is the activity for anyone who is unable to join us the-runaway-iceberg-ks1-penguin-story-guided-reading)


For each day, watch the video then complete the task. Upload what you have done to your Seesaw journal and I’ll have a look at how you have got on and give you some feedback too.

(You can print the task to complete, use a device to ‘write’ on the downloaded version or write down your work/answers on a piece of paper or in an exercise book)
















Physical Activity


Work through aspect 1, 2 and 3 of this pirate themed PE


Enjoy a Cosmic Yoga session-


Tune into Joe Wicks’ PE this morning!


Have a dance!


Go Noodle!

Wider Curriculum-

Monday- History-

Look at the Powerpoint (posted on Seesaw) and also use Google to look at images of London in 1666 and the Tudor homes which the people of London will have lived in. Can you compare to images of London now? What is the same and what is different?

Task- Look at an image of a tudor home. Use this to help you draw and then write a sentence about the image using information we have found out.

Tuesday- Geography-

If you can, go for a walk to Grimsargh Wetlands. Look at the environment and see what wildlife you can spot. (You can do this on another day which may be more suitable for you or if the weather is poor) If you are unable to go to the Wetlands, explore their website to see images and information about the wildlife that lives there.

Task- Have a go at making your own ‘mini’ Wetlands using the instructions here-

Wednesday- Science-

Think back to the work we have done so far where we have thought about the parts of a plant, and particularly the job of the roots. Have a close look at a plant and its roots if you can.

Task- I’d like you to make your very own plant using junk materials- things you have around the house and things destined for the recycling! Remember to include all the parts of the plant- roots, stem, leaf, petal/flower.

Thursday- RE-

Look at the Powerpoint about Jesus’ 12 Deciples jesus-disciples-story-powerpoint

Read the story from the New Testament The Calling of the Disciples (Luke 5: 1-11, Luke 5: 27–28)  (You can find this here if you don’t have a bible to hand )

Afterwards, consider these questions with a grown up:

Why do you think Jesus chose his friends in this way?

Why do you think Jesus chose these men to be his friends? 
How did they feel when Jesus spoke to them?

Why did these men go with Jesus? Why did they want to be Jesus’ special friend?

Would you have left everything and gone with Jesus? Why? Why not?

Task- Imagine you are James or John. Write a text message that James and John might have sent home that night.



Think about these questions with a grown up or older sibling;

  • Why do you think we all need a good night’s sleep?
  • How do we know when our body is tired?
  • How much sleep do you think children should get?
  • Why do babies and children need more sleep than adults?
  • What do you do before you go to bed?
  • What helps you to sleep well?
  • How might you feel the next day if you haven’t had enough sleep?

Task- cut out or draw the pictures of bedtime routine activities from the Super sleep Activity sheet and then stick them onto a blank sheet of A4 paper in the correct order for your own bedtime routine. If you want to, you can draw additional activities and include these. Harold’s bedtime routine pictures – Activity Sheet

Art/DT- A task from Mrs Coulston- Wetlands Creatures Year 1