British Values

Mission Statement

“Inspiring, believing and achieving in our loving Christian community.”

“Let your light shine before people so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”

Matthew 5: v.16″

Aims of the School

We endeavour to achieve our aims by:

  1. Promoting Christian values through the teachings of the Church of England and knowledge and understanding of the beliefs of others.


  1. Providing a caring, supportive and stimulating environment, taking cognizance of each individual’s needs, abilities and interests, thus fostering a “joy” in learning.
  1. Providing the children with a firm foundation of knowledge and skills on which their further education may be built.
  1. Fostering a close working partnership between parents, teachers and governors for the benefit of each individual child.
  1. Providing a well structured personal and social education programme that encourages an industrious and conscientious attitude, confidence, co-operation, courtesy, good manners and behaviour, as well as respect for other people and property.
  1. Promoting a sense of self worth and of the equal worth of others in order to make them responsible members of society.

The school will aim to achieve this by best use of the resources available to it.