Reception Home Learning W/B 08/02/21

Hello Reception! 

It’s the last week of this half term already! Well done everyone for adapting so well this half term and for all support with learning both at school and at home 🙂 **school closes 12th Feb and re-opens 22nd Feb** 🙂 

Please find below the home learning for this week. We have a very busy week this week! We will continue with Mrs. Coupe’s fantastic Phonics sessions if we are learning at home. In Topic we will be looking at the celebration of Chinese New Year – thinking about how it is the year of the Ox, traditional food from China (and tasting some!) and Chinese New Year celebrations and symbols. We will be looking at Shrove Tuesday (pancake day!) in our Worship on Monday and starting to look forward to Lent. We will be making and writing Valentines’ day cards and thinking about our loved ones! In Maths we will be continuing with recognising amounts of 6, 7 and 8 as well as making pairs and adding numbers up to 10 and beyond.

As usual, Phonics, Maths and Topic are uploaded here on the website for the week.  In addition to this, for our wider curriculum subjects (R.E., P.E. and Art) there will be an activity uploaded each day to Seasaw so keep your eyes out on there for those, and also for my videos doing our daily calendar and story time! 🙂 

A quick reminder that we still have our Zoom calls too – Mondays 9:15am KS1 Worship, Wednesday 1:30pm Live Class, Friday 10:45am Celebration Assembly. Link reminders to the Zooms are posted on Seasaw on the morning of the call! 

Have a wonderful week everyone. I can’t wait to see all of your work this week that you upload on Seasaw! And at the end of this week – I wish you all a very happy and restful half term 🙂

Miss Lemmings x


Phonics with Mrs. Coupe





Valentines Phase 2

Valentines Phase 3

Friday Fun Day!

Please see below some suggested activities for Phonics which you could do today. You do not need to do all of them, just one that you think looks the most fun!

Friday Phonics Fun 12.2.21


As usual, we will carry on with the fantastic videos from White Rose Maths. Click on the link here, watch the video for that day, and complete the activity for that day ?

Monday: Watch Session 1. Complete the activity here:

Tuesday: Watch Session 2. Complete the activity here:

Wednesday: Watch Session 3. Complete the activity here:

Thursday: Watch Session 4. Complete the activity here:

Friday: Watch Session 5. Complete the activity here:



Monday: We will be looking at the celebration of Chinese New Year, and that it is the year of the Ox. Then we will look at traditions in China, including what types of food they eat, and tasting some Chinese food! Finally, we will be making Chinese Lanterns 🙂 Loom: Template & instructions for the lantern: How-To-Make-a-Paper-Lantern  

Tuesday: We will look at some videos of Chinese Dragons that will influence our movements and dancing in P.E. today! After this, we will be making our own Chinese Dragon puppets that we can play with! Loom: Chinese Dragon puppet making template: Chinese Dragon template

Wednesday: (Live Zoom 1:30pm) For our live Zoom class, we will start by reading the story of “How to Catch a Dragon!” together. Then we will be working as a team to create a really long paper chain dragon! We will look again at some pictures of Chinese Dragons, and we will try to make a dragon that will go all the way around the classroom.. can you make one go all the way around your living room with some teamwork from your family? 🙂 Here’s an example! How long can you make yours? Image result for paper chain dragon

Thursday: We will have a look at some Chinese food menus. Maybe you could pick some up from your local Chinese Takeaway too for inspiration! We will think about foods we tried on Monday, as well as foods we can see on the food menus, and have a go at writing a few things on our own Chinese food menu. Loom: Food Menu Template: Chinese Food Menu Template

Friday: We will be thinking about Valentine’s day that is coming up on Sunday 14th February, and thinking about our loved ones and who we might send a card to and why. We will write the insert to our cards, and then we will decorate the front covers, ready to give to someone we love! 🙂 Loom:


Wider Curriculum – See Seasaw:

Monday: P.N.E. challenge.

Tuesday: P.E. – Chinese dragon dancing!

Wednesday: Art – Mrs. Coulston’s Hope & Peace activity

Thursday: R.E. – Moses in the Bulrushes

Friday: P.E. – Valentine’s P.E. games


Continuous Provision ideas for extra activity inspiration!

We will try to write Chinese numbers in red and gold glitter! This could also be done in rice, sand, salt, sugar. 

No description available.

We will use our fine motor skills to thread beads on the fire-breathing Chinese dragons!

No description available.

We have created a Chinese restaurant and we be role-playing going to a restaurant and ordering Chinese food, as well as trying on Chinese clothes and using chopsticks! 

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One of our writing activities this week is to write something from a Chinese food Menu, or to write Happy New Year as I have here! 

No description available.

We are making Chinese lanterns on Monday!

No description available.

We will be using our fine motor skills to use chopsticks to move the noodles!