We have designed our curriculum with our children’s happiness, personal growth and academic achievement at the centre. Our children are encouraged to be brave, to take risks and to respond resiliently to failure, all in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our curriculum is broad, valuing all subjects, and provides a wide range of opportunities for our children to let their lights shine. New and exciting experiences, many delivered through extra-curricular activities, along with a rich variety of purposeful educational visits, including residential trips, and visitors are used to engage our children and further enhance our curriculum with the aim to build resilience, encourage independence and increase self-belief.

Our aim is to create and foster a reading culture, in which our children enjoy reading and develop into lifelong readers. Learning environments are vocabulary rich and are used within teaching and learning. Teachers read to their children each day to model how to read with expression and to promote a love of reading.

Through a foundation of core Christian values and a balance of subject knowledge and skills as well as cultural knowledge, we aim to ensure pupils enjoy learning and feel prepared for life both outside of and beyond school- we challenge them each day to be the best version of themselves.

Our curriculum has been designed to empower our children, to develop their curiosity and interpersonal skills, creativity and independence. We believe that by experiencing, in various forms, all types of physical difference, our children will look beyond this and accept people for who they are and not what they look like.

We place our learning in the real world and with a real purpose wherever possible as we believe this is one way of ensuring our children learn more and remember more.