Year 6 W/B 22.2.21


Below you will find the home learning for this week:
Timetable if you would like to follow: home learning timetable
Lockdown Rainbow Reading Challenge: Rainbow reading challenge School

Next week is the school poetry festival so remember to practise and learn your chosen poem this week: Poetry Festival 2021


Daily timestables booklet: 1 minute per session
Full Programme – 5 sessions_week – questions (optional but recommended)

Daily starter questions: Year-6-Spring-Block-3-FB4


Lesson 1 (Mon): 
Video link:
Worksheet: Formulae lesson 1

Lesson 2 (Tues): 
Video link:
Worksheet: Forming equations lesson 2 

Lesson 3 (Wed): 
Video link:
Worksheet: Solve-simple-one-step-equations lesson 3 

Lesson 4 (Thurs):
Video link:
Worksheet: Solve-two-step-equations lesson 4

Lesson 5 (Fri): 

Extension questions: Yr-6-Spring-Block-3-Algebra 

Answer sheets: 
Formulae answers
Forming-equations answers
Solve-simple-one-step-equations answers
Solve-two-step-equations answers


Spelling Activity: Use the Oxford Owl login (sent on Seesaw), go to Read Write Inc Spelling, search year 6 and activity ‘Silent Letters Year 6’. Complete this spelling activity. 

This week we are going to write independent stories based on Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo.

Lesson 1 (Mon): Story Planning Lesson video: 

Story plan template: Story Plan
Story plan ideas: story plan ideas 

Lesson 2 (Tues):
Grammar warm up video and activity:

Introduction/flashback lesson video:

Success Criteria: self assessment adventure story 1
Ways to start a flashback: Ways to start a flashback

Lesson 3 (Wed):
Grammar warm up and activity:

Disaster lesson video:

Lesson 4 (Thurs):
Grammar warm up and activity:

Problem and resolution lesson video:

Lesson 5 (Fri): Reading Comprehension
All About Elephants

Wider Curriculum: 

Lesson instructions and video links –
Viking beliefs

Viking Gods PowerPoint
Viking Gods Worksheet

French (Tues):

Listen to and repeat the funfair vocabulary

What do you think these funfair rides could be?French_Funfair_with_French_audio-854

Use the PowerPoints to match up the picture of each ride to the correct French label.

Check out this French theme park!

RE (Wed): Create your own Seder plate!
Exodus Unit 6.3A week 4

Art (Thurs): Hat for Easter DT Year 6

PSHE (Fri): Rights and Responsibilities –
Tolerance and Respect for Others.
Video lesson:
Newspaper report for activity 1:
Tolerance and respect for others – Activity sheet
Presentation: Rights and Responsibilities

PE: Have a go at these PE activities from PNE
World Cup Champions – Group 1
Week 1

Daily Worship: DWDL 22nd Feb 2021