Safer Internet Day 2023

Safer Internet Day- Tuesday 7th February 2023

Please follow this link for lots of information and advice for parents and carers-

Safer Internet Day reinforces all the work we do in school related to online safety. Lots of different activities took place in school on the day. Have a look at what we did below…

Reception enjoyed one of our new books ‘Chicken Clicking’ and they also designed their own app. 

Year One shared the story ‘Hani and the Magic Window’ completed the follow up task where they thought of their own made up world or experience. 

Year Three watched the BBC live lesson and completed follow up tasks. 

Year Four completed the quiz from the UK Safer Internet Centre and then did a Kahoot! quiz. 

Year Five did the ‘How well do you know me?’ activity where they discussed different situations and which option they would choose, and also worked in tables to answer the tech or no tech questions.