Art and Design Technology



As the chilly weather continues Reception Class have created animals from cold lands, looking closely at pictures of different creatures.

To begin their topic Growth and green fingers Year 1 looked closely at flowers and drew from observation – adding more and more detail each time.

Year 2 created local landscapes in the style of David Hockney and drew local landmarks with shading pencils.  including lots of detail.




Year 3 drew detailed images of their houses as part of their topic ‘There’s no place like home’.


Year 4 created Harvest images using a scraffito effect with wax crayons.

Year 5 created stunning artwork about ‘Women at War’ to commemorate the end of WWI.

Year 6 worked in the style of Wassily Kandisnky  to create their colourful calendars for 2019.

They also painted fantastic winter trees in the style of Piet Mondrain