Advent and Christmas

KS2 Carol Service



It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Reverend Neil and our Key Stage 2 children took the lead during our service on Wednesday morning. It was wonderful to be able to gather together to worship in church with parents, carers, grandparents and friends whilst taking time out to reflect on the deep meaning of Christmas. The children sang beautifully and spoke very clearly. Thank you to all involved, especially the Year 3 children who enthusiastically performed the carol ‘Jesus the Saviour’, the Year 4 children who eloquently shared their thoughts about the true meaning of Christmas via poetry and metaphors for Jesus and the talented Year 5 children who performed a wonderful group poem. Our Year 6 pupils were excellent role models throughout the service and they read the story of Christmas from the Bible whilst others shared their own seasonal prayers.

Reverend Neil used Scottish author Robert Louis Stephenson’s quote about, ‘making holes in the dark’, referring to a lamp lighter, to illustrate his Christmas message to our school community. Reverend Neil linked this to the Advent candle. As we lit the candles on the Advent wreath, the children sang, ‘Light four candles, see them burning bright, Jesus will be coming soon, He will be our light’.
The children were reminded of the significance of the four Advent candles in the Church of England and how the candles help us understand how characters from the Bible made ‘holes in the dark’.
 Candle one reminds us of Abraham and the patriarchs. He was the father of the nation of Israel. He praised God and prepared the way for Jesus and our faith as Christians.
 Candle two reminds us of the prophets, including Isiah, Amos and Moses. The prophets help to bring us closer to God’s heart.
 The third candle, reminds us of John the Baptist. John was a special prophet. The Year 6 pupils shared learning from their RE lessons with Mrs Slattery and explained how ‘wildman’ John baptised Jesus, wore clothes made from camel hair and ate insects with wild honey. John had one purpose, to make people ready to welcome Jesus. He made a ‘way in the dark’.
 Candle four reminds us about Mary. Her faith illustrated how she made a hole in the dark. She brought our light, Jesus, into the world.
 At the end of the service, we lit the candle for Christmas Day. The candle represents Jesus. He brings light into the world. Reverend Neil asked us how we bring light into the world?
How do you let your light shine in your family?
How do you let your light shine in our community?
Remember to take time out to be with God this Christmas.
Faith in Action
We are delighted to announce that our school community has supported a range of charities in the wider community and has raised £796.45. Thank you for your contributions.
Inspiring, believing and achieving in our loving Christian community


Year 4 poems and metaphors linking light as symbolism to Jesus. 




Metaphors for JESUS!

Key Stage 1 Share ‘The BIG, Little Nativity.’


Wetlands Nativity


We would love the children to take a walk around the Grimsargh Wetlands and appreciate the beauty of our local community, God’s wonderful creation.
Feel free to post a picture, on our school Instagram, of you and your family enjoying a walk round the Wetlands and look out for exciting wildlife and the Wetlands inspired nativity, designed by Mrs Coulston and our creative art club.
Enjoy a moment in the peaceful surroundings of the wetlands and feel the peace of God in your heart as we remember the gift of Jesus this Christmas.