Year 1 W/B 11.1.21

Home Learning: Week Beginning 11th January 2021

Hello Year One!

We’ve got off to a super start with learning at home, and some of us in school. I’m so proud of how well you have adapted to this and also a huge ‘thank you’ to parents for facilitating the learning at home. You’re doing an amazing job whilst juggling your family life and your own jobs. Your support and understanding as we have adjusted to this way of working in such a short space of time has been wonderful- I’m aware it’s a challenging time for all of us in many different ways. So just keep doing the best that you can whilst staying at home as much as possible, staying safe and staying happy.

Work through the tasks as detailed below. Please try to stick to the days that the work is planned for, especially if your child is attending school on some days of the week, as we are working on the same activities in this order.

Don’t forget to look out for the daily phonics sessions that Mrs Coupe is publishing too!

As mentioned in the school newsletter, we will be starting some ‘live’ sessions as of Monday. It would be lovely if lots of you could join us for our ‘live’ sessions we are introducing this week;

Monday- Worship 

Wednesday- Year One shared session

Friday- Year One Celebration and quiz

(Please see Seesaw for further invitation details for these sessions)

Feel free to engage with the content that the BBC have advertised they are starting from today if your child would like extra bits and pieces to keep them busy. You are able to access the content later in the day too via the iPlayer.

Have a super week whilst learning at home

Miss Threlfall x


Monday 11.1.21

Hi Year One,

Please find below your phonics activity for today via Loom. The link should take you directly to the session (please forgive some very slight technical halts – by the end of the week I’ll be a professional!)

Tuesday 12.1.21

Wednesday 13.1.21

oa and ow real and nonsense words – 

oa flashcards real and nonsense

ow flashcards real and nonsense

Thursday 14.1.21

All you will need are your coloured pens!

Friday 15.1.21


This week, we’re going to continue thinking about the story Zog by Julia Donaldson. Each morning, I will post a video to provide further input and to explain and model the task for that day.


Looking back at the list of characters from Zog that we created last week, we are now going to work on using adjectives to describe.

Choose two characters and think of words that could describe their appearance, personality and character.

Task: Choose some of the adjectives you have thought of and use them in a sentence to describe two of the characters. Can you also use the joining word ‘because’ to describe the character?


Watch the video of me modelling building sentences using the adjectives we chose yesterday. Can you write down some sentences, then join them together in the same way I have?

Task: Choose a different character and write two sentences to describe them, using adjectives thought of yesterday and conjunction (joining word) ‘because’.


Watch the video of me reading part of the story Zog.

Think about the following questions:

How might you have felt if that happened to you?

Can you talk to a grown up or sibling about a time you may have felt like this?

How do you think Zog may have felt?

We are going to write about Zog’s feelings.

Task: Write a feelings bubble for the character of Zog. (See my example on the video)


Look at the images of the story in my video and think about the order. Can you spot where I’ve gone wrong?

Use time words to tell a grown up the story of Zog in the correct order, using the images I post in the video. What happened first? In the middle of the story? At the end of the story?

Task: Can you draw the pictures in the correct sequence then write a sentence about each part of the story?


Look at the Powerpoint on Seesaw; ‘A Tale of Two Feathers’, and work through the text and questions.

Also, have a look at the image I post which gives us some little rhymes to help us make sure we’re forming our letters correctly. The children who have been in school have found these really useful when they are writing. Practise writing a, b, c, d, e. You could also practise writing them in different sizes and with different writing tools, eg. Pencil, marker pen or even a stick in the mud outside!

For each day, watch the video then complete the task. Upload what you have done to your Seesaw journal and we’ll have a look at how you have got on and give you some feedback too.

(You can print the task to complete, use a device to ‘write’ on the downloaded version or write down your work/answers on a piece of paper or in an exercise book)












Task-  (First part only today)



Task- Second part of sheet started yesterday.

Physical Activity


Tune into Joe Wicks’ PE this morning!


Enjoy a Cosmic Yoga session-


Have a look at one or two of these activities based on Disney films-


Try this activity with a grown up or sibling-


Go Noodle!

Wider Curriculum-

Monday- History-

Watch this video about the Great Fire of London.

We are going to look at the city in which the fire happened.

Use Google to search for images of London and look at a map (Using Google maps or similar on a phone or other device).

Talk with a grown up about the following points;

What do you already know about London?

Have you ever been to London?

What can you see on the map of London?

How do you know that London is a city?

What might make it our capital city?

Now look at a map of Grimsargh – What is different and what is the same when you compare it to London?

Task: Can you draw your own simple map of London and Grimsargh and write a sentence about how they are different?

Tuesday- Geography-

Look at the images taken from a visit to the Wetlands (See post on Seesaw)

What can you see?

Where do you think these photographs are taken?

Why do you think that?

Discuss what a wetland is and why they are so valuable. Use Google Maps to see where Grimsargh Wetlands is in Grimsargh.

Task: Write a few sentences about the wetlands. You might want to print out or draw the images to inspire your writing.

Wednesday- Science-

Last week we began thinking about plants. There were four key parts to the plant/flower. Can you remember them?

Today, we’re going to learn more about the roots of a plant. Watch this video

What did you notice about the video?

What are the roots doing?

Why do you think a plant needs roots?

Task: Can you draw a plant from memory using what you have learned last week and today, thinking carefully about all its features? Can you also label this drawing?

Thursday- RE- 

Listen to this song – ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ – listen  , what do you think the song is about? 

Discuss your thoughts on these questions with a grown up or sibling;

How do we make friends?

Who are your special friends?

What makes a person a good friend?

How do you show that you are a good friend?

What activities do you do with your friends? 

Task- Draw a picture of your special friends.

Write about how you met them and why they are your friend

Now let’s think about Jesus.

Why did people make friends with Jesus?

Jesus had many friends but there were twelve men that he chose to be his special friends. This group are known as Jesus’ disciples. 

Listen to this song- it will help you remember their names 

Friday- PSHE- 

Talk to a grown up or sibling around these questions; 

  • Why is it important to have a good night’s sleep?
  • Why is it important to exercise regularly?
  • Why is it important to eat healthy food?
  • Why is it important to have a wash and to brush our teeth?

Look at the worksheet posted on Seesaw.

Either print the page and cut and stick, or write/draw your thoughts and answers on a piece of paper or in an exercise book.