Rec 21-22

08.7.22 Today we were all really excited as Lexie came to visit us! We were so happy to see her and had made her lots of get well soon cards. We loved talking to her about how she’s been getting on and are looking forward to having her back in September. Thanks for coming Lexie and we can’t wait to see you soon!

22.6.22 Today was our sports races and we all did amazing!! We took part in three different races – flat race, egg & spoon and the obstacle race.

We looked at the story of ‘The Gingerbread man’ and made our own gingerbread men and women! We all helped to add the ingredients and stir the mixture, then we rolled and cut out our own shape. Once they had baked in the oven we got to decorate them!!

This week we have been learning all about 3D shapes and their properties and structures. So, we had a go at making our own using straws and plasticine! It was quite tricky, but we learnt we could make shapes like cubes, cuboids and pyramids, but couldn’t make shapes like spheres and cylinders that had curved edges!

15.6.22 Today we had a visit from the life education bus, we had Steven and Harold the Giraffe in our class! We learnt about different parts of our body and what they are used for (heart, lungs, stomach) and how food gives us energy. We learnt about the importance of eating healthy and a good bedtime routine. Harold the giraffe also made us laugh also with his singing!

Linked to our story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ that we’ve been reading and doing some work on, we planted our very own beans! We planted them with some clouds and a castle to see how tall they will grow and over the next few weeks we will look after them and watch them grow!

Take a look at all the fun we had celebrating Our Queen’s Jubilee!!

23.5.22 Today it was finally time to let our butterflies fly free!! We learnt that this type of butterfly will fly and migrate as far as South Africa! And we looked where this was on a map!

We visited Church linked to our topic on ‘Special places’. Rev. Neil told us all about why Church was so special, he showed us all the important and meaningful things in Church and we got to ask lots of questions!

18.5.22 We had a great time on our trip to Brockholes! We learnt lots and did some different activities all to do with Minibeasts! We went on a minibeast hunt, made some minibeast art with natural resources, we played on the park and the did some pond dipping and bird watching!

17.5.22 Mr and Mrs Coar came to visit us today and brought with them their big tractor and trailor and also some calves!! This was linked to our topic and we learnt lots and got to ask lots of questions. We even got to have a turn sitting in the tractor!!

3.5.22 We were so lucky today that John came to visit us with his mini-beasts! He told us all about them and we even got to hold them if we wanted to! We learnt lots about all mini beasts and asked some really good questions!

We’ve been reading the story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and have done lots of fun activities! One week focusing on caterpillars and the other on butterflies! We looked carefully at the life cycle and retold and wrote the story in our own words. We even have our own caterpillars in class that we are watching and seeing how they change!

We talked about different special places that were special to us, to Christians and to other religions and talked about why we and others liked those special places and the kind of things that happened there. We then thought about how Jesus took off his shoes when on Holy Land to be closer to God and then we had a go at taking our own shoes off to explore our sensory trail. We all liked different parts of the trail, just like we all have different special places that are important to us and as we went across, we said how each one felt!

20.4.22 We really enjoyed our first ‘Rugby Tots’ session!

We dressed in yellow and blue to show our support for Ukraine!

We made some tasty Easter nests!! And we all had a go at breaking up the chocolate, scrunching up the shredded wheat and stirring up the mixture once the chocolate was melted. Then we scooped some into our cases and added some mini eggs on top!

Some brave speakers in Reception stood up in church and told some important parts of our Easter story that we had learnt and what happens on Palm Sunday, they all did fantastic!

We looked and the Easter story and sequenced the story cards into the right order. Then we looked at some hot cross buns and the symbol of the cross, reminding us of Jesus dying on the cross. Then we tasted some hot cross buns! And Mrs Slattery joined us!

Also linked to our topic about plants and growth, we planted some fruits and vegetables in tyres outside our classroom! We talked about what they need to grow and each take turns to water them and monitor how and when they grow!

We enjoyed wearing and dressing up for ‘Red nose day’ to raise money for comic relief! We talked about what comic relief was and who they raised money for. We also designed our own superhero masks!

In topic we have learnt about the different parts of a plant (stem, roots, leaves, flower) and we have also spoken about what plants need to survive (sunlight, air, water, rain, space, soil) Then we made grassheads! We pulled a crazy face and stuck it on, then planted some grass to look like crazy hair! We added soil, seeds, watered it and then put them outside to grow! We will monitor them this week and watch them grow!

We enjoyed tasting different foods from around the world! We had croissants from France, smoked sausage from Germany, sriracha tortillas from Spain, feta cheese from Greece and cous-cous from Turkey. We tried everything, some that we hadnt tried before, we liked some and wasnt so sure on others but the strong favourite was the croissant!

4.3.22 – Some of our parents/grandparents came to visit us today and we had lots of fun showing them our classroom and exploring all the areas together!

3.3.22 – We really enjoyed world book day and did lots of fun things! We looked at some books in our class and enjoyed exploring the books too!

1.3.22 – We really enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday and St. David’s day and had our own pancakes that we added fruit and sauce to!

28.2.22-We enjoyed our wet, but fun walk around our local area to see what we could spot! We found and mainly looked out for, our school, The Church, the shop, The Plough and the park!

We shared the story of Jonah and the whale and spoke about how God saved Jonah by keeping him alive inside the whale for 3 days! We first thought about how it would feel to see a huge whale and what it would be like to be inside a whale! We thought it would be smelly, scary, and “petrifying” (Nes). We recapped how God is always watching us and keeping us safe! Then we made our own whales with ourselves going inside!!

This week we started our ‘Travel and Transport’ topic. We were excited to find our role play area set up as a travel agents and an aeroplane to pretend we were going on holiday! We also had our snack like being on an aeroplane! We started to investigate in the different areas looking at different places around the world!

We celebrated ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ this week too and spoke lots about what things are good for our mental well being! We did a sorting activity, we did some cosmic mindfulness to help us feel relaxed, we made some worry dolls and discussed what makes us feel stressed, sad or worried and how can we make oursleves feel better or happier!

8.2.22 For ‘Internet Safety Day’ we spoke about the importance of keeping safe online, how to talk to an adult if we see something we dont like and how adults should help us to put on games that are suitable for us and supervise us. We also spoke about how we shouldnt speak to strangers online and ask for permission to buy anything. After our class discussion, we drew our favourite tablet game that we liked to play on.

This week we celebrated Valentine’s Day, we did lots of different activities, made our own cards for someone we loved, and talked about what Valentine’s Day is and how we celebrate. We also discussed what other countries do to celebrate and found it very interesting!

On friday 4.2.22, we carried on celebrating Chinese New Year and did some fun actitvities along with Nursery! We did some food tasting, dancing, painting, colouring and made some money wallets! We had lots of fun!!

This week we started to celebrate ‘Chinese New Year’ and the year of the Tiger! We had lots of fun learning about the festival and all the different things they do to celebrate! We took part in lots of different activities all about the festival!

We were very lucky because two electric cars came onto our playground for us to have a look at! We spoke about how electric cars are really good for the environment and reduce pollution, as petrol cars and buses let out horrible smelly smoke and gases that pollute the air! We learnt that electric cars are really quiet, and that you have to plug them in to charge them up instead of going to the petrol station. Reception class all agreed that the world would be a “healthier and cleaner” place if everyone had electric cars instead of petrol cars! They were particularly interested in how pollution could potentially, sadly, melt the ice in the Arctic and Antarctica – places we have been learning about and animals that live there.

Today we enjoyed trying on a very special coat that had arrived in class and tried to guess who it belonged to and why? We then shared the story of ‘Joseph’s coat’, and learnt about how the coat belonged to Joseph, and that it was extra special and how Joseph’s brothers were unkind and jealous of him. We then designed our very own coat, using different colours and jewels!

18.1.22-Winnie the Pooh day!! We enjoyed listening to lots of stories and then did a funny ‘Winnie the Pooh’ dance, by following him on the screen. We touched the sky, our toes, spun around and even stuck our bellies out! Then we copied Winnie by pretending to eat all the honey in the bowl!

In P.E we are working on our ‘How to catch a star’ topic and we tried to make lots of different star shapes using our arms and legs – on our backs, tummies, on one leg, on both legs, sideways, lots of different shapes! Then we tried to make these shapes on the apparatus!

In maths we played a game where we span the number wheel, recognised the number and then had to build a tower using that amount of bricks. We focused on the ‘stopping number’, knowing when to stop and not adding anymore than the number we landed on!

We read the story of ‘Noah’s Ark’ together and explored our very own Ark in the classroom, putting two of each animal into the Ark. We also focused on the end of the story, where god creates a rainbow to symbolise his promise to never flood the world again! We then mad our own mosaic rainbows!

10.1.22 – “Blubber Gloves”! In our topic work we have been learning all about the Arctic, and Arctic animals. We learnt about how animals that live in the Arctic need really thick fur, or in some cases “Blubber” to keep them warm in icy temperatures or under water. We did an experiment where we put our hands in icy water – one hand had just a glove on, and the other hand had some “blubber” on it. Most of us found that the blubber helped protect our hand and kept our hand warmer, so we didn’t feel the cold as much. Just like how the animals need the blubber to keep warm!

10.1.22 – Today we did some Yoga linked to mindfulness, as a “Yogi” (yoga teacher) came in to visit everyone at school! We practised breathing techniques, stretches, and some relaxation movements by doing “Sun Salutations”. We all enjoyed it and felt very calm and relaxed!

5.01.22 – We made and drank some hot chocolate this week and we had to listen and watch very carefully to the different things we had to do, as afterwards we wrote some instructions on how to make it!

We have had lots of winter fun at the start of this term!

Christmas dinner and jumper day!!

We’ve had lots of Christmas fun!

We decorated our school Christmas tree!!

Our Nativity performance!

The last few weeks we’ve had fun on our topic all about Superheroes! We’ve done lots of activities and done some amazing writing! We have even dressed up as superheroes in our ‘Superhero message centre!’

19.11.21 – We had fun learning about and celebrating ‘Children In Need’. We did some activities and all wore something yellow and/or spotty!

11.11.21 – We made some poppies of our own to celebrate Rememberance Day and think about those who lost their lives. We used paint, colours and loose parts to have a go at making them.

For the last few weeks we have been looking at the topic, ‘People who help us’ and we have looked at lots of different people and jobs that are very important in helping lots of us on a day to days basis. We’ve even been lucky enough to have some of them visit our class and we’ve learnt lots!

5.11.21 – Reception celebrated Diwali today, along with Nursery. We did lots of activities and learnt all about the festival. We made Diva lamps, cards, Rangoli and firework patterns, tasted some traditional food and joined in with some Bangra dancing!